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Biggest Loser GOP Debate - The American People

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America’s Ugly Problem

The Origins Of Global Terrorism

WWIII Is Five Years Old

Illuminating The Darkness

Decades Of Deception

The Thought Police

Trumpeting For The Empire

Where Do We Go From Here?

The New Tower Of Babel

Blood Moon Rising

Silence Is Deafening

The Future Of The Children Of Men

Thoughtforms Of Reality


Jeff With Gilad Atzmon & Br Nathanael On The Greatest Threat To The World - FREE Listen

Trump's Deck Of Jewish Cards - Vid

Why Trump Won’t Scrunch

Trump’s Foreign Policy Hawk ‘Advisers’

The Church In Putin's Eyes - Vid

When Trump Makes A Deal - Vid

Thought Police…Prison Without Bars - Vid


Gilad Atzmon

Jeff & Gilad Atzmon - Bibi & The Deal - FREE Listen MP3

Atzmon - Antisemitism And The Math

Atzmon - The Meaning Of Corbyn

The Kingmaker - Subject Of A Huge Zionist Smear

Atzmon - Backfire

Pope Francis, Alison Weir And The Senhedrin


Yoichi Shimatsu

Bangkok Bombing Part 2 - Tracking Urban Guerrillas

Profile Of The Actors Behind Bangkok’s Cat & Mouse Game

Tianjin Shock Wave Linked To Vaporized ‘Ro-Ro’ Ship

The ‘MH370’ Flap Heralds Rothschilds Reunion With Japanese Fascism


Prof James Fetzer

Russia Would Easily Win Conventional Euro War

US Intel - Iran Not Pursuing Nukes

Top Ten Reasons WE KNOW ISIS Was In USA


Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer


David Duke

Constant Zionist Efforts To Censor Dr. Duke May Result In Some Broken Links

FREE LISTEN - Jeff & David Duke 8.18.15

Duke - Leftist Zio Media Lies 'I Have Not Endorsed Trump'

Official Statement On The Duke-Jones Debate

Watch Dr David Duke Debate Alex Jones (at 50 Min) - Vid

David Duke vs Zio-Thom Hartmann - The Confederate Flag

Stunning Comments On 'Duke Takes Aim At Nicki Minaj'


Gerald Celente

Celente - China Can't Save Itself, Downside Gold Risk 'Very Low'

Celente - Gold Prices Are Down But Gold's Not Out


Dean Henderson

Reptilian Primary Trumped

Press TV - US Harbors Israeli Terrorists

Press TV - US Backing Of Saudi Cluster Bombs Despicable

China Unleashes Deflationary Spiral

The Debate - Syria Peace Prospects

Four Horsemen & $44 Oil

The Debate - War On Syria


Jay Weidner

Weidner - It's Been 3 am For Over A Year Now...

Rense & Weidner - Psychopathic Satanic Evil Everywhere - Vid

Smoking Out The Monster

Anthony Lawson - (Five Stars - Rense)

In Memory Of Anthony Lawson - Vid

Anthony Lawson's Last Video - Sexual Consent & Israel's Biggest Lie - Vid

Friends Of Israel Are Enemies Inside The Gates - Vid


Karl Schwarz

Hillary Clinton - Career Of Habitual Unethical & Illegal Conduct

You Might Be A Stupid American Sheeple If…Part 2

Love America But Hold Its Neocon Govt In Contempt

You Might Be A Stupid American Sheeple If...


Palmer Bailey

The Feds Order You To Kill Or Be Killed

Jury Nullification Is A Game Changer

You Have No Right To Vote For President


Preston James, PhD

Why Are American Police Murdering So Many Unarmed Civilians & Getting Away With It?

It's A Matter Of Simple Logic


John Friend

Israeli Mayor Commands Police, Residents To Block Illegal Alien Infiltrators

White Supremacists Next Target In 'Global War On Terror'

10 Hard Facts About the Holocaust - Vid

Rising 'Anti-Semitism' Driving Jews From Jewish Life


John Barbour

Today's American Values

'American Sniper' - A Review By John Barbour


Matt Barber

Why The Supreme Court Is Not Supreme

Adulterers - ‘Your Sin Will Find You Out’

The ‘Gay Marriage’ Gauntlet - Time To Choose

This Is Your Nuremberg, Planned Parenthood


Dave Lindorff

Katie Couric’s Hit Job on Social Security

NYT Covers Up Washington's Monstrous Evil


Xaviant Haze

Robin Williams Death From Autoerotic Asphysixia?

The Secret History Of Laurel Canyon

Dr. Ed Ward, MD

Happy 13th Year And 514th Day Anniversary Of US Treasons - Too Many to Count All

Boston Bombing Treason - Four Important Articles

First Israeli Friendly Fire ‘Soldier Settlement’ Kill?


Professor Doom

Higher Education Not Leftist Enough? Seriously?

UCLA Offers Paid Internships To Illegals

Another School Plundered

Climbing Walls Are Higher Education?

Higher Education As Ponzi Scheme

Student Loans As Wealth Transfer

Accreditors to Clamp Down On Fake Schools? Unlikely.

LegalZoom Jumps on Student Plunder Bandwagon


Adrian Salbuchi

The Death Of Israeli Agent & 'Argentine' Prosecutor Nisman

Charlie Hebdo - Déjà Vú…?

Sovereign Debt For Territory - New Global Elite Strategy


Charlie McGrath

The Extremist Threat - Vid

Economic Collapse Near? - Vid

Speak Out...And Lose It All - Vid


Richard Sauder

Why Is There Such A Martian Coverup?

Time We Had 'The Talk' - Will You Survive Nuclear War?


Dave Martin

Google Buries My Revelations Of Hillary's Lesbianism

Post Omits Hamid Gul's 9/11 Doubts from Obituary

What Did Anne Frank Have Against Americans?

Wikipedia's Greatest Misses


Webster Tarpley

Tsar Alexander II Ready To Fight In 1863 To Help Lincoln

How To Identify CIA Limited Hangout Op?

Margaret Thatcher And The Decline Of The West



Visiting A Vietnamese Market - Morris

There Will Be A War Before A Crash Is Allowed - Morris

Corbyn A Cabal Convenience While Britain Sinks - Morris

Idiosyncratic Inventors Like Tesla Are Solitary - Morris

Abhorrent Hillary For Rigged Pres Elections - Morris


Paul Craig Roberts

Where Is Neo When We Need Him

Western Demo Is An Endangered Species

Central Banks Are A Corrupting Force

'America Is A Gulag'

The Social Cost Of Capitalism

A Prescription For Peace & Prosperity


Frosty Wooldridge

Post US Culture - Becoming A Separated Tribal Nation

Mother Nature Reaching Edge Of Silence

We Need National Discussion US Overpopulation Crisis

Post American Culture: Congress’ War On American Citizens

4 Dead Marines - Collateral Damage In War On America


Peak Crackers

YouTube Channel

Thought's Ajar - Vid

The Zio Fiat Zone -Vid


Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD

March 15, 2013 Interview

The End Time Timetable

It's Not The Economy, Stupid…It's The END

Conditions On Earth At Present -pdf


Kawther Salam

Historic Iran Nuclear Deal Seals Kerry-Zarif Claim To 2016 Nobel Peace Prize

Iran In Historic Deal With World Powers


Zen Gardner

Zen - Don't Be Attached To The Shitstorm

Deaf Ears, Foot Dragging And Moving To The Next Level


Unfiltered Breathed In – Truth About Aerotoxic Syndrome - Vid

11 Things You Should Remind Yourself Of Daily

True Self - Who Are You Really?


Jordan Maxwell

Fire In The Minds Of Men - James H Billington

Original Gun Control


Ted Twietmeyer

Why Manufactured FEAR Is Required

Breeding Mental Illness To Further American Empire

Possible Scanner For Future Rationing In Closed WalMart?

Amazing Discovery - Feb 2015 World Climate


Jon Rappoport

Official Science - The Grand Illusion Of All Robots

Big Money - Pump And Dump As A Way Of Life

The Individual vs Collective Mind Control


Stephen Lendman

Trump On The Issues

Murder, Inc Official Israeli Policy

Thousands Demand Netanyahu's Arrest For War Crimes

Palestinian Hunger Striker Life Hangs By Thread


Barbara Peterson

Monsanto Troll Handbook Of Snappy Replies Infographic

Roundup Of Roundup® Reveals Converging Pattern Of Toxicity


Betty Martini

September is Aspartame Awareness Month

Woman Dies From Aspartame Chewing Gum

Poison Plus Poison Equals Poison


Jill Henderson

Harvesting And Using The Flowers Of Herbs

Fun In The Garden With Critters


Norman Livergood

Iceland's Example To The World


 Joe Tells It Straight

JoeTalk - Trump Will Be 'Public Enemy Number One' (!) -Vid

JoeTalk - Trump...WW3 Pt 1 - Vid

JoeTalk - Trump…WW3 Pt 2 - Vid

JoeTalk - Trump…WW3 Pt 3 - Vid

JoeTalk - Trump Sent Them Packing 1 - Vid

JoeTalk - Trump Sent Them Packing 2 - Vid

JoeTalk - Walk The Walk, Pt 1 - Vid

JoeTalk - Trump...I Have The Goods 2 - Vid

JoeTalk - Trump…I Have The Goods 1 - Vid


Frosty Wooldridge Adventures

Bicycling Coast-To-Coast Across America - Pt 18

Frosty Woodridge Bicycling Coast To Coast - Part 16



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Jeffrey Smith - GM Food
Danger, Potential
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2012...The End Of 
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Climate Change Catastrophe
Took 6 Months

Benjamin Freedman -
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An Alternate Look At
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An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 2/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 3/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 4/4

Jesus Was NOT A Jew -
Benjamin Freedman

Confessions Of A
KGB Master Spy

How A Zionist-Communist Takeover Happens - Vid

The Dark Side
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Turkey - Stunning UFO
Video - The Best Ever?

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part I

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part II

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part III

Betty Martini
Toxic Aspartame

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Cell Phone Dangers

The Hidden Dangers Of
Cell Phone Radiation

Brain Tumors From Cell
Phones - More Evidence

UK Schools Outlawing
WiFi In The Classroom

Secret Report On Cell
Phone Dangers & Tetra

12 Basic Life-Saving
Cell Phone Use Precautions

Toxic China

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Eustace Mullins

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Royal Raymond Rife

Rife Documentary Trailer #1

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Rife Therapy Treats Lyme Disease

Dutch TV Talks Rife


The Battle Of LA 1942

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Radiation Killing More Baby Seals Along CA Coast

Fukushima Radiation In Hospital Imaging Equip

Fears Of Fission Dispel Fukushima Optimism

'Morphological Defects' In Fukushima Fir Trees

Fukushima - The End Of Mankind?

