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Real Zionist News
Brother Nathanael Kapner


Is Netanyahu A Chickenshit?

Why Judaism Is Bankrupt - Vid

The Ebola Dictatorship - Vid

The Jewish Oligarchy Defined

A Platform For Monetary Reform - Vid

Why Jew Judges Push Perversion

Robots Grabbing Your Job - Vid


The Jew Behind Ukraine's Mass Graves

Yats The Yid Eats Snow

How Ginsburg Pushes Gay Marriage

The Jewish War On Holy Russia - Vid

Moral Rot Of Zionist Christians - Vid

Nuland's Jewish Hubbie Wants War

Is Michael Brown A National Hero?

How Jews Justify Gaza Genocide - Vid

BRICS...Breaking The Jewish Money Power - Vid


Why America Supports The Gaza Slaughter

Putin Coup In Jewmerica Back Yard

Gaza & Myth Of Israel Right To Exist

Obama Scam On Immigration - Vid

Has America Ceased To Exist? - Vid

Ukraine Ceasefire Means WW4

Jewish Scholar Refutes The Holocaust

Cantor's Out, Brat's In! - Vid


What If Jews Ran America? - Vid

Obama's Billion Dollar Cold War Begins - Vid

What Obama Should Have Told West Point

Eurosceptics Revolt! - Vid

Jewry's Puppet...Petro Poroshenko

Rand Paul Grovels For Jewish Vote

Stop Jews From Rebuilding Temple - Vid


America's Lies On Ukraine - Vid

What Obama Should Tell US About Ukraine

'Jews For Jesus' Hypes The Holocaust - Vid

Putin's Next Move In Ukraine

Kerry Cowers Before The Jews

Ziomerica's Pseudo Sanctions Against Russia

Jewmerica's Fiasco In Ukraine


Sucking Up To Sheldon Adelson - Vid

Ukraine About To Be Crushed (New Article!)

Holocaust Con Is On Again

Nationalist Solution To Money - Vid

The Jewish Occupation Of Germany

Is Putin A New Hitler?

Can The Jews Stop Putin? - Vid

How Ukraine Will Implode


Putin Scorns Kerry's Threats

The Religion Of Vladimir Putin

How To Become A Constitutional Expert On Money - Vid

Putin Kills Kerry's Plan For Ukraine

Putin Already Won In Ukraine

How The IMF Will Loot Ukraine

Do We Want A Jewish State? - Vid

Killing Democracy In Ukraine


Putin's Primacy In Ukraine

Jewry's Agents Of Depravity

Money For People NOT Jewish Bankers - Vid

National Money Or International Jew?

Bitcoin, Maxcoin & The Real Solution

The Jews Behind Michael Sam

National Monetary Reform Convention Now! - Vid



How Jews Control Ukraine's Opposition

Ukraine In Jewry's Crosshairs

Let’s Unite To End The Fed - Vid

Why Jews Push Homosexual Depravity

Obama's Failed State Of The Union Speech

Al-Sisi...Egypt's Strong Man Against Zionism

Klitschko...Merkel's Boxer Boy In Ukraine


Why Was Iran Nixed From Syria Talks?

Jew York Times Spins Syria Talks

Russia Turns Christian...America Turns Jewish

Will A New Napoleon Arise? - Vid

Ariel Sharon Speaks From The Grave

Jew-Bought Congress Kills Iran Deal

French Dissidents Defy Jewish Tyranny

Petrodollar Scam Breaking Down - Vid

Why Jews Must Be Purged From Power


The Fed's Pipeline To Israel - Vid

Secrets Of Putin's Success

The Mugging Of America - Vid

Repeal ObamaCare Impeach Obama - Vid


Racial Traits Of The Jews

4 Point Plan To Stop AIPAC - Vid

Jews Cry 'We're Endangered!'

Holocaust On Tour In Iran - Vid

What If You Don't Like Your Plan?

