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Aiding & Abetting

Mah Fallow Amarrikhans!

Full Spectrum Dominance

The Predator's Ball

The Zombie Apocalypse

Blowback & The Doomsday Book

Facts Not In Evidence

Global Dispossession

Darkly Through The Hourglass...12 Yrs On

And We Call This Progress?


Global Predators & Outlaws


And We Call This Progress?


Global Predators & Outlaws

America’s Ugly Problem

The Origins Of Global Terrorism

WWIII Is Five Years Old

Illuminating The Darkness

Decades Of Deception

The Thought Police


Trumpeting For The Empire

Where Do We Go From Here?

The New Tower Of Babel

Blood Moon Rising

Silence Is Deafening

The Future Of The Children Of Men

Thoughtforms Of Reality


USI Strikes Again

Global-Political Pole Reversal

Regime Change In America

Who Pulls Your Strings?

Celebrating Treason

Reality Speaks

Answering For Past Lies

The Axis Of Evil

Us Or Them?


Revisited: Rage & Outrage Are Waiting
the Article and the Video
Originally published November 11, 2011

Shutting Down The Circus

Tracking Ancient Hidden Knowledge

Worlds That Never Were

Mastering The Human Domain

TRUMP...Amerika’s Caesar For The 21st Century

Heresy & The Human Race

A.I. - State Created Replacements For ‘Us’


The Road Not Taken

The Dark Rooms Of The Mind

Amerkia's Lawlessness

There Have Always Been Choices

Surrogate Government Imposters

The Ugly Amerika

The Hidden Secrets

Israel Continues To Defy The World

Think…Then Act


The Path Of Destruction

A Russian Humanitarian Airlift

The Underbelly Of The Beast

Infallible Debt – Not A Divine Right

The Human Element

Obama Surrenders To Netanyahu’s Criminal Fantasies

Name One Country That's Profited From US Invasion

Power Money And Super Ego

Yesterday's Gone

Ten Facts About Same Sex Marriage


Vulture Capitalism

Between The Lines

The New Atlantis That Died

Suspended Animation











Where's The Outrage?

Will The Sun Rise

Apathy Rules Again

Playing With Fire

The Countdown Begins

Forgetting Memory

Where's The Air Force?

Silence Hides The Lies

'Objects Of Surveillance'

The Invisible Public


Vigilante Government

The Sixth Crusade

Stormclouds Are Here

What's Wrong With The World

Knowledge Is Power

Global Curtain Call For Hellstorm

Nature's Shaping The Rebellions

The Naked Truth

Nature Strikes Back

Displaced People

The Global Murder Of Libya

Gordon Duff - Promises vs. Reality


Americas Khazarian Traitors

Amerikan Exceptionalism

Regime Change Is Global Genocide

Israel Demands Global Acceptance

Military Blackmail And The Sanctions

Let's Prove It

Using Shadows To End The DEBT

A Thought Form

BEFORE The Khazarian Conspiracy

The Supremacy - Where Everything Comes Together

The Deal Is Officially No Deal - Plan ‘B’ Armageddon


America To Invade Herself

It’s Trust & Betrayal At The Core

Treason From The ‘US’ House Of Representatives

Privatized Propaganda Is Failing

Martial Law Seeks Greater ‘Permission’

Congress Openly Attacks America

Amerika’s Terminal Inferiority

Challenging The Master Domain…

Hatreds Still Cling To Obsolete Symbols

The Insanity Of General Breedhate

Global Occupation By USI

Dominance In The Night Sky

Running Out Of Targets?


Nightwatch...Caravan In The Computer Age

Rebalancing Reality

Going Back To The Future

The Balance Of Power Is Changing

The Burning Flag Of All Nations

Treason Continues

Mocking The Truth

Hillary & Diane Should Be Cellmates

The Air Farce Commander

What The Hell Are We Waiting For?

US Declares War

Exposing The Ugly Truths

The Inescapable Past


Privatized Murder In San Francisco

Copyrighting Human Lives

Still Waiting...

Rethinking Illuminations

Unspoken Truths

Inverting Reality Worldwide

World War Incorporated

Embracing The Masks

The Turning Point

The Troika & Tar Baby

Making War On Reality

TTP’s Full Spectrum Dominance

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind


The Five Year Plan Is Dead

Getting Down And Dirty

Deconstructing History


Ninety-Nine To One

The New World Order Revealed

The Chessboard Has Imploded

Obama Indicted Himself

The Shadow Empire

Separating Us From Ourselves

Transnational Death Squads

Charlie’s Hypocrisy & Global Extermination Inc

Who Is Charlie?