US Rejects New Core Melt Regs For Nuke Plants

How Soft Propaganda Brought Nuke Power To Japan

Your Radiation This Week - No 19

Japan Town Doesn't Want Fukushima Radioactive Waste

Horrific Fukushima Health Toll - 1,000s To Die Of Cancer

Massive Radiation 'Discovered' In Fukushima Soil

Baby Sea Lions Are Dying

For All Fukushima Stories See Top Right Column

Kirwan - America’s Ugly Problem

Trump Forces Immigration Debate

Donald Trump's Vile, Brilliant Ad

Christie Is America’s Most Desperate Candidate

Clinton Emails Show 'Incompetent' Haiti Response

Koch Bros To Pour All Into Backing Sanders

Grassroots To AZ In Operation Detain McCain

DHS Sending Cops To Train In Israel

Br Nathanael - If I Were President - Vid

Brother Nathanel's Amazing Videos


Illegals, Migrants, Immigrants Or Refugees?

Illegal Jailed Selling Grenades, Deported 2x Before

TX Cops Kill Another Civilian - Hands In Air?

All The Secretary’s Yes Men

'Defense'? NATO Unveils 6 Command Centers

Russia May Sell Mistral Copters To Mistral Buyer

Putin Drafts Bill To Dump Dollar, Euro

As Arctic Warms, Why US Falling Behind Russia?

Migrants - EU Could Scrap Free Movement

Gaza - A Socioeconomic Dead Zone

Petraeus - Use Al Qaeda Fighters to Beat ISIS

Br Nathanael - Trump's Deck Of Jewish Cards - Vid


Pentagon Not Targeting ISIS Training Camps

New Mercs, Propagandists Hide As ‘Humanitarians’

Alaska - Too Many Fires, Not Enough Snow

EPA Raises Alarm Over GMO Crops

Radiation Killing More Baby Seals Along CA Coast

Dow In Biggest Monthly Loss Since 2010

Global Markets Are Melting Down

Biggest World Central Bank Risk Ia Here

Low Income Can’t Afford Any Metro Area

Creator Of 'Fair DUI Flyer' Arrested At FL Checkpoint


Children Of The Tribes

'Bizarre' Human-Size Sea Scorpion Found

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse On September 28

550,000 Miles Hidden Under Ocean

Three Category 4 Hurricanes Raging At Once

Race For The Unbreakable Password

Strange Cases Of Mass Hysteria

Is The World Running Out Of Space?

Tampa, Dubai May Get 'Grey Swan' Hurricanes

Historic Ride Along CA Famous Route 1 - Pics


Plastic In 99% Of Seabirds By 2050

Hackers Steal 225,000 Apple Account Logins

Britain's Atlantis?

The Dark Side Of Coffee

Vit D Reduces Asthma Intensity

Otter Best Friends With Lions, Hyenas

UFOs Killed Birds, Stopped Cars

Huge Sea Scorpion In Ancient Meteorite Crater

UFOs - The Trail Is Stale

UFOs Reported In North Mexico


Filer’s Files #35 - 2015 Orange Orbs & Triangles

Filer’s Files #34 - 2015 – ET spread Life To Earth

Filer’ Files #33 - 2015 - Motherships Are Back

Kirwan - The Origins Of Global Terrorism

Hillary Email Markings Changed To Hide Classified Info

When Jeb Stopped Trumps Casino Dreams

Wozniak Endorses Bernie Sanders


103 American Citizens Killed By Cops In August

Market Volatility - US Fed Dithers - Russia Stays Calm

Is Putin Dating A Female Ex-Boxer?

1 Dead, 100 Hurt In Kiev Clashes

Kiev Trying To Take More Power From The East

Netanyahu Faces Collapse Of Govt Coalition

Discrimination Against Russian Jews in Israel

Lavrov Warns Against 'Flirting' With Extremists In Kiev

Lavrov Calls On Kiev To Give Special Status To Donbass

Death Toll In Riots At Ukraine Parliament Reaches 2


Vicky Nuland Passing Out Virtual Cookies Outside Kiev

West Disappointed In Porky's Handling Of Radicals

Why No One Believes The Guardian Anymore

Labor Day When There Is No Work

At Least One Dead In New China Chem Plant Explosion

Western Resentment As Chinese WWII Parade Passes

Engdahl - China Rails Linking Eurasia

China Reveals Deadliest 'Guam Killer' Missile

Putin Says Dump Dollar And Euro

EU Explores Contacts With Eurasian Economic Union


Contact-Less Card Move Bring Cashless Society

The Promised ‘Transparency’ Around TTIP Has Been A Sham

India, Korea Plan $10 Billion Energy Park In Iran

Gun Control Groups Said To Put Gun Owners At Risk

Top Israeli News Portal Says Russia Hit ISIS In Syria

Putin Discusses Syrian Crisis King Of Jordan

Lavrov - Assad Is Legitimate Leader Despite West’s Claims

World Starts To See Need To Unite Against ISIS

Engdahl - Why Iran Won’t Double-Cross Russia


Donald Trump & White America’s Anxiety

Hillary & Huma - Two Peas In A Pod

‘Hillary For Prison’ Signs Getting Stolen In The Hamptons

Roberts - Dying Institutions Of Western Civilization

Red Obongo Murders Pres McKinley - Again

Conservatives, Liberals Inside Out? You're Doing it Right

'Racist’ Jorge Ramos - Kate’s Law ‘Unfair’ To Illegals

Academics Who Criticize War On Terror - 'Lawful Targets'

Conspiracy Of Silence - The Franklin Scandal

Dis-Integrating America

Mainstream Media Goes Berserk

Meet Allen Dulles - Fascist Spymaster

Hawaii Now A Sweltering Steam Bath - A Hellhole

Pepsi Admits Aspartame Bad - Ads Say Pepsi Has None

Martini - September is Aspartame Awareness Month

'Morphological Defects' In Fukushima Fir Trees

CA Neighbors Cope In Drought

Who Are The Visitors Overstaying Visas?

Invisible Drones Could Become Reality

F-35 To Face Off Against A-10 - Military Times

Windows 10 Spying On Every Image You Look At

Illinois Pays Lottery Winners In IOUs


CA Katrina Is Coming

Court - We Can’t Rule On NSA Bulk Collection

Citigroup Braces For Global Recession

Antimatter From The Center Of The Earth

Snake Smuggling, Lion Killing, Fish Crimes

Most Dire Weather Forecast Ever Issued

French Lady Allergic To WiFi - Gets Disability

UAL In Flight WiFi Blocks Popular News Sites

Virtual Reality - Grand illusions

EMS Crews Get Tanks, Kevlar, Ballistic Vests


Cops Use Secret Tool To Spy On Cell Phones

Is It Time To Ban The 'Gay' Flag?

Whites Quit Working With Black MS Judge

Obama's Climate Contradictions Laid Bare

Hidden Ice Blamed For Crazy Crater On Mars

VA TV Shooting Hoax(?) Crisis Actor Compilation?

Mass Shootings - Did We Miss The Punchline?

Disturbing Tyrannical UN Document Hidden

Self-Help Author Wayne Dyer Dead At 75

Man Who Woke Up With His Doppelganger


Huge Ancient Greek City Found Underwater

Haunting 11,000 Year Old Russian Statue

The Death And Life Of Atlantic City

Superbugs Are Pretty Much Everywhere

The Complete History Of Hygiene

Chinese Woman 5" Horn Growing From Head

Great Bruckner—Now For Some Music!

Japan Defense Ministry Asks Biggest Ever Budget

Japan Delays Sales Tax Hike Over Abe Failed Econ

Back To School Hunt For Unvaccinated Kids


Kirwan - Displaced Persons, Refugees And Migrants

Jeb Bush – Fourth Gen Bush Crime Syndicate Boss?

An Open Memo To Donald Trump

JoeTalk - Trump Will Be 'Public Enemy Number One' (!)

Progressives Want Hillary Answers On Parachutes

Sanders Nipping At Hillary's Heels In Iowa

Behold Jeb’s Mythical Chinese Warrior

Reptilian Primary Trumped

US Pres Aspirants Irresponsibly Bash Putin


Idiot Rubio - Russia Led By 'Gangster', N Korea By A 'Lunatic'

Walker - Idea Of Wall On US-Canada Border Good Idea

Biden's Kid Says Russia Put Him On Ashley Madision

US Freedom Act ‘Surveillance In Disguise' - Ex-MI5 Agent

US Mass Shootings Are Staged To Tighten Gun Laws

NYC On Verge Nation’s First 'Pre Crime Unit'

Next Gen B-3 To Cost 25 Billion More Than Thought

Google Facing $1.4b Fine In India - Rigging Searches

Response To WikiPedia On Reverse Speech

Red Alert #13 - Utah Education Conference

Prison Nation

Abbas Building Lavish West Bank Presidential Palace

50 Injured After Grenade Attack On Kiev Parliament

Maidan 2.0 Erupting In' Ukraine?

US Considering Two Candidates To Replace Porky?

NATO, Ukraine Kick Off Black Sea Naval Drill

American, Not Russian, Aggression Is The Real Problem

Negotiations Preferable To US Defeat In Ukraine

Kiev Praises Nazi-Style Training Camps For Kids

Putin To Get $3 Billion From US Taxpayers

Will IMF Throw Away Law On Russia's Ukraine Loan?

Ukraine Troubles Could Trigger Migrant Apocalypse

Ukraine Unlikely to Avoid Default – Russian Lawmaker

US To Create Elite Police Unit In Ukraine (death squad?)

90% Kiev Donbass Intel Last Summer ‘Appeared Untrue’

Polish Government Confirms Discovery Of Nazi 'Gold Train'

World Jewish Congress Claims Gold Of Third Reich

ISIS TOW Missiles Conclusively Tied To CIA

ISIL To Introduce ‘Islamic’ Gold Dinar

Speculators Causing So Much Oil Price Volatility?

Largest Ever Gas Field Found In Med Sea Off Egypt

China Sells Major Part Of US Bonds To Back Yuan

China Copies Russian Military Strategy In Pacific

China 'Punishes' 100s For 'Maliciously' Manipulating Market

Ron Paul - Blame The Federal Reserve, Not China

Bankster Attack On French 35 Hr Work Week


Atzmon - The Primacy Of Jewish Genes

Europe Being Marginalized By Russia, China?

Israel Forces Attack Anti-Apartheid Wall In W Bank

Terrorism Is Foundation Of Israeli Regime - Rouhani

Atzmon - Antisemitism And The Math

Why Washington Can't Stand Russia

Russia Should Not Trust Western Politicians

Norway To Spend Millions Making Russia Aggressor

China to Build Jet Faster Than SR-71 US Spy Plane?

Iran To Ramp Up Across The Board Coop w/China

Major US Industrial Union Votes In BDS Movement

Old Soviet Missile Kills US M1 Abrams Tank in Yemen

3 US Military Advisors Killed In Yemeni Attack

Saudis Show Fake Videos On Military Gains In Yemen

US Navy Base Is Saudi Reward Yemen Collusion

Daesh Blows Up Another Ancient Temple In Palmyra


German Mayor Gets Violent Threats Over Refugee Shelter

Immigration Vote In Sweden? - French Want Borders Shut

SNP Dubs Belated Chilcot Inquiry ‘Ludicrous’

Blair Inquiry Over Attempt To Save Gaddafi

London Spends $770m To Fund Nuke Sub Base

Jeremy Corbyn Poses Natl Security Threat - Osborne

Trashing Educ Officials Goal Of Utah Educ Conf?

