Chamish - War Of Gog
And Magog Coming

By Barry Chamish

A terrifying scenario of an upcoming Middle East war is being discussed in Israeli political circles. As the American terror death toll may surpass that of Hiroshima, the consensus among public opinion and top ranks of the military, untouched by the ruling illuminati caste, will be to strike back at Islam where it hurts the most.


Three days ago, someone (that will do until he chooses to accept credit) left over a thousand sensitive documents concerning the Rabin murder at my home.

I called the economics writer Yaacov Verker and asked him to drive by and look at the material. He would have arrived the next day but it was too tragic for both of us. The day after the bombings in New York and Washington, he speed-read the material and discovered the smoking gun.

It is the results of tests on Yigal Amir's hands, a half hour after he supposedly shot Yitzhak Rabin. Inspector Arieh Moshe, of the Israel Police Crime Laboratory, conducted a Feroprint test of Amir's hands to measure the amount of gunpowder on them and compare the composition of the gunpowder with that of the bullet casings. He found that, "The results of the testing were insignificant." NO GUNPOWDER WAS ON AMIR'S HANDS. This is an impossibility if he shot Rabin with real bullets. After almost six years, we had the proof that Amir did not murder Rabin.

Yaacov phoned Knesset Member, Michael Kleiner and told him the stunning news. Mr. Kleiner is head of the Herut Movement, for most of Israel's history, the country's most powerful opposition party. Today, it has been neutralized by forces led by Ariel Sharon. The next day, Mr. Kleiner's secretary called and requested that I meet MK Kleiner at a gathering of Herut Party members in Tel Aviv.

I just returned from the meeting with Mr. Kleiner and numerous party leaders. A few told me that those behind the slaughter in America were the same people who brought us the Oslo "peace" process and the Rabin murder. They described the next stage of the Hell to be brought upon this planet.

The Scenario

1. America will demand proper retaliation for the grotesque loss of its citizens, for the wrecking of its economy and for the destruction of its most potent monolithic symbols. Only the bombing of Islam's most potent symbol, the Kaabah in Mecca, will satisfy the calls for equivalent justice.

2. Saudi Arabia will be taken over, its oilfields will repay America's losses, and rebuild the twin towers, as well as the wrecked economy. (Which may have been the real motive of the destruction of the buildings. Somebody was behind the theft of trillions of dollars from the American economy in the last few years. No one will ever know who after this week).

3. The American public will not allow the oil companies to exploit them and the Saudi profits will go directly to rebuilding lower Manhattan and then straight into the people's pockets.

4. Naturally, most Moslems will object to the American takeover and that will slowly lead to the destruction of Islam. But not before the world is engulfed in violence comparable to that of World War II.


After the grief and shock subside a tiny bit, in November, I want to come to New York. I want to speak to those victims, Jewish and gentile, of the tragedy and tell them a side of their misery no one else will; why Israelis and Americans are dying to ignite a war to change the ruling status quo of the planet. And why the Rabin murder may hold the key to exposing and defeating these evil forces.

If any organization or group, no matter how small, will be willing to sponsor me, I'll come. If there is no budget, I'll cover the expenses. If you think I should be heard where the bombs struck, please contact me.



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