Federal Tribunals Destroy
Essential OKC Bombing Evidence
By Reinhold Sommerstedt

TERRE HAUTE - At about 9:00 AM today, the Southern District of Indiana again closed the path to Justice. Victims of The Oklahoma City Massacre, Jane Graham and V.Z. Lawton, had filed a Lawsuit to Preserve the Person of Timothy McVeigh as Evidence just prior to his first scheduled execution date. Apparently, this act triggered the unexpected delay and the stunning federal confession of hiding evidence. This lawsuit, made to secure the victim's right to examine all the evidence, has been dismissed in lock step with the ubiquitous federal public policy of oppression. The District Court thus ensured, with certainty, that no judicial, legislative or executive act will ever bring reform to the renegade United States Government. Only the Force of Revolution will remove such despots. No tyrant has ever resigned by request.

The Federal Footprint has been found at the scene of the crime. This hard evidence remains just beneath the surface of that spurious Federal Shrine that was built upon the ashes of the slain at the site of The Oklahoma City Massacre. Attempting to hide the evidence of the explosion that they set off in the basement of the Murrah Building, the federals pumped wet concrete into the 25-foot deep crater just three hours after they killed the victims they were pretending to save. The Federal Footprint remains as a silent testimony of the destructive force of the United States Government that continually destroys so many unsuspecting innocent lives. The federal perpetrators are thus assured an everlasting infamy.

The victims of the Oklahoma City Massacre and the entire world remain subjects of the evil tyrannical rule of central government. This murderous government has done the expected. They have destroyed real evidence and fabricated false evidence to preserve their "Plausible Denial." All agencies of elite central power seek to destroy any perception of the truth. The truth of real evidence clearly points the finger of guilt toward the government perpetrators of the atrocity at Oklahoma City. The judiciary and their cohorts have now embraced their own culpability by their unrelenting Obstruction of Justice. For this, they will suffer the same consequences as any cowardly murderer and common Traitor.

While Timothy McVeigh obviously had a role in the government atrocity at Oklahoma City, his creators and handlers remain at large. They are the federal police. They are to be found in the halls of Congress, in the Courts and the Oval Office, the offices of journalists and publishers. They guard the central bank. They can be seen inside your home. They send you notice and make demands. They commit seizure of your property. They take the fruit of your labor. They teach your children Sodomy. They take your heart, your mind and seek your soul.

Sadly, the foolish masses are joyous at the willful destruction of Timothy McVeigh as evidence. By succumbing to federal "closure" of their painful experience the unwitting victims help close the gateway to truth and justice. Those who have never surrendered to the deceptive and murderous federal government will weep in agony for that which now must be faced. The federal culprits are escaping once again, while brave Citizen Guardians are silenced by of the Cult of the Smirk and the Smock. Those cretins, dressed in black dresses, arrogantly defy all Petitions and deny Justice for The People.

Names like "Terre Haute", Oklahoma City", "Waco", "Ruby Ridge", "Dallas", "Dresden", and many more are forever burned into the Gates of Hell. The sinister conduct of the United States Government has foreclosed any peaceful reform.

"Resistance to tyrants is service to God." - Thomas Jefferson



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