Fracking Caused Quake In NE BC

Sunken City Found In Greece Dates 3,000 BC

How To Spot A Psychopath

A Daily Walk Can Add 7 Years To Your Life


3D Printer Molds 10 Materials At Once

Windows 10 Data Collection Coming To 7 And 8 Users

Hidden Esoteric Symbolism In The Matrix Film

7 Ways To Combat Your Cognitive Dissonance

10 Yrs After Katrina, Demands For Justice March On

How Katrina Redrew The Gulf Coast

$60 Trillion Of World Debt Visualized

Forgotten Bombing & Age Of Sectarian War

Inside Most Expensive Nuke Bomb Ever Made

Yellowstone Supervolcano Alive And Kicking

Huge Volcanos Blamed For Earth Extinctions


Superbugs Are Pretty Much Everywhere Now

Hurricane Survival Guide

Mechanism Behind 'Strange' Quakes Discovered

Women Associate Money With Love

First Evidence OIf Galaxy Metamorphosis Detected

Hyponatremia - When Too Much Water Can Kiill

Frightening Discovery Of The Mount Owen Claw

Inside The KGB Super Power Division

The Fascinating Afterlife Of Peru’s Mummies

Oz Media Demands Water Supply Be Fluoridated

Only 33% Of Psychology Findings May Be Reliable


Breakdown Of VA Made For TV Double Murder

Is The Virginia Shooting Hoax Blowing Up in the MSM’s Face?

19 Intriguing Coincidences In The Virginia Shooting

Man-Made Noise Is Making Bluebirds Shout to Be Heard

Repurposing Food Could Feed The Hungry

August Amazing UFO Videos

Aliens Living Under Pluto's Crust?

UFO Following Trump's Helicopter?

Two Potentially Life-Supporting Alien Worlds?


Kirwan - WW3 Is Five Years Old

The Donald Trump Phenomenon - Hidden Meanings

Obama Jails Refugee But Exposing It Is 'Shameful'?

Christie Would Track Immigrants Like Fedex Packages

Dems Fail To Back Obama Iran Deal


False Flag Weekly News

CA School Dist Serves 100% Organic, GMO-Free Meals

US Lost World Leadership Under Obama - Cheney

US Considered Nuking Afghanistan After 9/11

Rickard - Spying Programs Turning US Into Fascist State

New York Police Officer Fatally Shoots Innocent Bystander

Joe Biden's Son Blames Russians For Madison Profile

NYT Features Anti-Russian Propagandist

Why The Supreme Court Is Not Supreme


Hold Donbass Ceasefire Cheers

Kiev Defies Minsk Accords

Hollande, Merkel Back Putin's Ceasefire Plan

Busting The Myth Of Polish Sympathy For Ukraine

Russia, China Again In US Media Spotlight

Rogue Terrorism For A Greater Israel

60,000 US Jews Live In Occupied West Bank

Palestinians Protest Israeli Settlers' Seizure Of Hospital

Citigroup Chief - Only 'Helicopter Money' Can Save World

Petrodollar Unwind May Be $2.5 Trillion Larger

Cheap Oil Always Boosts Economic Growth


80,000 In Ireland Protest 'Austerity' Water Bills

Bangkok Bomb - Thai Cops After More Suspects

Biggest Yakuza Syndicate Set To Split - Violence Expected

The Iraq Cash Cow – Part I

Bush Made No Formal Decision For Iraq War

Congress Opponents Of Iran Deal Devise New Plan

Saudi Airstrike Kills 30 In Yemen Factory In Hajjah

Japan Anti-War Students Threatened With No Jobs

Thousands Protest Abe, Security Bills, At Diet Rally

India - How Coca-Cola Destroys The Aquifer

Aryans For Jeremy Launches Campaign

Tony Blair - Jeremy Corbyn’s Politics Are Fantasy

Piers Corbyn To Do BBC's Weather Bulletins?

Met Office Sacked By BBC - Truth Even Odder

MI6 Spy Hacked iInto Secret Bill Clinton Data

El Salvador - 51 Violent Deaths In One Day

Armed Patrols, Spot Checks Planned For Euro Trains

How To Stop Windows 10, 7 and 8 From Tracking You

Higher Education Not Leftist Enough? Seriously?

‘Almost Perfect’ Battery From MIT


Bizarre Mars Crater Shows Huge Slab Of Ice

UFOs Over Edwards AFB - Jets Scrambled! 1965

Controversial 'Aguadilla UFO' Filmed Yrs Earlier A-51?

Zen - Don't Be Attached To The Shitstorm

The Gatekeeper

The Choice Is Ours

Resolving The Virgo-Pisces Polarity

The 'Cures' Act - Weaponizing Eugenics

Disturbing History Behind US National Parks

The Cold Sun


Trump - I’m Winning Cause We're Tired Of Being Patsies

Hillary 7 Pts Ahead Of Sanders In Iowa

FBI 'A Team' Probing Hillary Emails

Deep In Minority, Dems Look To Redistricting For Hope


The True Scale Of Ashley Madison ‘Honey Pot’

Freedom Index - USA #20 Behind Chile & Mauritius - pdf

CO Cops Defy Judge, Keep Citizens From Knowing Rights

Porky Defies West Demands For Donbass Autonomy

Porky Cancels 'Special Status' Law In East

6 Brilliant Men Who Believed In Jewish Plots

Jews Panic Over Internet Reaction To World Jewry

Rothschilds Bought Jerusalem In1829 Newspaper Story

The Israeli Factor - Attack On The Iran Nuke Deal


Faurisson’s Exposure Of The Holocaust Hoax

Zionism In Britain - A Neglected Chronicle

How Google Destroyed The Internet

International Zionism Is A Secret Society

IDF Thug Tries To Kidnap Child, Stopped By Women

Anti-GMO Petition Receives 60,866,020 Signatures

Mexican Govt Files Brief In Anchor Baby Case

Obama Labor Dept To Nationalize Retirement Accts

Hijacking America’s Government:

EBT System Down Nationwide

Washed Up Flaperon Is Not From MH370


SD Drops HS Early US History As Requirement

Appeals Ct Blow To Suit Over NSA Cell Data Collection

Dem Candidate - More Illegals Mean More Dem Votes

Student 'Molested’ By TSA Agent In LaGuardia

3D-Printed Nanobots 'Smart Fish' Clean Toxins In Blood

8 Ways You Don't Realize Stress Is Ruining Your Health

Shock Value And The Bullshit Burners

Birds, Death And The Afterlife

The Shift is About To Hit The Fan

271 New Vaccines In Big Pharma’s Pipeline


New Russian Spaceship To Be Ready Early

Political Ops Quit Koch Network For Donald Trump

Trump And Palin Hit It Off In Iowa

Palin Interviews Trump - Big Success

Cruz, Trump To Hold Anti-Iran Rally At US Capitol

Hillary Sends Biden A Strong Message

Is Hillary Secretly Trying To Stop Biden Run?

Sanders - Hillary Benefits From Small Debate Number

What’s Wrong With Police In America


Sweden - The Neutering Of The Vikings

NATO Prepares For Yesterrday's War

Visiting A Vietnamese Market - Morris

US Run By 0.001% Of American Population

US Markets 'Over-Reacted' To China Currency Adjustment

Oil Soars 17% -Biggest One Week Rally In Years

Why China's Market Crash Is Not What It Seems

Mass Protests Sweep Malaysian Capital

Russia Winning Media Duel With US

EU Team To Combat 'Destabilizing' Russian Media

Kiev Military Mass Shelling DPR - Drastic Deterioration

Georgians To Train Ukrainians To Fight Russia

Porky Inks Secret Military Tech Deal With Anon Allies

Ukrainians Overwhelmingly Oppose Junta Rule

Kiev's Foreign Mercenaries Unruly At Migration Office

Kiev Admits 90% Of Its Intelligence Was Rubbish

$1.8b Ukraine Bailout Funds In Kolomoisky Cyprus Bank

Azarov - Brainwashing Technology Used On Ukrainians

Russia Gets Ready For New Moon Landing


NASA Chief Rips DC For Reliance On Russia Spacecraft

US-Euro Relationship Showing Signs Of Strain?

Portugal Scraps Bill Allowing Spy Agencies Into Talks

Paris Prepares To Rid Streets Of Cars For Day

Indian Warships Enter Iranian Port Bandar-e-Abbas

Israel 'Humiliated' By Iran Nuke Deal

Israeli, Jordanian Officers Killed in Syria Airstrike

US - Assad Resignation Essential For Victory Over ISIL

Syria Peace Impossible While US Trains, Arms Rebels


War, Chaos & Irony In Libya

Iraq Green Zone - Fat Cats Enjoy Saddam's Palaces

Egypt Gives Al Jazeera Journalists 3 Years In Jail

Indian Community Council 'Orders Abuse Of Sisters'

Japan Rage - China Calls For Emperor To Apologize For WWII

Xi Reestablishing China Greatness By Undermining US

Assange Fears Assassination If He Leaves Emb

New Docs Show US Pressure On Allies Over Ed Snowden

US Cop Shot In 'Execution-Style Killing'

NY TSA Agent Charged With Molesting Traveler


Gun Violence In US Unlike Those Of Any Other Country

1,000s Benefit Claimants Died After OK'd For Work

The Guardian’s Frantic Corbyn Hate

Cameron's World - Failure Rewarded With A Peerage

Monsanto's Roundup Linked To Kidney, Liver Damage

Cuba To Use Cloud Seeding To Fight Drought

Object Past Pluto Next NASA Target

Aldrin's Master Plan For Colonizing Mars

Enormous Ice Sheet Found On Mars


Trump Aims At Huma Abedin & 'Perv' Weiner - Vid

We’re All Pro-Israel - Obama Says

Trop Storm Kills 29, Heads To FL

Quake Is Going To Hit LA And Then What?

More Phony Reports Of Russian Casualties In Ukraine

DPR Leader Warns Of Kiev Attack On Election Day

Russian Proton M Carries Satellite Into Orbit

Dick Cheney’s Staggering Iran Hypocrisy

Pentagon Funding New High-Tech Venture

Megyn Kelly Leaving FOX - Wants To Go MSM?


Federal Judge Blocks Obama’s Water Rule

EPA Defies Judge, Imposes Water Rule

Bangkok Bombing Pt 2 - Tracking Urban Guerrillas

Ending Doctrine Of Perpetual War

Press TV - US Harbors Israeli Terrorists

Caliphate OKs Cappuccinos’ - ISIS ‘Travel Guide’ In EU

Germany Follow Scotland’s Lead To Ban GMOs

10 Proofs That ISIS Is A Scripted Psyop

Abu Ghraib US Gen Hired ‘Adviser' JP Morgan

Not One Banker Jailed For Mtge Crisis Under Holder

FT Calls for Ending Cash, Calls It A 'Barbarous Relic'

What China's Treasury Liquidation Means


Goldman Picks 25 Stocks With Most Upside Promise

Why US Stocks Aren't Going To Crash

Black Monday Fallout - Who Was Hardest Hit?