The Unseen Sun...Is About To Rise

The Death Of Life In The United States

Children Of The Empty Promise

Real Risks Are Overrated

Everything Is Coming True

Shakespeare Got it Right

One Million To One


The Kool Aid

From Bubbles To Immolation

Odyssey - Part 3

The Odyssey - Part 2

The Global Odyssey Is Ending

Command HQ For The War On The World

The Just Us Systems

Breathing The Rarified Air


Surrendering To Press Releases

Listen Up!

Sixty-One Years & Counting

When Everything Old Is New Again

Triumph Of Double Speak

Questions Americans Never Ask

The Dogs Of War

When Powers Lie, Nations & Regions Are Obliterated

Risks & Global Responsibility

Miscommunication & Lies

Justice Is Dead

The US Department Of War

The Future In Reverse

Pirates Of The New Millennium

Bursting Global Bubbles

The Universal Clock

Trying To Stop Time


America's Caligula

America's Caligula Continued

'Silencing Truth With Defamation'

Disconnected From Reality

Nine Days Of Nothing

October's Closing Thoughts

'Living in the Echoes’

Back To World War One

War Without End – Part II

War Without End

Pandemic Panic?


Violence Begets Violence

Which Borders Still Exist?

Rumors Are Killing The Truth

The Exeptional Nation

Obamanation’s Illegal Czars

Nothing Is What It Seems

24 Hours Of Joy

The Global Threat Is USI

The 101 Year War

Global Governments Worldwide Have Failed

Crusaders Then & Now

Unleashing The Rabid Dogs Of War

Wagging The Dog Worldwide

The Elegant Theory Of Everything?

Chaos Conspiracies


MUNI Riders In San Francisco Being Arrested

The Incredible Charade

Witness For The Prosecution

Identity Protection Is Criminal

The Age Of Hypocrisy

The World Beneath The Lies

The Answer To Everything

Playing With Fire

Nero's New Millennium

The Useless Secret Service

Breaking Taboos

Rebirth Of Responsible Freedom

Visibility In The Global Aftermath

The War On Terra

The Coalition Of The Guilty

The Global Oligarchy

Stopping The Clocks On Empire

Longshanks Still Lives!

Tearing The World Apart


Congress & Their License To Kill

Cut To The Chase!

Regime Change In America!

All Things Considered?

No Borders, No Laws

Now Clearly Behind The Curve!

The Ruins Of Lawless Wars


Silencing The Internet

Infamy Ignored

Going Back To The Future

NATO In Context

Deconstructing NATO

Divide & Conquer Is Complete!


Living In Infamy!

NATO's Rapid Response Force To Counter Putin

Kafkaesque NATO & Rasmussen

Playing At Global War

Separatists Smash Kiev's Morale

Western Projections Have Failed Across The World

Secrets And Lies!

Deconstructing The Spin

Holding The World Hostage


Hints Of Change?

The Death Of War

Flipping The Script!

Actually, There's Much, Much More

Is This All There Is!

Racism & Hypocrisy Rule

And Obama Just Plays Golf

Stuck In A 2,000 Year Quagmire

When Laws Were Few

Boycott, Boycott, BOYCOTT Israel

Putin Must Say NO – Again!


Courts Are Dead In The USA

Eight Days In August

Apartheid In America!

Dispelling The Myths

Isreal Must Cease To Exist

There Is No Honor In This

The License To Kill


Kiev Joins Israel In Declaring War On World

Stop Listening!


The Depth Of Corruption Worldwide

Consequences Cannot Be Denied!

The Future Is D.O.A.

'Belonging' Revisited!

Nuremberg Charges Against Israel?

Global Genocide

Genocide In Ukraine

What Has Israel Done!

28 Days Of Infamy In Gaza

Anything Goes!

Murder Is Now Legal


Blatant Slaughter

Israel’s Continuing Wars

Europe Has Three Masters

The Trial Of Israel?

Calculating The Impossible

The Final Chapter For Israel

The Day The U.S. Died!

Barbarity Becomes Universal

Canceling, Israel’s ‘Right To Exist’

What Has Israel Ever Done For Humanity?

Nothing Lasts Forever!


Propaganda Unlimited!

Phase Two - Obliterating Gaza!