TPP & One World Government - Vid

6 Point Plan To Stop Jewish Rule

ObamaCare 'Code' Can't Be Fixed - Vid


Hagel Sucks Up To ADL Jews

Why ObamaCare Must Be Stopped - Vid

Enemies Of Mankind Exposed

America's New Social Classes -Vid

Te Jews Behind DHS Jeh Johnson

Here's Who REALLY Runs Things In America

A Racial Philosophy Of History

Jewish Lobby To Kill Iran Talks


Kerry's Asinine 'Munich Moment'

Jews Push America Into WW3

Syria...Another War For The Jews - Vid

Egypt's Revival Of Pan-Arabism

Gun Grabbers Make Home Visits - Vid

Dostoevsky Versus The Jews - Vid

Jewish Directed Iran Sanctions Backfire - Vid

Politically Incorrect Jewish News - 8.1.13 - Vid

Globalization & Jewish Nationalism - Vid

Politically Incorrect Jewish News 7/26 Vid


The Jews Who Rule America - Vid

Politically Incorrect Jewish News 7/18/13

ACLU's Homosexual Assault On State Rights

Politically Incorrect Jewish News/ NEW! - Vid

The Great Transformation - Vid

Politically Incorrect Jewish News - Vid

Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Agenda - Vid

America's Coming Nightmare - Vid


Feinstein's The Traitor NOT Snowden

Snowden...When Truth Becomes Treason

The Jews Who Own The Media - Vid

Obama's Jewish War On Syria - Vid

Edward Snowden When Truth Becomes Treason - Vid

Obama's NSA Spy Op Revealed! - Vid

A Religious Solution To A Jewish Problem - Vid

McCain Meets Terrorists In Syria - Vid

National ID Lurks In Immigration Bill - Vid

Fact Sheet: Jews Control America

The REAL IRS Scandal - Vid


Jewry's Push For Homosexual Unions

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Vid

The Coming Of The Anti-Christ - Vid

Why Jews Love Big Sis - Vid

Jewry's Push For WW3

Boston's Prelude To Martial Law - Vid

Boston Marathon...Liberty Graveyard - Vid


The Israel/Homeland Security Connection

Exposing Zionist Christians - Vid

The Jews Behind Homeland Security

Why Jews Push Gay Marriage - Vid

Messiah Came To Conquer Death - Vid


Bloomberg's PAC Buys Elections

Obama Puppet Goes To Israel - Vid

US Treasury Jews Target Web Money

Gun Control Fight Goes Viral! - Vid

Lieberman...Warmongering Jews Do Not Retire

The End Of Sovereign America - Vid

The Return Of The Idiot - Vid

John Kerry's Jew-Ridden State Department

Satan At The Wailing Wall - Vid

Civil War Coming To America


Can Jews Be Saved? - Vid

The Alien Climate Of The Jew

Dirty Tactics Of The Jewish Lobby - Vid

Jewish Lobby Crushes Chuck Hagel - Vid

Feinstein...The Enemy Of America

Why Jews Must Believe In Jesus - Vid


Jewry's Plan For Universal Background Checks

Military Coup In America? - Vid

Political Judaism As A World Threat

Trends To Watch In 2013 - Vid

Why The Jews Want Your Guns

What Really Happened At Sandy Hook? - Vid


Marine Tells Feinstein...'Shove Your Gun Bill!'

Jews Lead Gun Control Charge - Vid

How The Jews Mock Jesus - Vid

Creeping Steps Of 'Jewish' Gun Control - Vid

My Journey Into The Orthodox Church - Vid

Is Alan Hart Running Cover For AIPAC?

How The US Military Turned Evil

How The Jews Stole Christmas - Vid

The Globalization Of Hanukkah - Vid


Jews Behind 'Dysfunctional' US Foreign Policy

When Jews Rule The World - Vid

'Welcome To Jew York City!'

Goldman Jews Do The World

Israel Gives UN Vote The Finger - Vid

Hungary Begins Backlash vs Jews

Petraeus Under Jewry's Thumb - Vid

Israel...Butchers Of Gaza - Vid


Br Nathanael Detained, Mocked Threatened By Thug Cops

The Obama Hoax Finally Revealed - Vid

Putin's Pipeline To Syria

Today's International Jew  - Vid

Rabbis Against Zionism - Vid

Do Jews Use The 'Jew Word'?

Presidential Debates... No Jobs For Johnny - Vid 

Obama's Alleged Homosexual Past - Vid

Unmasking The Structures Of Jewish Thought


Who Owns The Media 2012?