CBO Report On National Debt Paints Grim Picture

Charles Schwab Breaks, 'System Temp Unavailable'

San Jose To Put Lic Plate Readers On Trash Trucks

When The Bank Robs You

EPA Defies Judge, Imposes Water Rule

Ashley Madison Reveals Top 25 Cheat Cities

Almost No Women In Madison Used The Site

Madison - Which Elite Univs Have Most Cheaters

Twitter Shut Site That Saved Pols Deleted Tweets


Few Sites Call VA Shooting A Hoax - Morris

Monsanto's Roundup Linked to Kidney, Liver Damage

Scientists Fear Legalization Will Yield GMO Pot

The Muddied Racial Histories Of US Presidents

Walberg - Islamic Resistance To Imperialism

Life In Gaza, One Year After War

The Coming Yakuza War

Tianjin Blasts - China Accuses 11 Of Negligence

Alarm Sounded As TransCanada Set To Drill

Fabricated Pentagon Reports On ISIS

Homes For The Homeless

Heavy Flooding In North Korea

We Need Free Time For Doing Nothing - Morris

Vegan Ironman Shares His Story

Fairy Tale

Rain With Chance Of West Nile


Psychology Has A Reproducibility Problem

DNA Structure Of Hemp, Marijuana Very Different

The First Supermoon Of The Year

Beneath The Bougainvillea

The Unraveling

Triangular-Shaped UFO At Tree-Top Level

Watching Rising Seas From Space - Vid

3 Feet Of Sea Level Rise Unavoidable - NASA

Indigenous Group Versus Nicaragua Canal

17 Home Remedies For Stomach Flu


Kirwan - Illuminating The Darkness

Google Buries Revelations Of Hillary's Lesbianism

Hear Hillary's Hair Joke - Vid

US Nuke Weapon Byproduct Facility Riddled With Flaws

ND First State To Weaponize Drones For Police

Sanders - GOP 'Family Values' Way To Control Women's Bodies

Iguana And More On Mars? - Pics

DARPA Next Gen Drone Will Launch From Moving Planes

China To Show Off Super High Tech Weapons During Parade

How Russia-China Plan To Crush US Strealth Aircraft


Anti-US Sentiments Surges In Russia

One Pager On Latest From Russia

Russian Mayor Gets Life For Terrorism

Russia Refuses Haircut On Ukraine Loan

Russian Tycoon Builds World's Biggest Yacht

LA Prepares For The Big One

China Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns DC

China Treasury Liquidation - $1 Trillion QE In Reverse

US Stocks Lose $2.2 Trillion In Six Days

Asia-Pacific Mkts, EU Futures, Oil All Rally

Denmark Investigates Billion Dollar Tax Swindle


Lies You Will Hear As Econ Collapse Progresses

Wall St Rally…Hold The Cheers

Oil Soars 10% - Biggest Rally In Years

Global Oil Looking Down Barrel Of Huge Debt

Scariest Number For Oil Industry - $550 Billion

Washington Plans To Breach Nuclear Deal

Iran Minister Blasts 'Certain OPEC Members'

Iran To Offer Giant Oil, Gas Fields To Investors

Biden To Meet Jewish Leaders In FL Over Iran Deal

Obama to Meet King Salman Over Iran Deal

DC Giving Israel Formidable US Weapons


Moscow, Tehran Ink MoU On S-300 Delivery

Sorting Through The Bullshit in America

71 Dead In Abandoned Truck

HRW Urges Coalition To Stop Cluster Bombs In Yemen

Saudi Ground Forces Enter Norther Yemen

Saudi-Led Coalition Prepares to Storm Sanaa,

Qatar, Turkey to Blame for Forcing Political Islam in Libya

4 Reasons New China-Russia Exercises Are Extraordinary

Up To 200 Dead In Refugee Boat Sinking Off Israel

Britain’s Conservatives Looking To Kill Off BBC

Corbyn Voters LikelyTo Believe World Run By Secret Elite


Hillary Cops To Poor Email Use - 'Not Best Choice'

Trump Tells GOP Brass He Won't Make Third-Party Run

Trump Dumbfounds Pollsters

Confirmation Trump Hair Not A Toupee

US To Fight Putin To The Last Ukrainian

Hollande Stunned By Kiev Army's MInsk Violations

Roberts - Where is Neo When We Need Him

Top RINO Chief of Staff Found In AshleyMadison Hack

'Obama’s Brass Pressured Us To Downplay ISIS Threat'

Fort Bragg Troops Train For Domestic Emergency

What If The 'Crash' Is As Rigged As Everything Else?

The Smoke And Mirrors Of Corporate Buybacks

Rutgers Warns – 'No Such Thing As Free Speech'

What Some Of US Richest Say About The Poor

Baby Parts Buyer Wants 'Another 50 Livers/Week'

World 'Locked Into' At Least 3 Feet Of Sea Level Rise


Redocking Soyuz At International Space Station

Cop Literally Performs Drive-By Shooting On Home Critic

Private Prisons May Sue States For More Free Labor

Man Charged w/Jury Tampering For Flyers On Nullification

VA Cops Force BBC Reporters To Dump Vid Of Hot Pursuit

How Fast Are We Moving Through Space?

Life May Have Spread Thru Galaxy Like Plague

CO Officials Knew Gold King Mine Could Blow Out

Fake Goldman Sachs Bank Found In China

Paranormal Activity On Cam In Newcastle

8 Facts About World's Longest Tunnel


All Beef Shows Signs Of Fecal Contamination

What Women Don't Know About Stroke

How Flossing Led To Woman's Knee Infection

Surprising Benefits Of Feeling Insignificant

Why A Shocking Noise Sticks In Our Mind

Mercury Showing In Grand Canyon's Fish, Wiildlife

The Mythical Mushroom Portals

A Day In The Life Of A PTSD Patient

How Ancient Palmyra Grew Rich and Powerful

Utah Man Dies Of Plague - Fourth US Death

330,000 Illegals Enter Britain In One Year

Moonstruck, We Become…


Kirwan - Decades Of Deception

Why Manufactured FEAR Is Required

Black Spokesman Exposes ZioMedia Racism vs Whites

Hundreds Of Whites Must Die For Stricter Gun Laws

Zio-MSM Promotion Of Satanic Imagery To Teens

Dow Has Best 2 Days On Record

China In Large Scale Military Drills In Disputed Areas

Differing Views On China

US Next Gen B-3 Bombers Fly Over China For Hour

Idiot US To Move Tanks, APCs To Poland 2016


Army Picks Humvee Replacement

Navy's Last Flying Aircraft Carrier

Russia's Russia's 5G PAK-FA T-50 Fighter Debuts

Porky Says No Minsk-3

Fake Reports On Russian Soldier Deaths In Ukraine

'Old Guard' Opposes West Policy On Ukraine

Ukrainians Alienated From Their Political Class

Most Ukrainians Fear Nation Heading Wrong Way

The Coming Unintentional War With Russia

Don't Get Attached To Weak Ruble, Dollar Is Sinking

Latest Russian Developments

Cyber Attacks On Russian Authorities Increase

Brit Journo Disappointed By BBC Biased Crimea Coverage

Russia Will 'Never' Monitor Facebook


Russian FederationGroup To Blacklist John Kerry?

Hungarian Cops Gas Refugees At Reception Center

40 Bodies On Migrant Boat Off Libya

Evidence Supports 'Nazi Gold Train' Discovery

Petraeus To Give Bunker Buster To Israel For Iran:

Israeli Nukes Are Finally Newsworthy

Rabbis Against Peace And Stability

UN - Widespread Use Of Israeli Weapons In S Sudan

Israeli Forces Steal Money, Jewelry In W Bank Raid

Jewish Activists Against Israel's War On Gaza

UK Re-Opens British Embassy In Teheran

Fabricated Pentagon Reports on ISIS

US Deliberately Helping ISIS

Yemeni Forces Launch Scud On Saudi Arabia

Ansarullah Plan To Take Back 3 Saudi Provinces

Mustard Gas Likely In Islamic Attack In Syria

Refinery Under Full Control Of Iraqi Army

Peshmergas Liberate 9 Villages In N Iraq

Doom - UCLA Offers Paid Internships To Illegals

JoeTalk - Death Walk USA - Vid

Mandatory Vax Coming To Canadian Schools

Global COOLING Is The Threat, Not Warming

Climate Crisis, Inc


Gravity Lamps To The Rescue

Deputies Walk After OR Sheriff Beats Cuffed Suspect

2 Seattle Cops Fired - Bus Driver Cam Proves Lies

Sinkhole Swallowing People At China Bus Stop - Vid

Fracking Triggered 2014 Quake In NE BC

Manuscript Suggests Jesus Was Married

Farm Animals Eaten Are On Their Last Legs - Morris

Robots Will Cut 25% Of US Jobs In 4 Years

US Natural Gas Production To Slow

Oil Prices Below $30 To Trigger Shale Bankruptcies

Weak Ruble Drives Russian Car Production Boom


China Will Ride Out This Crisis - No Crash Due

The Real Reason Global Markets Are Crashing

Biggest Car Makers Sued Over 'Deadly' Keyless Ignitions

More Fabulous Vintage Hollywood Pics - pdf

3 Things Sheeple Do That You Don’t Have To

Enlightened Technology in the Ancient Sanskrit Texts

We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For

Deaf Ears, Foot Dragging & Moving To The Next Level

UFOs Didn't Come In Peace – Astronaut On The Record

The Night A Deputy Sheriff Hit A UFO

Alien Abductee Honored With Monument


Trump - Birthright Citizenship Not Guaranteed

Trump Proud He Booted Univision Journo Out

If The Net Goes Down, Half The Planet Will Stop

Biden’s Son - Ashley Madison Acct Created In My Name

TX Cop Capt Suicides - Linked To Ashley Madison

First State Legalizes Taser Drones For Cops

Israelis Train US Police - Listen - Vid

Lois Lerner Used 2nd Personal Email For IRS Business

China Conducts Fifth Test Of Hypersonic Glide Vehicle

Who Rules America?

Roberts - Western Demo Is An Endangered Species

TSA Airport Style Searches On All Amtrak Trains

Sheriff Compares Constitutionalists to ISIS

NATO Military Buildup on Russia’s Doorstep

Frat Boys Tab House 'Freshman Daughter Drop-Off'

Ohio Sheriff Goes Hunting For ‘Illegals’

Nearly All US Ground Beef Has Feces In It

Jerusalem Culture War, Secular Residents Make Gains


Stock Market Volatility Increases On Wall Street

Latest Zionist Anti-Semitic Inducing Provocation

New Orleans Still Not Prepared For Next Storm

SF Mayor Wants Homeless Off Sts For Super Bowl - Vid

Feel Ready To Fly With Happy Hormones

Grid Down Communications

Two Million Brits Hooked On Painkillers

Cross-Dressing Teens At Swedish HS

Baby Sea Lions Are Dying

Cleveland Clinic Latest To Oust McDonalds

Self-Healing Landscapes


Typhoon 'Goni' Devastates Kyushu Island, Japan - Vid

Irish Boxer Takes On Turkish Mob - Vid

Ireland's Incredible Landscapes - Vid

Spain Becomes Nation Of Weed Smokers

33 Stunning Pictures Of US National Parks

Legendary Deep-Sea Fish Sighting Debate

Should Mars Be Independent Or Colony Of Earth?