Aiding & Abetting Intensified

Netanyahu - Self-Appointed Master Of The Universe

Israelis Still Holding The World Hostage

La Raza - Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Blood In Oil & Gas


330 Million More II

330 Million More Have Been Targeted

By Any Means Necessary?

USrael Refusing All Responsibility

The Crusades 'R' Back!

Putting It In Perspective

The UN's Attempted Genocides


Ending The Sexual Quagmire

Israel’s Continuing Genocide

Corporate Genocide

Aiding & Abetting!

Calling Them By Name!

How We Came To Be Where We Are Today

The Wake Of The United States

The World On Fire I

The World On Fire II


Silence On The Missing Nuclear Weapons From US Arsenals

Netanyahu - The Global Conductor of Genocide

Turning Back The Clock Of History

Lord Of The Flies Goes Global

M.A.D. - 'Mutual Assured Destruction'

Civilization Is Burning!

As Abroad, So At Home

USI - Feeding On The Dead & Dying

Sarajevo Returns To Europe

Three Puppets Not Leaders

USI Ends World Peace

Four Wars One Enemy!


Check or Checkmate?

EU Forced To Beg For GAS!

Treason Extortion & Insanity

Monument National Park

Obama Surrenders


ISIS On Friday The 13th

Journey Part Two


Catching Fire!

Show Us The Proof!

The Return of the Plague

Killing The Messengers

Time for Some Hardball

The Road Not Taken!

Living The Impossible Lies

The Crucible Of Kiev

The Price Of Closure


Art In America

Unintended Consequences

Missing In Action?

Democracy For The Dead

Metastasizing The Lies Of War

It’s The Little People!


And The Rains Begin

Land Grab Wars Continue

H2O Returns to Earth

The Last Human Generation

The Plantation State

Living Behind The CNN Curtain

Warcrimes In Slavyansk

Personalizing War


Obamanation’s Private Army

Full Spectrum Dominance

Losers Never Win!

Regime Change Now!

Victims Of The Past

The War Of Lies

If The Unchosen Speak

The American Referendum


Asymmetrical War In The US

The Scorched Earth

Nullify U.S. Incorporated


Sending In The Troops

IMF - Global Murderers Of The World

Corporations - The Gods Of Global War

Ending The Odyssey

Insurgents 'R' Us

Stigmatizing Putin

Mythology & The Chessboard

Pawnbrokers Inc.

End The Treason Now

Chessboards & Lies

Slave Owners ... When Everyone Old Is New Again

Ending The Odyssey


Insurgents 'R' Us

Stigmatizing Putin

Mythology & The Chessboard

Pawnbrokers Inc.

End The Treason Now

Chessboards & Lies

Slave Owners ... When Everyone Old Is New Again

Only The Lies Are True

What's Going On?

The Stazi In America!

PREDATORS - 'The World Incorporated'

Just Imagine!


The Nightmare Deepens For The Government

Theater Of The Absurd

Nevada No Victory-Yet!

Careful Thoughts & Serious Actions

Striking Back!


The 5th Wheel

Yesterday's Promises?

Nevada Is Ukraine In The USSA


The Twilight Zone

Corporate Plundering Of The Natural World

Once Upon An Oath?


What's Next?

Believe In Being 'ODD'


Having It Both Ways!

Obama's Kill List


Americans In The Crosshairs


Death & The Paper Tiger



Seize This Moment!

The Cataclysmic Threat To Reality

We Can't Go Back

Wheels Within Wheels

Today & Yesterday's Tomorrow

The Ugly Truth

The Club Of Rome

The Dustbowl & The State

Stealth Warfare In Urban America

Surrendering All Rights

Where’s The Reality?

That's It! God's On Vacation & Obama Stepped In

Crimea Leads the Way

USSA To The World -' Do As We Say, Not As We Do'

The University Of The Streets

Facts Not In Evidence

Secrets Are The Enemy


We Lost 'The President'


Will We Never Change?

End Of The Line

U.S.S.A. Hypocrisy Incorporated

What Has Israel Done For Anyone Else

The Crucible


Mysteries & Illusions

What Happens In Darkness Comes To Light

The Shadows 'R' Burning

Gaza In Syria

Entitlement For Some

Individuality... In Shoes Of Blood

Questions... That Just Keep On Comin'

California Goes Communist

No More Mincing Words

DHS Is IDF In Drag

The Invisible IDF

The Unholy Commandments

Class Warfare Redefined


Tortured History & Televized Lies!

