Area 51 Worker Cited By BLM
For Vehicle Endangerment At Rally

PRESS RELEASE -- issued by Bob Stewart, Bureau of Land Management, State of Nevada:
SUBJECT: Citation for Creating a Hazard Issued in Lincoln County to DOD Test Site Worker
WHO/WHAT: BLM Nevada law enforcement issued a citation Saturday, June 16, to James Manner for creating a hazard. Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies assisted in the issuance. Manner is a part-time worker at the Department of Defense's Nevada Test Site. On June 3, Manner was driving to work and came upon a group of protesters gathered on public land just outside the east entrance of the test site. BLM Law Enforcement Ranger Bill Wagers was on duty at the scene and observed the incident. The driver did not exercise due caution when approaching the group standing in the road. No one was injured.
A video phtographer was filming the group, ostensibly for Discovery TV, and captured the incident on film. Anthony Hilder, a former radio talk show host from the Los Angeles are, was a member of the group, as is Norio Hayakawa, who is one of the sponsors of the website Hayakawa has posted the story on the website. They have contacted Las Vegas-area media outlets, and BLM is providing the citation information to local outlets today. Members of the protest group have stated they will file a criminal complaint against the driver with the Lincoln County Sheriff, unless apology is issued by the driver.
--end of Press Release issued by Bureau of Land Management, State of Nevada.
Attached Link: Criminal Charges To Be Filed Against 'Area 51 Worker'


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