Lincoln County, NV Commissioner
Admits Driving 'Area 51' Truck
From Norio Hayakawa

PANACA, Nevada - James Manner, Lincoln County Commissioner and resident of Panaca, Nevada, today admitted that he was the driver of the white Ford truck on Groom Lake Road on Sunday, June 3, 2001, when the People's Rally at Area 51 was taking place.
Manner stated that he was not aware that he is about to be charged with attempted vehicular manslaughter.
"I didn't want to be stopped by those 'folks' and I had no intention of bodily harm", said Manner.
He also said that he "slowed down" when he saw the crowd at the restricted boundary line.
But, according to eye-witnesses, instead of slowing down, Manner was alleged to have stepped on the gas pedal to 50 to 60 miles per hour as he began to see the crowd and did not honk at all.
Manner also today admitted that he works for the D.O.E. However, he did not mention that he was on his way to work at Groom Lake, even though he sped past the boundary line towards Groom Lake (Area 51) base.
He said that he will talk to the District Attorney on Thursday.
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(The question here is: what was a Lincoln County Commissioner doing at Area 51/Groom Lake?)
Additional information:
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