Subliminal Subtext Languages

Military Insanity

Killing The Future

The First War Gods

Question Everything!

Facts Not In Evidence

Darkness Illuminated

San Francisco Underwater!

California’s Water War

Silence & Torment

Fire On The Wind

Upside Down & Backwards

Traitor Dome?

'Bonfire Of The Vanities'


The Flim-Flam Man

Interlocking Lies


Cui Bono?

Obama's Lawless State

Redirecting This Fire


Stop Everything Now!

Are All Victims Equal?

Playing With Eternal Fire

Projections vs. Reality

Secrets & Lies

Changing Homeland Security

Justice & The Law

'Solutions' Are Not The Problem

D-Day 2014

Let's Talk... Constellation Nova

'The Book Thief'

The Future


Serving Emperor Netanyahu?

The Darkest Secrets of The Shadow Goverment

'Modern Art' - Still A CIA Weapon

Your Mind & Your Space?

Spikes Of The Trident

The Oldest Infants

The Failed State Of Israel

Let's Change Everything!

'Law' No Longer Exists

Where Are The Indictments

Castles Of The Heart

Unmasking The Reality

2014 - Can We Stop The Hand Of Time?

What Happened?

The House Of Just-US

Anatomy Of The House


There's No Real Blood In This Scenario


Secrets Or Lies?

Galloway 1

Galloway 2

Israel - Global-Dog’s of Global War Incorporated

The War Within Wars

Mechanisms Of Conquest

We've Been Captured!

It's All Good!

A Moment Of Your Time?

Seven Days In September

When Is Enough - Enough!

Once Upon A Time...


The Unspoken War

Eleven Years Too Late!

The Trial of Global Hypocrisy

A Proportional Response To Zero-Tolerance!


Israel's Unending War Has Failed

The World Of 2013 Is Obsolete!

America! And Our Forgotten Dead

The Dirt Beneath The Badges

Forcefully Drawing Your Blood

Death Of The Media

Amerika's Trojan Horse

Live As Americans...Or Die As Defenseless Victims

Justice In America?

On Being Dead Last!

'Made In The USA' - Not Anymore!

Imagination & Limitations


Rise & Fall

Questions & Answers

Spitting On History

The Citadel Of Broken Dreams

Freedom Becomes Slavery

For Your Eyes Only!

Murder One! Theft of America's Copyrights

It Comes Down To This

Defiance & Submission

Forgotten Victories

Ending Nation States

Implied Finality!

Three Worlds

Unseen Forces Infiltrate The Chessboard


The Days Of Rage

To Speak & Listen

Deepwater Horizon’s Legacy

'Business' Is The Real Enemy

Thought & Action

Honor & Fear

Trial & Error - The Hunt For The Golden-Goose!

‘Democide’ In The Disunited States & Beyond

Be Angry At The Sun

There Are No Secrets


Not Everything’s For SALE!

Blackmail - No Substitute For Diplomacy

The Criminal Afterglow Of 911

Feeding Global Treason!


Unknown Known’s

Escape From Bondage?

The Known Unknowns

Still Asking The Wrong Questions?

Crime & Crime Again

"The Promise"

Distorting Israel's Wars On The World

Follywood - Manufacturing The Lies


WANTED Dead Not Alive!

Has Anyone Noticed?

America's Forgotten Victims

Changes Under Tyranny

'The Pathway To Hell' For All Americans

The Unafforable Deathcare Act

"The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers"

Obama: “I Won, Deal With It!”

Congressinal Super Dictatorship!

Down To The Wire, Here We Go!

The Third Rail Awaits

The Country Without A People


Anatomy Of This Murder

Freedom’s Torch is Threatened

The Matrix Explodes!

Welcome To The 4th World

The Truth Beneath The Lies We Tell Ourselves Today

Ending The Motherload!

$9,000,000,000,000 Is Missing!

Just Plain Folks

Failure Is Success!


Withdraw All Trust!

Make No Mistake! Decoding Nero's Lies

Revenge Of The Robber Barons

Get Real America

Demystifying Recent History

We've Already Won!

Shut-up, Netanyahu!

Revenge Of The Robber Barons

Get Real America

Demystifying Recent History

We've Already Won!


Shut-up, Netanyahu!

The Crucifixion Czar

Part III, The Star Of Evil

Unexplored Shifts

Oxymoronic Feinstein

Americans Syrians & Iranians

High Treason!