Brother Nathanael Interviewed In Times Square! - Vid

The Naked Cowboy Wows The White Goyim

Judaism & The Religion Of The Anti-Christ - Vid

The Jewish Cartel Not QE3

Anti-Amerikan Protests Exposed - Vid

Israel's Global Infrastructure

Bad News For WikiLeaks - Vid

Symbols Of Rachel Corrie's Murder - Vid


RNC...Cold Hands On Amerika's Corpse

Strange...Military Brass Vs Jewish Agenda

Homeland Security's Deadly Ammo Plan - Vid

Are Jews The Chosen People? - Vid

'Pussy Riot's' Global Showdown - Vid

The Onslaught Of Jewish Organizations


Banksters & The End Of Cash - Vid

Jewry's 'Total' Control Of Amerika

Will Israel Be The Next World Power? - Vid

Putin Foils The Jews In Syria - Vid

Obama's Second Term...'Good For The Jews'

Obama & UN Coming For Your Guns!

The Jewish War On Free Speech


Secrets Of The Synagogue - Vid

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos

Obama’s Executive Orders…Cui Bono?

The Stupid American 'Goy'

America's Doomed Economy - Vid

ObamaCare...Chief Justice Roberts Is A Traitor

How I Spent My 4th Of July

Has Judgement On Amerika Begun?

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos

Three Faces Of The Anti-Christ - Vid

Kagan's ObamaCare Vote & US Jewry 



The Futility Of American Elections

Who Will Lead After Ron Paul? - Vid

MSM - Corporate-Owned Or Jewish-Owned?

A Barbecue For Ron Paul Supporters?...(It's Over)

Did Rand Paul Sell Out To The Jews?

Woody Allen's Vast Jewish Wasteland - Vid

Congress Grovels Before A 'Jewish' State

The Jews Behind US Spy Drones - Vid


The Jews Behind US Spy Drones - Vid

Modern Man In A Jewish Age - Vid

The End Of White America - Vid

The Jews Behind Newsweek Gay Obama Cover

Obama's Alleged Same-Sex Past - Vid


When We're Forced To Buy Bonds

Who's Your Favorite Anti-Semite? - Vid

Who Said 'The Jews Are Our Misfortune?

CISPA - Internet Spy Bill Exposed - Vid

The Jewish Siege Of Europe 

NSA's Jewish Spy Masters - Vid

Messiah Came To Conquer Death - Vid

Kissinger And The Jews - Vid

SWIFT...Jewry's Weapon Of Mass Destruction - Vid

Depleted Uranium - 'Dirty Bomb' - Now In America


Depleted Uranium - 'Dirty Bomb' - Now In America

The Jewish Takeover Of Canada

How Putin Will Change The World - Vid

Why Is The World Enslaved To A Jewish State?

The Mystery Of Monastic Silence - Vid

Jewish Imperialsim & The US Military - Vid

The End Of The Jewish Age

Is Hillary Clinton A Zionist Shill? - Vid

Jewry's Push For War On Iran - Vid


The New Jewish Class Wars - Vid

Jewry's Lock On America's Security

Obama's Unshakable Bondage To Bibi - Vid

Has Jewry Infiltrated The Local Police? - Vid

American Jewry IS A Global Regime

The Jewish War On Vladimir Putin - Vid

Jewish Money Tabs Romney & Obama

Who's Behind Military Detention Act? - Vid

Jewry's Push To Stop Ron Paul - Vid

Do Jews Rule America?

Gingrich Grovels For The Jewish Vote - Vid

How The Jews Stole Christmas - Vid

The Menace Of The Jewish-Run State

Beauty Will Save The World - Vid

Putin Defies Jewry's Schemes In Syria 

There Will Be NO Revolution In USA


Open Letter To Paul Craig Roberts 

Prepare For A Jewish Police State

How The Jews Stole Christmas - Vid

The Menace Of The Jewish-Run State 

Beauty Will Save The World - Vid

Putin Defies Jewry's Schemes In Syria 

There Will Be NO Revolution In USA

Open Letter To Paul Craig Roberts 

Will The Jews Let Ron Paul Win? - Vid


New US Dollar Means Economic Collapse 

Wall St Boyz Occupy MF Global...Celente, Too! - Vid

Prepare For Martial Law - Vid

What Really Didn't Happen At Dachau? 

