Anthrax Found At CIA Facility

(CNN) -- Traces of anthrax have been found in a building at the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia, where incoming mail is sorted, U.S. officials tell CNN.
The amount of anthrax detected in what officials say were highly sensitive and sophisticated tests was "medically insignificant" an official said, but the building has been closed until further testing and cleaning can be done.
Officials say 31 different sites in the mail receiving building and the CIA's main mailroom have been checked since October 23. Only one site tested positive for anthrax.
No CIA personnel have tested positive for anthrax exposure, however antibiotics have been offered to all staff handling mail in bulk and to any other interested employees of the agency.
Like many other U.S. agencies, the CIA receives its mail via the Brentwood post office facility in Washington, where two postal workers have died from inhalation anthrax and a number of others are being treated in hospitals.
Anthrax apparently spread through the U.S. mail has infected at least 13 individuals, three of whom have died.

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