2015 Crop Circle Gallery

Dreier - From Where You Cannot Be Rocked

The Spirit Bear Of British Colombia

US PC Chickens Come Home To Roost, Airhead America

What Is Avocado Oil Good For?


Socialist Sanders Roars Past Hillary In New Poll

Trump Top, Sanders Surges As Hillary Hammered In NH

What Of Tony Montana If Trump Gets Rid Of Gangs?

Duke - Leftist Zio Media Lies 'I Have Not Endorsed Trump'

Half Of US Voters Think Hillary Should Stop Campaign

Sanders Says Rivals Sponsored By Tycoons

Cornel West Endorses Sanders For President

George W To Head Campaign Event For Jeb

Who Is Jeb, Really? Pt 2…PNAC, Money-Laundering Past


Heroic Black Woman Debunks 'BlackLivesMatter'

US Hunters Can Legally Shoot African Game In US

Dow Zooms Up 619 Points

The Stock Market Is Getting Harder To Rig

9/11's 'Dust Lady' Dies Of Stomach Cancer

Obama Apologizes To Japan’s Abe Over Spying

Shocker - US Captured Only 3 Of 116 At Gitmo

Pentagon At Odds With Gens Over F-35 Turkey Report

Pentagon Probes Charges Of Distorted Intel Reports

Police Lied About Shooting, Killing MO Teen, Witnesses

Denver Cops Told Stop Arresting Jury Nullification Activists

Out Of Retirement - US F-117 Seen Flying

Jade Helm Air Jump In San Antonio Scrubbed

Groups Combine Against GOP Incumbents Backing Amnesty


Ukraine - Such A Disapointment For A Little Girl

A Ukro-Miracle In Twitter

Ukrainian Media Blames Google For Helping Kremlin

Kiev Said Firing Incendiary Shells At EasternVillage

Don't Allow Kiev To Rewrite Holocaust, Warns Israeli

Russia To Up Leadership In Combat Aircraft Tech - Putin

French Expert Slams F-22 Deployment In Europe

It's West, Not Russia, That's Blocking MH17 Truth

Escobar - The Myth Of A Russian 'Threat'

Chinese Central Banker Blames Fed For Market Rout


China Dumps $100 Billion Into Treasuries

Russia Mulls Bonds Denominated In Yuan

Global Markets Rebound As China Cuts Rates

British Banks Have Biggest Exposure To China Instability

India May Retaliate To Chinese Devaluation

Escobar - Brave (Miiserable) New Normal World

Russia - Low Oil Price, Not Sanctions, Caused Recession

Today's Oil Prices Nothing To Do w/Supply & Demand

Saudi Arabia Cutting Billions As Oil Tumbles

Financial Meltdown & Rigging Of Shanghai Stock Market?

Did BoE Admit Financial Markets Aren’t 'Real'?


Controlling The World - An Instruction Manual - Vid

Majority Of Greeks Oppose Anti-Russia Sanctions

Over 800 ISIL Terrorists Lurk Around In Europe...Ready

US To Take In 5,000 To 8,000 Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugee Camps in Turkey ISIL 'Playgrounds'

Were Gains Against ISIS Inflated?

US/Israeli Attempted Color Revolution In Lebanon?

Spanish Broadcaster Says Jews Promote Satanism

Anti-Israeli Groups Increase Activities In US

Gaza Healthcare On Verge Of Collapse

Leading Senate Opponent Of Iran Deal Concedes


Western Media Operates As US 'Soft Power' Arm

Militants In Syria Are Agents Of Israel - Assad

US-Trained 'Moderates' Captured Inside Syria

Most Of N Korea Sub Fleet Goes Off Grid

Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina Ink Border Treaty

S China Sea Reclaimed 'Land' Now 1,000s Of Acres

British Surveillance State ‘Worse Than Orwell’s 1984’

Non-UK Born Residents Exceed 8 Million

Pedo-Accused MP - Cops On 'Homosexual Witch Hunt'

Following Scotland, Germany Moves To Ban GMOs


Secretive CA Co Says Major Progress In Nuke Fusion

Scientists Turn Cancerous Cells Back To Normal

Rare - John Lennon Describing His UFO Experience

Mysterious UFOs Recorded Over El Paso, Texas - Vid

Dubious Orange UFO Visits & Revisits Ohio House - Vid

UFO Mystery at Yuma Test Station

Tributes For Legendary UK Biker Ewen Haldane After Crash

GeoEngineering Grows, Industrialized Civilisation Collapses

Truth in Comedy

Brian Gerrish Dismantles Social Engineering


Hillary's Email Had Classified Intel From 3 Agencies

Howard Stern Predicts Trump Will Win GOP - Vid

Trump Calls For Mass Deportation Of Illegal Aliens

Just Build Trump’s Wall Already

'The Bimbo’s Back In Town'

Who Is Jeb Bush, Really? Part 1 -The Bush Crime Family


90,000 Ukrainian Army To Attack Novorossiyans? - Vid

Jade Helm - 550 GIs To Jump Over Camp Bullis

Proof Israel Is The Chief Driver Of War In The Region

Israeli Mayor Blocks Illegal Alien Infiltrators

Dick Cheney, Netanyahu And Neoconservatism

Pentagon's Mysterious 'Russia Threat'

What Will France Do With Russia's Mistrals

More Evidence Maidan Protesters Shot Their Own

Mission To Teach Drones To Think For Themselves

ET Ships Parked Past Moon - Recon Craft Seen By ISS?

CA - 13,000 Fall Into Homelessness Every Month

Br Nathanael - Why Trump Won’t Scrunch


Economic Nationalism - Alternative to Globalism

Carnegie's Communist Manifesto For America

Detroit…'Press 3 For Arabic'

The Expansion & Contraction Of Time - Vid

77 Yr Old Gal Drives Around The World In A 1930 Hudson!

How Researcher Helped Bring Organic Labeling To US

Cheap Shot At Organic Foods With 'Recall' Scare

How The China Crash Influences World Markets

US Markets Bounce Back From Black Monday


China’s Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates

China Seeing A Lot Of Factories Laying People Off'

America’s 'New Cold War' vs Africa

How Most On-Duty Cops Die

Intl Creditors To Forgive 20% Of Ukraine Debt

Email From Married, Female Ashley Madison User

When The Truth Hurts

Is There Awareness Behind Vegetative States?

Billionaires Wanted To Fund Private Mars Colony

Heavy Flooding Hits India Leaving 18 dead


First Aid For Burns

Gen Nonsense - Over-Entertained, Under-Educated, Distracted

Unlike Boys, Girls Lose Friends For Having Sex

How A Nazi Rocket Could Have Put A Brit In Space

The Decade Ahead For Australian Astronomy

Ferguson To Withdraw 1,0000s Of Arrest Warrants

Obama Faces New Criticism From Surprising Sources

Flying Humanoid UFO Anomaly Filmed Over LA

Security Encounter Near Area 51

Triangular UFO Spotted Over Austin

Dreier - The Creepy Swedish Migrant Meme


Petroglyphs Left In Canada 3,000 Years Ago?

How Legal Marijuana Is Working In CO

The Non-Compliant Challenge - Where Are We?

Conscious Society Forum

Community Bridge Building - A Proven Living Metaphor

Lost In Thee Flood

Texas Cattle Ranch Goes Vegan

Who I Write For…

Satanic Reality

What Are OTC Drugs Doing To Your Brain?


Post US Culture - Becoming A Separated Tribal Nation

Kirwan - The Thought Police

Trump Clashes With Univision Reporter At Press Conf

Trump - No Strings Attached To Lobbyist Donations

Trump-Kelly Feud Heats Up Again

Nutter Zionist Kunstler - Is Trump Worse Than Hitler?

Hillary - Presidential Email Order Violated?

'Stingray' Used In Baltimore For Everyday Policing

The Raping Of America - Markers On Road To Fascism

US Moving F-22s To Europe

MH17 Shot Down By Kiev Su-25

Ukraine Peace Deal Dead And Gone

Did Ukraine Oligarch Koilomoisky Steal $1.8 Billion?


US Itchey About N K Missiles That Can Hit Hawaii

SK Stops Propaganda Broadcasting Against NK In DMZ

Three Tips That Can Save You Big Money

OPEC’s $900 Billion Mistake

Oil Driven Lower By Hedge Fund Greed

Iran Plans $50 Billion Energy Investment

Putin Gives South Stream A New Lease On Life

Turkish Stream, Nord Stream-2 Gas Pipelines Possible - Fitch

Atzmon - The Primacy Of Jewish Genes

US Judge Orders Pals To Pay $10m To Terror Victims

US Tax $ Funds 'Jewish Terror' vs Palestinians

US MSM Keeps US In Dark About Israel's Nuclear Bombs

UK Anti-Netanyahu Petition Hits 80,000

Is Bibi On Crash Course With Obama Re Kurd Oil

Why Contagion? Chinese Stock Market Is Tiny


‘Black Monday’ Not A Great Global Meltdown Yet

Chinese Markets Crash Again - Worst In 20 years

Worldwide Chaos Continues In China Meltdown


Fed Forces Milllions Of Women To Prostitution

Stock Up On Canned Food Warns Ex Brown Adviser

Why Government Hates Cash

The Global Economy Is Entering An Epic Slump

FB Bans Posts About Illegals Taking US Jobs

Over 10,000 Migrants Cross Into Serbia In Days

German FM Steinmeier Criticizes Russia Sanctions


US Seeks To Push Germany, Russia Conflict

US Has Plans For 'Comprehensive Attack' On Iran

Obama Can Go Around Congress, Ease Iranian Sanctions

Dozens Of US Christian Leaders Back Iran Deal

Yemen Forces Take Control Of Hilltops In S. S Arabia

Saudi General Killed In Cross-Border Fire From Yemen

Naked Woman, Kids, Gunpoint - SWAT Hits Wrong Home

Twitter Shuts Down 30 Sites Tracking Politicians Tweets

At Least 2 Suicides Tied To Ashley Madison Leak

West's Racist Wars For Creating The Immigration Crises

Doom - Another School Plundered


Jeff & Jim Marrs - The Danger Of Telling The Truth - Vid

Ex Trump Insider Explains Roots, Election Chances

Reporter - Hillary Emails 'Safer’ On ‘Ashley Madison’

Hypocrite Harry - No Sane Country Would Allow Anchor Babies

Roberts - Central Banks Are A Corrupting Force

Gates To Microchip Females, NZ To Chemically Sterilize Teens

Peggy Hubbard Lays It Out On Black America - Vid

Why Is Giant Tunnel Being Drilled Under DC?

Cathy O'Brien Story - Illuminati, MK-Ultra, Monarch, Mind Control


All Out Warfare On Political Correctness

Oz Shares Fall 4% Wiping $64b From Market Value

Time To Get Into Crash Positions?

China Stocks Plunge - Panic Selling Across Asia

Wall St Crashes As Stock Market Bubble Bursts

How To Survive A Stock Market Crash

There Will Be A War Before A Crash Is Allowed - Morris

Dangerous Thinking Killing Greece, Threatening The EU

Tsipras Resigned Himself To Dust Bin Of History?