Attack On Iran Means WWIII - Vid

The Illustrated Protocols Of Zion - Vid 

Jewry's Widening Wealth Divide 

While The Euro & Dollar Die - Vid

The Holocaust As Convenient UnHistory

The Meaning Of Icons - Vid

The Zionist Murder Of Muammar Gaddafi


Is Elie Wiesel A Fraud? - Vid

The 'Holocaust Denial' Debate - Vid

Putin Foils The Jews Again

Can White America Survive? - Vid


Dangers Of A 'Jewish' State - Vid

Jewish Eugenics & The Master Race

Zionist Visions Of 1984 - Vid

Jewish Hollywood's Fatal Embrace - Vid

The New Jewish Hostile Elite 


America's Coming Nightmare - Vid

A Look At Europe's New Right 

The Jews Behind NATO's Rape Of Libya - Vid

How The Jews Mock Jesus Christ - Vid

Christian Roots Of White Nations - Vid 

The American Dream Is Over - Vid

The Jews Who Run Capitol Hill - Vid

Did Israel's Mossad Do 9/11? - Vid

Difference Between Putin & Obama - Vid

Goldman Sachs Betrayal Of America - Vid

Jewish Supremacy, Zionism & The Patriot Movement

The Jews Who Murdered Tsar Nicholas II - Vid

My Life As An Orthodox Monk - Vid

A Brave New Zionist World - Vid

The Great American Disconnect - Vid


Tracing America's Enslavement To Jewish Bankers 

Growing Up Jewish - Vid

The Strange Case Of Dominique Strauss-Kahn - Vid

Zionist 'Thugs' Behind US Police State - Vid

Open Letter To Paul Craig Roberts On 'Revolution'

The Incredible Mt. Athos Prophecies - Vid

AIPAC's Prelude To Treason 2011 - Vid

The ADL's War On White America - Vid 

Trump Has Been Silenced

Presidential Picks For 2012 - Vid

Why Obama's 'Birth Certificate' Is A Fraud - Vid


Senator Schumer Wants Your Guns! - Vid

Trump For President 2012?

Goldstone's Betrayal Sparks Political Cartoon Backlash! - Vid
Lots More Pics!...Longer Focus Time!

Why Did Fox Terminate Glenn Beck? - Vid

The 'Obama Doctrine' Debunked - Vid

Why Did Goldstone Betray The Truth? - Vid

The REAL Tribe Seeking Libyan Regime Change - Vid

Big Brother At The Airport - Vid


The Battle For Oil In Libya - Vid

The Jewish Talmud Exposed - Vid

The Myth Of The Chosen People - Vid

Zionist 'Odyssey Dawning' For Africa - Vid


Tel Aviv's Command To Attack Libya - Vid

Japan, Quakes & The Jewish Question - Vid

Jewish Lobby 'Strong-Arms' Obama...Again

Hi Ho Silver! Goodbye Dollar! - Vid

3 Steps To The Anti-Christ - Vid

China's Attack On The Dollar

The Zionist Plan For Libya - Vid

America's Multicultural Nightmare - V id

Obama's Zionist Masters - Vid 

Silver And The Coming Food Riots - Vid

Obama's Paid Protesters Invade Wisconsin -Vid

Want A Job At Goldman Sachs? - Vid


Symbols Of ObamaNation - Vid

The New 'Anti Semites' Of Our Times 

The Oligarchs Of Globalization - Vid

Confessions Of A Former Jew - Vid

Why Israel Fears The Egyptian Crisis

Big Brother Gov Wants Your Gold - Vid

The Jewish Spirit Of Our Times - Vid

Weimar Meets America - A Study In National Collapse 

Obama's 'Failed' State Of The Union - Vid

Obama Tabs Anti-US Business GE Factory-Closer -Vid

Kissing Zionist College Goodbye - Vid

Did Jews Kill General Patton? 