Part II, The Star Of Evil

The National I.D. Card, Its Here!


Failing to Follow-Up At The UN

Netanyahu & Nero's Rule


A Global Solution?

The Price Of Treason Is Rising

The Lords Of The Flies Takes Over

Feinstein Strikes Again!

OurLargest Invisible Nightmare


Keys To The Empire

Showing Your I.D.

America's Laws Created & Enforced By Zionists

Unmasking America's Nightmares


Unexplored Shifts

Oxymoronic Feinstein

Americans Syrians & Iranians

High Treason!

Part II, The Star Of Evil

The National I.D. Card, Its Here!

Failing to Follow-Up At The UN

Netanyahu & Nero's Rule

A Global Solution?

The Price Of Treason Is Rising

The Lords Of The Flies Takes Over

Feinstein Strikes Again!

OurLargest Invisible Nightmare


Keys To The Empire

Showing Your I.D.

America's Laws Created & Enforced By Zionists


Unmasking America's Nightmares

Unmasking America's Nightmares

When Zombies Feed Upon Eachother

Who Speaks For America

Kerry Calling For A Ceasefire?

7 Decades Is Too Long!

Living On Borrowed Time

When Lies Are The Truth

"Mad As Hell?"


‘No Boots On the Ground’

From Vigilance to Valor

Sleeping With Treason

The Betrayal Of America

Demystify The Syrian Vote!

Sending The Message

Obama's Messengers To The World

"Peace & Security" For Who?



The Mammoth In The Dark

The Gangster State

Death Of The Green Zone

Casualties At Falcon Base

Seven Years Of Silence

War Crimes & Americans

Wagging The Dogs

CARPETBAGGERS! IMPEACH Feinstein, Waxman & Company


The Middle-East Re-Run Of the Vietnam War

Warmongering Dreamslayers & Their Timeline

Speak & Listen, The First Threshold

Darkness & Illumination

Cowards! Can Never Be Free

America’s Free-Fire Zone

Looking For Lies

Stop Armageddon!


Anonymous...The Excuse For Treachery & Treason

PsyOp Attack On The Whole Planet

Listen Up!

Everybody Knows The Whole Ugly Thing!

9/11 Has Been Solved...Guilty!

Life Liberty & The Pursuit Of Everything - Hunger Games Pt 3

The End of Everything - Hunger Games Pt 2


Kirwan's Hunger Games - Pt 1

California Dream'n

Fame & Misfortune

Breaking The Mold

Downtown Willie Brown

The Heart Of Darkness

Judge, Jury & Executioners

The Dark-Side Trifecta

Surrender Is Not An Option

To The Self-Anointed Among Us


Standing In The Ruins

America On Summer-Vacation 2013

There Is A Higher Court

Espionage...And the Creatures Who Do It Daily

No Longer Supreme!

The Invisible Death

We’ll Kill The Dollar

Consequences Are Just Beginning

Never Again Will This World Look The Same

Congratulations We Have Killed The Future

Complicit In the Murder of Justice Worldwide


Interventions Created High Treason

Opening Pandora's Box

Madness & Insanity Incorporated

Infinity Augmented Reality

Navigating Thru The Fog Of Impending Global War

Silence - The Conceit Beneath It All!

Diane Feinstein...An American Traitor

Where 'Anything Goes!'

Purging The Purge

Crossroads - Further Than Ever From Sanctuary



Risk - Who is Responsible?

Who Will Live & Who Will Die

The Darkest Secret

Reducing This Society To Rubble


History Determined The Endgame We Created

Endgame In Virtual Reality


This Must Be Done

AMNESTY is Threatened

A Footnote For History

BART Bans Unruly People



The Fifth Element

Inside The Nightmare


We Are A Captured Nation

Preemptive Targeting Of The Public

The American Community Survey

The Perfect Storm

We Are At War

The Occupied States Of America


PROPAGANDA 1999 - 2005


The Land That Was

The Land That Would Be

The Land That Is

The Right To Accuse

Martial Law For The Government Of USI

Guns In America Miscast

The Pretenders


Preliminary Sketch For The Pretenders

Mysteries In The Beauty Of The Wonder Of Life

The War Of 100 Years - Part 1

The War Of 100 Years - Part 2

Bulworth In 2013


WANTED For Crimes Against America


The Money-Changers!