Greece To Leave Euro After All?

China Still Searching For Market Selloff ‘Perpetrators’

Br Nathanael - The Church In Putin's Eyes - Vid


All Out Warfare On Political Correctness

The Privatization Of Water

Pentagon Outsourcing Spy Missions To Drone Maker

Russia, China 'Seriously Outplay’ Washington

Porky Dooms Ukraine To Endless War

The Drought's Hidden Victim

Oil Field Workers Keep Dying

Seismic Blasting Puts Whales At Risk

Was I Raped?

Inside The Mind Of A Mazemaker

Why There Will Never Be Another Einstein


Second Cancers Are On The Rise

Alzheimer’s - 9 Most Common Risk Factors

The Real Reason Why You’re Nearsighted

Music Is A Potent Source Of Meaning

Maps Show the Severe Impact Of Katrina

The Science Of Forgiveness

Can Fish Oil Prevent Schizophrenia?

The Mystery Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Ridley Scott - If The Allies Had Lost WWII

Black Magic Rules World – Not Pols, Bankers Or Military

Everything Is Fake - Top 40 Pieces Of Fakery In Our World

Corporate Push For Forced Canada Vax Begins


Confirmed - Consciousness Survives Death Of The Body

The Next Global Financial Crisis is Here

The Sabbatean Sabotage Of Humanity

Top 10 GMO Foods To Avoid

Zombie-Apocalypse Now

Brainwashing vs Education - West Spreads 'Intellectual Idiocy'

Banksy Opens Dystopian Bemusement Park

8 Steps Towards Non Attachment

Former Navy Man Films Triangular UFO Craft

NASA's Flying Saucer Has Competition

Scientists And The Roswell Slides


Trump - 'Hedge Fund Guys Getting Away With Murder'

Trump Leads In Polls Reflecting True American Feelings

Trump Catches Attention Of CFR, Bilderberg, TLC

Web Mocks Jeb Bush 'Black Hand' In Huge Leaflet Fail


US Army Covers Up Military Atrocities In War Zones

Black Monday - Worldwide Markets Tumble Over China

Dow Crashes While Wall St Wolves Make Killing

Kissinger - Russia Has Become An American Objective

Russia Is The US Equal In Military Technology

Russian 1950s TurboProp Bombers Are Bad News

F-35 Turkey To Go Against A-10 In Tests

Kiev's Army Is Falling Apart

Porky Dooms Ukraine To Endless War

Is Kiev About To Launch All-Out War On Donbass?


Deadly Cheering For War In Ukraine By West Media

Porky's Time Almost Up - German Media

Ukraine GDP Dropped 35% - Surpassing Zimbabwe

Ukraine Comes Begging To Russia For Winter Gas

Kiev Spends Last Of Budget To Fight 'Eastern Threat'

European Loan Vanishes Without Trace In Kiev

Massive Explosion At US Weapons Depot In Japan

Massive Fire Breaks Out At Tokyo Steel Plant

Big Japan Rally vs Overseas Military Deployment Bill

China To Show Never Seen Weapons In Parade

US Ready To Deploy B-52s In S Korea


S Korea Demands 'Clear Apology' From North In Talks

Rage As N Korean Submarines LOST - S Korea Searching

Russia, China 'Seriously Outplay' Washington

Radioactive Chaos - Japan's Nuclear War On Truth

China Has Staggering 15,000 - 18,000 Tons Of Gold

Great Fall As China Sinks World Stocks, Dollar Falls

Over $1 Trillion Wiped Over Euro Shares In August

Global Trade Freight Crashes 60% In Three Weeks

Israel To Demo Mosque In E Jerusalem

US May Hit Syria With Ship-Based Tomahawks

Yemen Foirces Capture Two Saudi Military Bases

Vegan Bodybuilders - Ripped On Veggies


Hillary To Cut Vacation Short Amid Controversy

Dozens Hillary Emails Said Classified From The Start

Case Against Hillary Getting Stronger, Friends Are Scarce

Intel, Military Anger At Hillary 'Over-Classification' Tweet

Grassley Questions Conflict In State Email Probe

Hillary Lavish (Shortened) Vacation At $50k Week Rental

New 'Middle Class' Champion Hillary's Vacation Digs

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Radiation Killing More Baby Seals Along CA Coast

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'Morphological Defects' In Fukushima Fir Trees

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Baby Sea Lions Are Dying

Baby Seals On W Coast Dying Of Radiation Leukemia

Highest Levels Yet Of Fukushima Rad Along W Coast

Animal-Shaped Robots Used To Investigate Fukushima Reactors

Cracked Condenser Pipes Found In Sendai Reactor

Cs-134/137 In 9 Of 9 Pond Fish Samples Near Tokyo

Fukushima Radiation Found At High Level Off SoCal Coast

Is Abe Dying Of Radiation Poisoning?

Abe Claims Fukushima Food Keeps Him Healthy

Proving Negligence In TEPCO Case Daunting

The Homeless, Jobless And Fukushima

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Sendai Reactor Has Malfunction, Volcano Risk Increases

Flesh Falling Off 3 Dead, Giant SoCal Oarfish

Risk Of Major Eruption At Sakurajima Grows

Thousands Of Millions Of Fish Dead On Alaska Shoreline

Japan's Plutonium Stockpile May Be World Catastrophe

80 Bq/kg Of C-137 In Vac Cleaner Dust Since This Spring

Busby - Coverup Of Fukushima Thyroid Cancer Danger

5,000 Cancer Deaths Predicted From Fukushima Rad

Big North American Animal Decline Since Fukushima

Japan Spent 1.4 Trilion Yen On Idle Nuke Plants

Japan Saw Record 1.91 Million Foreign Visitors In July

Japan’s Volcanic Hazards Threaten Nuclear Power Plants

Nuke Facilities Vulnerable To Cyber-Attacks

Japan Restarted Reactor Under Volcano Threat

Sakurajima Headed Towards Large Eruption?

Volcano Alert Raised Right After Nearby Plant Restart

Abe's NRA To Restart Reactors No Matter What

Animals Shrunk After Fukushima Disaster

Volcano 50 km From Just Restarted Nuclear Plant

4 uSv/h In Park Near Tokyo

Expert: Japan's Fukushima Clean Up Is Just 'A Show'

New Zealanders Exposed To Radiation In Seafood

Germany Big Problems Disposing Of Nuclear Waste

Your Radiation This Week No 17

Fukushima Radiation Kills 25 Huge Whales On W Coast

Scientists Finally Admit Fukushima Radiation Killing Pacific Whales


Fukushima Radiation On America

PacRad Stations - Design And Purpose

Full Map - Pacific Coast Radiation Network

Pacifica, CA

Ashland, OR

Portland, OR

Port Angeles, WA

Fort Collins, CO

Vista, CA

Bloomington, IL

Quesnel, B.C.

Hear Jeff Discuss How To Establish
Your Own Online Rad Station - Click HERE

Pictures Of How To Create Your Own Clone HERE

* National Nuclear Emergency Map
Updated 24/7 In Real Time

* Obama OKs DEADLY Hikes In 'Safe' Radiation Exposure

* Obama Raises 'Safe' Rad In Drinking Water 27,000x Higher

* Huge Radiation Readings In CA And NM Disappear

* Enormous W Coast CPMs Vanish After Site Back Online - Vid

* Japan Earthquakes 2011 Visualization Map - Vid

* W Coast Covered In Massive 3/11 Radiation - Vid

* Coverup Of West Coast Radiation From Fukushima

* Fukushima Radiation Plume, Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid

* WATCH - What Cesium 137 Will Really Do To You - Vid

* Chart Of Radiation Dose Levels In Millisieverts

* Jeff & Dr. Russell Blaylock - Supplements
To Fight Radiation Exposure
- Vid

* Live National Radiation Network Map

* Radiation Dose Chart

* The Radiation Database User Guide - Vid

No One Knows Where 3 Fuel Cores Went In Groundwater

Obama 'Dramatically' Ups 'Safe' Rad In Drinking Water

Japan Answer To Radiation - Massive Natural Indoor Farms

Extinction - 100% Death Rate For Baby Orcas - W Coast Dead

TEPCO Profits Soared 71% First Half Of 2014

US Govt Injected Citizens With Uranium

Proof Radiation Is KILLING The Pacific Dana Durnford & Terry Daniels - Vid

HORROR - Proof N Pacific Nearly Extinct Of Life - Radiation - Vid


Jeff & Dr Henry Niman, PhD
Latest Broadcast Program Update
Free Listen MP3 11-3-14 (Click Here)

10,000 People In US Monitored During Ebola Scare

Ebola Cases In Liberia Increase To Three

Ebola Re-Emerges In Liberia Near Monrovia

US Pays For 'Post-Ebola Syndrome’ Study In Liberia

Ebola May Be Hidden By Pregnancy

Ebola Corpses Taken On Public Transit In Guinea

Ebola Death Toll Passes 10,700 In W Africa

Our Tax Dollars Spent On Experimental Ebola Vaccine

Synthetic Cannabinoid ‘Spice’, NOT Ebola, Killed Soldier

WHO PHEIC Ebola Press Conf April 10

Liberia Calls For Sexual Abstinence To Cut Ebola

CO Patient Tests Negative For Ebola

Ebola - 122 Being Monitored In US, Flights Kept Secret

Ebola's Evolution Questioned - Faster Of Slower?

Guinea President Declares 45 Day Ebola 'Emergency

Liberia Ebola Survivors Complain About Lack Of Support


  Influenza And Viral Updates

Dr. Henry Niman's
Exclusive Reports With Jeff
MP3 - Listen FREE

July 16 - MP3

Dr. Henry Niman's Swine Flu World Tracking MAP

Updated H7N9 Pandemic Map From Dr Henry Niman

H7N7 Chicken Sequences In Lancashire UK

2015 Poultry H5N1 In Israel Matches Egypt

Israel H5N1 Wild Bird Sequence Matches Human Cases

H7N7 Bird Flu Confirmed On Lancashire Farm

Ebola Cases In Liberia Increase To Three

CDC Releases Full MERS Sequences From 2013 Oman Cases

South Korea MERS Cases Increase to 180 Deaths To 29

MERS S Korea Cases Increase To 166 - Deaths To 24

CDC - First Case Of MERS infection Spread Inside US

MERS Confirmed In Thailand Ex-Oman 75M

Guangdong MERS ex-South Korea - Eurosurveillance

Malaysia MERS Import N Gene Identical To Jeddah


Videos Of HAARP Destroying Pacific Rain Storms And Continuing The Deadly Artificial CA Drought!