Gold, The Dollar, & The Debt - Vid


US States Going Belly Up - Vid

Mandate For America 2011 - Vid

Confessions Of A Jewish Banker - Vid 

Mandate For America 2011 - Ending Judaic Rule

Monsanto's Zionist Bedfellows - Vid

Greek Bishops Defy World Jewry - Vid

The Boys Behind Gold & Silver - Vid

Could The Military Save The Dollar? - Vid

The Call For A Military Coup 

Seats Of Jewish Power - Vid

Zionists Behind FEMA Camps - Vid

Food Crisis Coming To America - Vid 

Jewish Power Money In Forbes Top 400 - Vid

Food Bill's Mark Of The Beast - Vid

Putin's Push For A Greater Europe

TSA's Zionist Food Chain - Vid

The New Jewish Hit Parade - Vid


Are Jews Guilty Of Dual Loyalty?

Chertoff's TSA Death Scanners - Vid

Spy Deal For Israeli Freeze - Vid

Hitler's Early Views On The Jews - A Critique

TSA's Zionist Food Chain - Vid

The New Jewish Hit Parade - Vid

The Jews Who Run Wall Street

Bernanke's Funny Money Scam - Vid

Will A Military Coup Save America?

Mandate For The Tea Party - Vid

Israel's Loyalty Oath Exposed - Vid

Original Sins Against The Palestinian People

Senator Lieberman's War Crimes - Vid

Zionist War On The Middle Class - Vid

The Judaic Destruction Of Western Culture

Israel's Master Plan - Vid

Obama Boys Bail Out - Vid

Could A New Hitler Arise?

It's 'Jews For Sarah' Time! - Vid 

Zionists Infiltrate The Tea Party - Vid

Ahmadinejad - Guts To Tell The Truth 

What's Behind The Kosher Scam? - Vid 

Jews Arming In US Militias - Trained By The IDF


Jewish Supremacism & The Death Of American Labor

Conquest Through Immigration - Vid

Israel's Stacked Deck  - Vid

International Bankers Vs Nation-States

White Anger Or White Stupor? - Vid

9/11's Unanswered Question - Vid

Beck Betrays 'White Consciousness ' - Interview With Kevin MacDonald PhD

The Real Issue Of Jewish Genes - Vid

Democracy And The Jewish Vote - Vid

How The Jews Took The White House

Why I Left Judaism - Vid

Obama's March To Martial Law

Who Owns The Federal Reserve? - Pt 1 - Vid

Who Owns The Federal Reserve? - Pt 2 - Vid

Who Owns The Federal Reserve? - Pt 3 - Vid

How The Jewish Lobby Works - Vid


International Jewry's Iran War Cry - Vid

Woodrow Wilson - Pawn Of The Zionist Jews

Who Owns The US Media? - Vid

The Jews Who Wrote The Protocols Of Zion

Curse Of Synagogue & State - Vid

Jewry's 'Moral' Crusade Against White Americans

Rense And Real Zionist News - Vid

Breaking Zionist Power - Vid

Obama & Summers Blow Lies About Economy

Prelude To The Protocols

A New Vision For America - Vid

How Lieberman Stole Our Freedoms

The Jewish Question Now A Political Agenda

Netanyahu Leaves Smiling

The Jews Who Run Congress


Israeli Bloodshed Under Cover - A Book Review

Jewish Grins & Grimaces From Elena Kagan

The New Merchants Of Death - McChrystal & Petraeus

The Coming Jewish Lock-Down Of The Internet

McChrystal Bashes Obama & His Zionist Shills

A Letter From A Recovering Jew

The Real Enemy Mr. Lieberman? Muslims Or Jews? 

Israel, Jews & The Sickness We Face - Interview With Kevin MacDonald PhD

Welcome To Obama's Jewish America

Jewish Censorship For A Brave New World

The Protocols For Goys - Yesterday AND Today

Why Are Abortionists, Jews, & Leftists Pushing Kagan?

Will The Jewish Ban On Franklin Graham Backfire? 

Obama's Finance Reform - Jewish Bankers Win Again

The Difference Between Putin And Obama 

Hitler's Most Trenchant Speech - Biographer John Toland


Kevin MacDonald On Jews Backing Kagan For SCOTUS

Who REALLY Owns The Media In 2010?