Life Triumphs Over Existence

Global Suicide

The Ultimate Zero Sum Wargame

Welcome To BERNANKE’S World!

Beyond Fear & Anger Pt 2

Beyond Fear & Anger Pt 1

Austerity...Global Financial Murder

The Fist Filled with Evil


For A Few Dollars More

Images & Reality


Blood In The Streets

Reversing Structures

Sandy Hook's New Psy-OP

Open Letter to Senator Feinstein

The Artificial Calm Before The Storm

Warmongers & Ordinary People


Remove Obama Now Or Face The Consequences

Down & Dirty And Out Of Control

"The Failure To Communicate!"

The Disunited States Of Murder

Welcome To PAYBACK!

Thursday’s Secret Face

Remember This?

Why Not Use Drones?

Nothing Left To Lose

Dividing To Conquer

America Is Coming Back!

AGENDAS...What's Really Going On?

CONFRONTING The Global Pariah

Day of the Locust RETURNS


The Missing Links - Part 3

The Missing Links - Part 2

The Missing Links - Part 1

For Every Action There Are Always Consequences

'You Can’t Go Home Again'

Whose Side Is Obamunism On?

RETIREMENT! A Whole New Look


Ending This Era


Keep'n It Real

It's Showtime

The First Shot Fired... pt 1

The First Shot Fired... pt 2

The Flag Is Still There But The Country Is GONE!

The Electronic Gulag

Questioning America Without Constitutional-Law

The United States Constitutional Free-Zone

Bare Bones Universe


DIANE FEINSTEIN - An American Traitor

Final Warning!

Too Big And The Sharks

The 5th Estate

Grossly Illegal Contradictions

Puzzle Palaces



The Highest Court In OUTLAW Country

The 3% Solution


Climbing Out Of The Pit

Bipartisan Traitors

Generation Of Vipers

The Silent Generation

Correcting The Imbalance

Coming Together!

Cheney Bush Obama Did Not Act Alone!

How America Was Stolen

Where Are The Women?

Unhooking The '1984' Connections


The Stealth Takeover Of San Francisco

The Question Of The Hour


Universal "Declaration of Human Rights"

Yesterday I Made A Mistake

The Untouchables?

Psychotic Paranoia & Insanity

Cracking The Edifice Of Evil, Pt 1

Cracking The Edifice Of Evil, Pt 2

The National Celebration Begins


Day One Of The New Congress

January 22, 2013

Free Republic Not A Monarchy

Going For Our Throats

Obama Congress & Illiteracy

Obama Is NOT The Government

Look Back In Anger - Pt 1

Look Back In Anger - Pt 2


Under Cover Of Darkness (2nd Pt / 2nd Hr. Mike Harris)

What's In Charge

The Second Hour On Mike Harris (1st Pt)

Lt. J. Paul Vance... Who Is He Really?

NDAA In 20133... Created In 1974

Cerberus Guarding Sandy Hook

Deciphering Government Thought-Crimes


Everything That Goes Up Must Come Down

Asymmetrical Warfare

Everything Old Is New Again

By Invitation Only...

Goodbye To History...As We've Come To Know It

Sun Tzu & Fatal Errors

The Rock & The Hard Place

It Really Is This Simple


Tears Of The Sun

Free Your Imagination!

Shadows - Seven Days From Darkness

From The Shadows Truth Emerges

December 23, 2012

In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

Lt.Vance - RESIGN!

December 21, 2012


The See In Tranquility

Article Two

Does Any Government Dare Do This?

Open Letter to Lt. J. Paul Vance


Children First, Who's Next?

The Suspect Sky

The Fog Of War


Interventions..Then And Now

Lies, Lies, Lies

Not Intervention... This Is War!

Fighting Back... Again

Theater Of The Obscene

Catastrophic Complexity

The Dysfunctional USSA


Thought Forms...

Israel Spits On UN

Quest Versus Conquest

The Borg

Nails In The Coffin - Part 1

Nails In The Coffin - Part 2

Nails In The Coffin - Part 3

Nails In The Coffin - Part 4



WELCOME To the New US Prisons without Bars

'Never Again'... REALLY?

F-16’s Murder Another Gaza Family

Puppet Masters Inc.