Haarp Report New Video

Five PROOFS HAARP Created CA Drought - Vid

Weather Manipulation - Brutal Cold In US, Melting Arctic Methane 1-9-15 - Vid

Polar Vortex Restarted - Weather Warfare On Europe - Vid

Yellowstone Supervolcano - Vid

Rense - How The Pacific Storms Of, 2013-2014 Were Trashed

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-24-14 - Pt 2 - Vid

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-25-14 - Pt 3 - Vid

Watch HAARP Kill Hurricanes Off Baja CA - Pt 1 - Vid

Watch HAARP Kill Hurricanes Off Baja CA - Pt 2 - Vid

Watch HAARP Kill Hurricanes Off Baja CA - Pt 3 - Vid

Hurricane Simon Steered To Continue CA Drought - Vid

HAARP Rain-Blocking High Pressure Back Off CA! - Vid

Underground Nuke 90 Miles South Of Yellowstone? - Vid

How Hurricanes Are Stopped And Racketeering - Vid

Polar Vortex Made By Jet Stream 'Notch' 10-25-14 - Vid

Jet Stream Notch - Part 2 - 10-30-14 - Vid

The Tenth Man - Vid

David Duke

Zionist Terror In Gaza - Free Palestine & The World - Vid

The Illustrated Protocols Of Zion - Vid

Israeli Media Reveals Secret Behind Communism - Vid

Jeff Rense & Dr. David Duke - Worldwide Zionist Stranglehold - Vid

How The Media Incites Violence & Racism - Vid

Hitler In Argentina
Listen FREE

Jeff with Harry Cooper & Jim Marrs - Hitler In Argentina - MP3

Sharkhunters Hot Mail!

PHOTOS *for program above*

Hitler In Argentina - Buy The Book Here!

Reviews Of Cooper's 'Hitler In Argentina' Show Truth Wins

Jeff & Harry - Hitler In Argentina - MP3

Harry Cooper's History-Shaking New Book - Hitler In Argentina


FBI Declassifies Files Proving Hitler Went To Argentina

More On Giant WW2 Japanese Sub I-400 Found Off Hawaii

FREE Listen MP3s
Harry Cooper - Germany In Argentina During & After The War - mp3


Harry Cooper - Hitler's Post-War Time In Argentina - mp3


Jeff & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 1/2 - Vid

Jeff & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 2/2 - Vid

Hitler's Eagles Nest, Berchtesgaden And Underground Bunkers - mp3


Stunning Evidence Hitler & Eva Braun Escaped To Argentina - mp3


The Escape Of Adolf Hitler To South America

Walter Bowart

Operation Mind Control - Walter Bowart - pdf

Report From Iron Mountain - pdf

The Invisible Third World War - pdf

David Cole (Stein)
Listen FREE

Jeff & David Cole - Holocaust Revisionist Historian - Vid

Auschwitz Gas Chamber Hoax? - Part 1 - MP3

The Search for The TRUTH - Part 2 - MP3

The Trouble With Sandy Hook

NEW Free Listen 8.4.14 - Wolfgang Halbig

NEW Free Listen - Wolfgang Halbig & James Fetzer MP3 - Sandy Hook - Latest Shocking Developments - Click HERE

Free Listen - Hear Jeff With Wolfang Halbig - Sandy Hook Hoax - MP3 - Click HERE

Halbig Heroically Pushes To Expose Sandy Hook Fraud

Sandy Hook - Wolfgang Halbig Goes For Jugular At FOIA

Sandy Hook And The New World Order

Sandy Hook - How We KNOW It Didn't Happen

Sandy Hook - Where Were 100s Of Children Evacuated?

Sandy Hook - CT State Police Lt. Paul Vance.. Liar - Vid

Wolfgang Halbig - Cops Are To Protect People Not Lie

Sandy Hook - Broadcasting Hoax Violates FCC Regs

Sandy Hook - Newtown Residents Threatened, Bribed To Shut Up

Big Problem In News Video Of Sandy Hook School

DHS & FEMA Caught With Their Pants Down At Sandy Hook - Pt 1 The Actual 911 Dispatch Sandy Hook Transcript

DHS & FEMA Caught With Their Pants Down At Sandy Hook - Pt 2

Emergency Vehicles Staged At Sandy Hook

Glaring Gaffes In Sandy Hook Story

Sandy Hook Is Our Last Chance To Stop The Lies

Jeff & James Fetzer - The Sandy Hook Hoax - Vid

Stranger Yet - Sandy Hook Council BLOCKS FOIAs

Sandy Hook GAME OVER! - NO Deaths NO Victims In Record - Vid

Natl School Safety Expert - Sandy Hook Was A FRAUD - Vid

'Sandy Hook...A Scripted Event, Two Yrs In Planning'

CT State Worker Quits Over Sandy Hook Weirdness

Incontrovertible Evidence!

Solid 3D Proof That Apollo Photos Were Faked

Robert Felix

'Climate Change' BS Exposed - Latest Global COOLING
News Updated Around The Clock

Slovenia Buried Under Ice - Forests Destroyed - Pics

Glenn Greenwald

How Internet NSA Agents Manipulate, Deceive, Destroy Reputations

The Great American Adventure

The Secrets Of America - pdf

EMF Dangers

EMF Effects On Your Cells And Tissues

What If...?
Listen FREE

Hitler Visits Oprah - The German Side Of Starting WW2 - MP3

DARPA & Google Plan Total Control

Top DARPA Projects That Should Creep You Out - Vid

Kirwan - For Your Eyes Only!

Ex DARPA Boss Talks About Beast Tech - Vid

Ex DARPA Chief Dugan, Now At Google, On The Future

The Ultimate Sociopath?

Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 1 - Vid

Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 2 - Vid

The Platters

LV Court Restores The Platters Name To Rightful Owner

The Platters - The Great Pretender 1956 - Vid

The Platters - Twilight Time 1958 - Vid

The Platters - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1955 - Vid

The Platters - Only You 1956 - Vid

Obama Exposed By High School Friend

Pastor Manning - Mia Pope Outs Obama As Gay - Vid

How You're Being Mind Controlled And Don't Know It

Illuminati Mind Control & The Report From Iron Mountain

MK Ultra - Handlers, Propagandists, Professional Liars - Vid

Walt Disney, MTV & Hollywood & Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control Through TV And The Media - Vid

Stop Eating Meat And Dairy

McDonalds Kids Watch Slaughterhouse Videos - Vid

Robert Hastings

10 UFOs Cavort Above US Nuke Missile Base

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Roswell Eyewitness
FREE Listen - Jeff With Jesse Marcel, Jr

Peter Davenport , Noe Torres & E.J. Wilson - Roswell 2010! - Very Special Guest - Col Jesse Marcel, Jr - MP3

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Veteran, Patriot & Roswell Witness Passes On

Memories Of Jesse Marcel By Kevin Randle

Phoenix Lights Witness Remembers Jesse Marcel, Jr - Fortson

Remembering Jesse Marcel, Jr - Balthaser

Mainstream Media Homage To Jesse Marcel's Passing

 Clark McClelland - The Stargate Chronicles

FREE LISTEN - Jeff with Clark McClelland 5.9.14 - MP3

Get A Piece Of Apollo 15 GOLD FOIL That
Went To The Moon And Back! - Click Here!

Order Clark's Stunning e-Book The Stargate Chronicles Here!

Contact Clark at

Clark McClelland - Celestialism

Jeff & Clark McClelland - ET And The Apollo Program - Vid

The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg
UFO Connection
- Part 1 - pdf

The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg UFO Connection - Part 2 - pdf


2013 Stonehenge - Photos

UFO - Man Gets More Than Rocks In Stonehenge Photo

Overwhelming Evidence

Was 9/11 An Inside Job, Or A MOSSAD Job?

Think You Know Cars?

The Ultimate Car Trivia Test! - Pics

The Mysterious Charles Dellchau

Incredible Drawings & Descriptions Of 1850s Flying Machines

Dr. Roger Leir
Astonishing UFO Over Turkey

Roger's Personal Photo Video Analysis Showing ETs

Non-Humans, ETs, Shown Inside Turkey UFO

All Known Videos Of The Turkey UFO

Spectacular Turkey UFO - Information Site

FREE Listen MP3

Jan Smith/Cliff Mickelson - Shocking New Morgellons Photos - mp3

Jan Smith's Morgellons - CDC Says It's 'Delusional Parasitosis'

Elizabeth’s Morgellons Samples

Destructive Wiki Editing Keeps Morg Sufferers In Dark

Jeff And Cliff Mickelson - CDC Liars Say Morgellons Doesn't Exist - mp3

Stunning - BLINKING, ILLUMINATED Morgellons Particle Pulled From Chin - Vid

Official CDC Denial - Morgellons Does Not Exist


When Radio Was King

Here Is A Major Collection Of All The Great Old Time Radio Shows - LISTEN!

What Zion Doesn't Want You To See

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 1 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 2 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 3 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 4 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 5 - Vid

Aspartame Deaths & Suffering Must Stop
FREE Listen MP3

Dr. Betty Martini & Jeff Rense - The War On Aspartame

Dr. Betty Martini On The Major UK MSM Article On Aspartame

UK MSM - Cancer, Premature Births Tied To Aspartame

Dane Wigington
FREE Listen MP3

Jeff & Dane Wiggington - GeoEng...It's Too Late - Free Listen

GeoEngineering...A Fancy Word For Murder! - Vid

GeoEngineering Targets Drought Condition In CA

Jeff & Dane Wigington - Chemtrails...Heavier, Deadlier - Vid

MASSIVE Increase Of Ultra-Violate Light Pounding The Earth - mp3

GeoEngineering Insanity - It's Far Worse Than You Think - mp3

Wigington's Censored Chemtrail Interview Restored - Vid

Jeff And Dane Wigington & Stunning Chemtrail Video - Vid

Professor Doom And 'Education'

Higher Education Not Leftist Enough? Seriously?

UCLA Offers Paid Internships To Illegals

Another School Plundered

Climbing Walls Are Higher Education?

Higher Education As Ponzi Scheme

Student Loans As Wealth Transfer

Online Troll Websites Distort Perception

More Outrageous Higher Education Reality


How Zionist Central Banks Rule The World

All Wars Are Bank Wars - The Central Bank Beast - Vid

Must Viewing

Jeffrey Smith's 'Genetic Roulette' Full Documentary - Vid

Battle Of LA

Footage Of UFO Being Fired On In 'Battle Of LA' - Vid

1942 Battle Of LA - Biggest Mass UFO Sighting In History


Ingo Swann Passes Into Great Beyond

FREE Listen MP3s
March 1999 with Jeff Rense & Ingo

Hour 1 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 2 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 3 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Ingo Swann, Father Of Remote Viewing (1933-2013)

Mind Control - An Exact Science
FREE Listen MP3

The Grand Masquerade - DID/MPD Now Common In US

Dr. Colin Ross - Mind Control, How Easy, How Deadly

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 1

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 2

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 3

Ventura - Artificially Created Multiple Personality Killers - Vid

Mind Control - A Piece Of Cake - Vid

Trauma Based Culture - Vid

Humans In An Inhuman War

Bf-109 Ace Franz Stigler And B-17 Pilot Charlie Brown Meet - Vid

Feline Adventures

Videos And Photos Of Cats At 'Work' And Play - Vid

Kitty Cams Show Secret Life Of Cats

Required Reading

How To Respond To An Anti Conspiracy Theorist!