AIPAC'S Wicked Deeds On Capitol Hill

Shulman's IRS Tax Police To Enforce Health Care

Stupak's Health Care Vote Aborts The Pro-Life Movement

The Jews Behind Obama's Health Care Scheme 

The ADL's Attempt To Sodomize America

Netanyahu Warns Biden With 'Broken Glass'

Zionist Schumer's National ID Card

US Military Trains To Clear 'Civilian' Homes (Kill All Inside)

Brzezinski's Lament - 'Jewish Lobby Controls Obama' 

The US 'Recovery' And Bernanke's Jewish Lies


Putin & The Jewish War On Iran

Jews, Generals And The US War Machine

Jewish Control Of The Catholic Mind

Edgar Degas - An 'Anti Semite' For Our Times


Detroit Air Attack - Zionist Lies & Future Plans

Why Jews Support Black Causes - Kevin MacDonald PhD

Will The Hanukkah Menorah Toppling Start A Trend?

'Religious' Zionism As A New Political Force

Zionist Jewry's Creation Of 'White Guilt'

Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones?

Jewry's War On White America

Zionists Behind The Rise Of The US Surveillance State

Pelosi And Her Zionist Jew Enablers

How The Jews Took The White House

Obama Swine Flu Emergency - Prelude To Martial Law?

Obama's Homosexual Agenda & The Jews Behind It

Zionist Jewish Mind Control - A Case Study


Lisbon Treaty Gives Jews Greater Power

G-20 Pittsburgh - New Weapons For A US Police State

FEMA Camps & The Coming Gun Confiscation Laws

Obama Losing To China & Russia In Afghanistan

Obama's BIG Health Care LIES

The Tie Between US Militarism & Zionist Jews

Obama's Mind-Control Speech To America's Students

Putin Triumphing Over Zionist-Controlled West

Jewish Money-Lender Bernanke Should Be Fired

'Blood Libel' In Israeli Arab Organ Sales

AF-PAK War And The Battle For Oil

Why Obama's Health Care Plan Can Kill You


Afghanistan - Obama's 'Zionist' War

Jewish-Bought Congressmen Visit Israel

The Plot To Destroy The US Dollar

Bernanke - The Rothschild Puppet

How US Rabbis & Israel Traffic In Human Organs

The Jews Behind Michael Jackson's Life And Death

Analysis - Putin Rebukes Zionist America And Obama

Historian - 'Did Hitler Have Reason To Hate The Jews?'

The Obama/Soros Plan To Destroy America

Beware Of The ADL's Cyberbullying Law

Obama's Illegal Czar Power Grab Must Be Stopped

Obama's Illegal Czar Power Grab Must Be Stopped

Obama 'Czars' - A Zionist Shadow Government


Understanding The 'Psychology' Of Zionist Jews

Schwarz - Boycott Israel

Europe's Right Wing 'Final Solution' Frightens Jews

Is Obama America's Great 'Black'/'Black' Hope?

German Jews Demand 'No Mercy' For Demjanjuk

Putin Stops Gay Parade In Moscow

Israel - Death Of The 'Jewish' State?

Obeying The Zionist Line

How 'US Hate Laws' Will Change Our Lives

Zionist Leaders - Modern Portraits Of Evil

A Closer Look At Ahmadinejad's UN Speech

G-20 And Jewish Bankers Installing NWO

Neo-Nazi Rise In Germany Frightens Jews


Zionists Out To Hang Oliphant For Cartoon

Obama's 'Jewish Inspired' Stimulus Will Not Work

Dostoevsky And The Jewish Bankers

Is Madoff A Symbol Of Jewish Greed?

American Jewry & The Economic Crisis

Jewry's Victory Over America

Madoff & The Return Of Shylock

ADL Calls Madoff Critics 'Anti Semites'

Greek Riots & The Rothschild Bankers

Bush - A Legacy Of Perpetual War

ADL'S Jewish War On Christmas


America's Coming Civil Anguish

Why Obama Will Fail In Afghanistan

The Slow Death Of Zionist America

How Zionist Jews Control America 

The Mossad's Infiltration Of America

How Obama Will Ruin America

Obama Tabs General Jones For War Cabinet

Putin Invades America's Back Yard

The Mossad Strikes In Mumbai 

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