When Innocence Dies…

Reconstituting The US


The Untold Story

The Past: Distorting the Future - Part 1

The Present: Living The Lies - Part 2

5 Days Of The Second Term

Governing By Executive Order

No Place For Contrarians


Six Days In November

Super Star Sandy, Round 2

FEMA's Visions

Matial Law Now

Rising From The Fall

The Stories Inside The Story

NFL - The First Major Casualty


Eyes of the Storms

Turning The Clock Back˜

Endgame On Display - Part 1

Endgame On Display - Part 2

Monsanto: Not Too Big to Fail

In 1964...

The Elegant Universe

The Silent Surrender



Crossing The Line...


Crossing The Line...

Comes Full Circle - THE TRIPLE CROSS


Pipedreams & Promises

Warriors Look Back

Thunderbolts & Fire Arrows

One Hundred Years To Oblivion


Pawning the Past

America Always Eats its Own

This is Not Happening!

Tetrahedron in Multiple Dimensions

Too BIG Not To Lose

DAMNIT! The Time Is Now

A Fool Will Come Forth

"When in the Course of Human Events"


No Justice, No Responsibility

The Story of Us

The Disillusioned Ones

The Law Of Unintended Consequences

The INQUISITION Inside Totalitarian USI

Abundance & Want

Face the Facts!

Stop The WARS, Disenfranchise Israel


What's Behind This Moment

Take Back Your Money!

Israel Owes The USA

The SECRETS Beyond The Veils

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied


Who Are These People?!

Civilization Is The Great Lie



The Turning Point - Part 1

.The Turning Point - Part 2

PROHIBITION Returns With A Vengeance!

Is It Too Late To Dump The Media?

Through The Eyes Of A Cop

Empires Of The City - Part 1

Anatomy Of Empire - Part 2

Twelve Years of Broken Promises

Execution By Firing Squad


The Day the Drama Died!

Dangerous Delusions

Time To Go Hunting!


Testing The Feral Government

A Hard Reign is Coming

No...Hell No...To Ending the 2nd Amendment

Bloomberg...An Alien Mouth Without A Mind

Zero Tolerance

The Pre-Emptive Attack On America


This Must Happen

Changing Our Lives

Retired General McChrystal

The Labyrinth


July 4th The Opposite of Independence

Putting The Pieces Together

Setting the Agenda

Competition Kills

Today... Yesterday's Tomorrow

Life Without Laws


Where Do We Go From Here?

The Price of Everything & the Value of Nothing

Prohibition...Our Real Founding Document

Presumptions Of Privacy

Oracles From History II

Oracles From History I

No President Has The Right



Prohibition Opened the Door

There Is No Snare Like Folly


Three Kinds of People

Correcting The Record

Caesar's Death Squads

Sex Drugs & Power


The Alters Of Illusion

There Is No 'WE' Anymore

No Empire Can Survive!

Looking Back In The Future 

Control...Always A Double Edged Blade 

Murder And Obama's Policies

Breathing Is Political

Use The Lies And Expose The Truth

Obama’s Pre-Emptive Strike

Making WAR on IDEAS


The Broken Bloodtrail Of 911

Memorial Days Are Over

Afterlife In The Fourth Reich

Excess Baggage

Congress Sold Out This Country!

Death by Fiat

Wagging The Electronic Dog


Obama’s Private Playground

Time To Pay The Piper

Time Cannot be Stopped

LIES That Were Agreed Upon

Wagging the Electronic Dog


America Has Surrendered!

The Shadow Government Goes Public

A King’s Ransom


Taking Down Chicago


Catching Fire



TRUTH Has a Power All its Own!

The 44th Anniversary

The Yellow Brick Road

Cutting California’s Courts

Justifying Tomorrow

Cynical Times

The Blood Of Patriots & Tyrants

Who Speaks for the Future?


Let’s Cut To The Chase

The Pretenders

Living In The NOW


Secrets And The Silence

What's Going On?!

Obama Must Explain DHS To The Nation

Forbidding Everything!

Imagining The FutureWithout Israel

Killing Humanity For Fun & Profit


We Can See the Future

Origins, Pt 2 - Eleven Years Of Hell

Tracking The Origins


Israel Surrenders Credibility

When Greed Is Beautiful

Magic-Realism & Reality

Killing The Future


Overwhelming Force

What Happened?

Depths Of Deception

Misusing Martial Law

Life In The Crosshairs


Recapturing The Robber Barons

Life & Death In The Balance

The Ships Of All States Are Sinking

Gather Round...Millionaires & Billionaires Listen Up!

Just Above The Volcano


Machines That Speak

The Clock Is Ticking!

Full Fathom Five Is Coming

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