Withering Facts

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 1 - Vid

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 2 - Vid

The Whole Story

The Best 5 Minute Documentary On 911 Ever - Vid

The Stark Reality Of Precision Scientific Individual & Mass Mind Control

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

MK-Ultra And The Laurel Canyon Hippies

Hippies And Mind Control - Vid

Evidence Of Existence Of 'Multiverse' Revealed For First Time

'Quantum Microscope' Peers Into Hydrogen Atom

After Months In Space, Gravity A Drag For Astronauts


Charlotte Iserbyt

The Secret History Of Public Education - Vid


More Corn Ethanol...More Harm To Consumers, Environment

E10 Ethanol Gas Destroys Engines...Proof - Vid

E15 Ethanol Gas Even More Destructive Than E10 - Vid

A Provocative Documentary

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Vid

Eustace Mullins

Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - Drugs, War & Manipulation - Vid

Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - WW2...Orchestrated Slaughter - Vid

Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 21, 2003) - Vid

Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 31, 2003) - Vid

National Socialism + Zionism = NAZI - Vid

The Cult Is Everywhere

Ritual Child Sex Abuse, Pedo Conspiracy Of Silence - Vid

Andrew Gause

FREE Listen - Vivid Portrait Of Post-Sandy Chaos, Suffering In NJ

Tribute To A True Hero

Ernst Zundel - A Spartan Of The Spirit - Vid

GM Yellow Corn Equals Tumors, Cancers & Death

New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia

Justice Kagan Rules For Monsanto In Farmer GMO Case

Nestle Folds To SA Consumer Pressure Over GMOs


Joseph Skipper

An Underwater Base In The Pacific? - Photos

The Term 'Organic' Rapidly Becoming Useless

The Great Organic Deceivers 

Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

The Incredible & Unrecognized Germ Of Cancer

Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer

World Man-Made AIDS Day - December 1

Ignored Bacteria And The Cause Of Lymphoma Cancer

Bacteria Cause Cancer...The Microscopic Evidence - Photos

Heroines All

Women At Work In The 1940s - Rare Color Photos

Brother Nathanael

National Monetary Reform Convention Now! - Vid

Creepy, Weird Otherworldly Sounds...Vanished Again

Those Otherworldly, Bizarre Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

A Chronology Of The Eerie, Strange Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

Eerie Sky Sounds Validated By Russian Scientists

Bizarre Noises Over Cambridge, England - Vid


Hollywood's Golden Days

Great Vintage Hollywood Photos

Fabulous Hollywood Stars And Their Classic Cars

The Original Hollywood Sign Read Hollywoodland - Pic

Round About Hollywood 1931, Color - Vid

Wonderful Color Photos Of 50s & 60s LA/SoCal - Pics


American Graffitti In LA

Background To Cruising Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s

Rick Mack - Cruising Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s - Pics

A Dream Lost

1940s Small Town America...Cafes, Stores, Shops - Color Photos

Portrait Of 1950s American Suburbia, Pt 1 - Vid

Portrait Of 1950s American Suburbia, Pt 2 - Vid

The Death Of Clean US Mass Transit

How GM Destroyed Clean US Mass Transit, Pt 1 - Vid

How GM Destroyed Clean US Mass Transit, Pt 2 - Vid

What You See Isn't What You Get

The Fraud Of Digitized 'Beauty' - The Big Lie - Vid

Things You MUST Have

Poor Man's Guide To Survival Gear

Newest Zionist Hit Piece Libel Attacks On Jeff 

I'm Being Blackmailed By A Sociopath - What Can I Do?

How To Spot A Sociopath - Ten Red Flags

The Makow Mirror Effect

Icke Blasts Makow Again

Attacks On Jeff Deadly Serious, Hacker Removes His Replies

Reply 4

As Predicted - Attacks Begin On David Icke

The Rense Fight Club...

Reply 1- 'Jeff Rense's Abuse Of Power & Trust'

Reply 2 - 'The Hidden Jeff Rense'


UN Agenda 21 Evil

Agenda 21 Depopulation Agenda For The NWO - Vid

Agenda 21 - The Plan For A Global Fascist Dictatorship

Agenda 21 - Your Life Is In Their Hands - Vid

Agenda 21 Takeover In Klamath Basin

Agenda 21 Has Rural America In The Crosshairs

Agenda 21 - The Steady-State Illusion



Baffling Mars Plumes Are Electric

Why Don't Comets Melt In The Sun?

The Impossible Dunes Of Comet 67P - Vid

Oops! No Water On Comet 67P?

Rosetta Mission Confirms The Death Of Journalism

Rosetta Mission Could Change Science Forever - Vid

NASA Acknowledging Electric Universe?

Big Bang Pronouncement Is Big Bluster

Planetary Nebulae Are Electrical

Debunking Misconceptions About The Electric Universe.


Mysterious John Lenard Walson

John Walson Is Back - Another Mystery Video, Bizarre - Vid

Walson Visits The Moon Through His Telescope - Vid

Walson Finds New Lunar Anomalies...Strange - Vid

Walson's Work Apparently Verified - Vid

MARS - The Mysterious

Encore - Obvious Valve Found By Curiosity On Mars - Vid

Leaked Mars Photos Loaded With Signs Of Life - Vid

Trees On Mars Coverup - Vid

Amazing Photos On Mars 2014 - Vid

Train Wheels, Axle On Mars - Vid

Tomb, Cross, Platform, Relics Found On Mars - Vid

Looks Like NASA Hid Entire Cities On Mars - Vid

Rense & Joseph Skipper - Proof Of LIfe On Mars

Mars' Greatest Mystery

LIFE On Mars - Forests, Lakes, Rivers In Stunning Photos - Pics

Jeff And David Oates FREE Listen Click Here

Fascinating Mars Structures, Cities, Plant Life?

Mars Structure Found - The Real Reason For The US Vendetta Against Gary McKinnon?

Obvious, Unquestionable Tracks On Mars - Object On Track? - Pics

MSNBC Picks Up The Mars Structure Video

Stunning Mars Anomalies 

Mars Life, Water, Vegetation, Anomalies

Farcical Prosecution Of The 'Accountant Of Auschwitz'

Proudly Supports...

Jews Against Zionism

The Ernst Zundel Data Archive

Click Here

World's Best

The Ten Most Influential People In The Alternative Media

The American Dream Is Dead (graphic language)

George Carlin On The Rothschilds - Vid

The Genius George Of Carlin - Vid

George Carlin On NASA Plans For Mars - Vid

George Carlin - Exposing The Matrix - Vid

George Carlin On Civil Liberties In America - Vid

George Carlin - It's Over - Vid

It's A Zionist World - Virtual And Real

How Jews Run The Internet - eBay, Google, FB, Wiki, Yahoo, MySpace...

The 'Six Million' Number Was Used After WWI

How The 'Holocaust' Was Faked - Read The Facts

Zion's Big Lie - The 'Six Million' Myth

The Elusive Six Million

Rare - John Lennon Describing His UFO Experience

Mysterious UFOs Recorded Over El Paso, Texas - Vid

Dubious Orange UFO Visits & Revisits Ohio House - Vid

UFO Mystery at Yuma Test Station

Cigar-Shaped UFO Near Tulsa - Vid

Aquadilla UFO '...We’ve Got Infrared...We’ve Got Radar'

UFO Landing At Cherry Creek Remains Mystery - Vid

UFOs Flying in Formation Over Clinton, NY

The Analysis Of FLIR UFO Vid

FLIMMER – The Flying Submarine

Nuclear Weapons-Related Information Declassified

ET? Deep Space Radio Waves Baffle Scientists

UFO Filmed Over Morelia, Mexico - Vid

ET Tried To Save US From Nuke War - Astronaut

MUFON, Sham Inquiry & Woods/Jacobs Scandal

Cryptids And The Paranormal Alliance

UFOs Have Monitored Nukes From The Beginning

UFOs Were Present At Dawn Of Nuclear Age

Roswell UFO Crash & Reporter Jason Kellahin

ET In Our Lifetimes Possible (already here)

Patent Granted For 'Space Elevator'

Ghostly Image Of Woman On Mars (smile)

Dark Side Of Moon Passing Over Earth

Epic View Of Moon Transiting The Earth - Vid


New Earth Health Solutions
Oxy C • Allicin C • Rife • Ozone Generator
Click HERE

Health Matters

Eugenicists Finally Got Sterilants Put In Drinking Water

Anthrax Lab’s History Of F-ing Around With Explosives

Harvesting Garlic For Natural Medicine

The 4 Main Benefits Of Bentonite Clay

Pot Legalization Hasn’t Led To Increased Teen Use

Teen Dies After 'Routine' Dental Procedure - Vid

Not Flossing Could Have Dire Consequences

Dangerous Food Recalls In Last Few Days

Big Pharma To Blame For Rise Of Deadly Superbugs

Canada Supreme Court - Medical Pot Legal In All Forms

Time To Ban Toxic Flavorings From Processed Foods

GM Moths Field Release Near NY Causes Outrage

World Still Unprepared For Global Pandemic

Enormous Scope Of US Drinking Problem

Fracking Wells Linked To Lower Birth Weights

Can Deep Sleep Fight Alzheimer’s?

Obese & Pregnant - Bad For Mother And Baby

Homeopathics Extremely Helpful For Cancer Patients

Veterans First To Try Cyber Physical Therapy

Cognitive Dissonance & Psycho-Pharmaceutical Ind

Arrhythmias, Heart Problems In A SHTF World

Biotech Co Developing Needle-Free Vaccines

Abbott’s GMO Free Similac Baby Formula

Toothpaste Loaded With Tiny Plastic Beads?

Why Lyme Disease Cases Are Spiking

Body Antenna For Long-Term Patient Monitoring’


Vegan Recipes

High Protein Foods For Vegetarians

Vegan Hummus

Raw Recipe - Avocado Tropical Salsa...Addictive! - Vid

Easy Vegan Quinoa Recipes

Dick Allgire - Cook Healthy Fast!

Great Veggie Pizza - Vid

Dick Allgire's Amazing Vegan HEALTHY Bread Pudding - Vid

Coconut Milk Bread Pudding - Vid

Pea Sprout Salad With Vinaigrette - Vid

Security Surrounds Us - Vid

Gee Whiz - Best Low-Fat Vegan 'Cheese' Spread - Vid

Don't Eat Store Salsa, Make Your Own! - Vid



More Data

9-11 Master Archive

Click Here

9-11 Ten Years Later

9-11 Nine Years Later


Morgellon's Data Center

Click Here


George Carlin

George Carlin - 'I Gave Up On My Species' - Vid

Click Here


At Home With Hitler

1938 Homes & Garden
Magazine Spread


Mars Anomalies

Remote Views Mars

The Man Who
Talks To Animals

Coral Castle

War of the Worlds

The Deadliest Medium Ever
How TV Ruined Your Life - Vid

Click Here

Nano-Chemical Poisoning
Of The World

Aerosol Crimes & Coverup


Depleted Uranium

Click Here

Depleted Uranium
Videos - Important

Bush's DU Nightmare



A US Soldier Remembers Eisenhower's Monstrous Genocide

Satanic Eisenhower's Starvation Order And Genocide

Click Here


Mad Cow Data

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Rense UFO Data

Click Here



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The Museum
of Hoaxes

'Baby Dragon'
In The Bottle

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