Continuing Coverup Of The
Entire US Nuclear Power Industry
From Bill Smirnow

I have spoken with Jane Rickover, Admiral Hyman Rickover's daughter-in-law in depth several times about the signed, notorized statement she made below about not "just" the ongoing cover of 3 Mile Island but the ENTIRE nuclear power industry in the United States. She swears that everything in her signed, notorized statement is true. She was not seeking publicity- just the opposite but felt she should get these facts out to the world.
-Bill Smirnow
Admiral Rickover's Statement
The following statement was signed by Jane Rickover, daughter-in-law of Admiral Hyman Rickover, "father" of the nuclear navy. It was notorized by William Lamson July 18, 1986. Jane Rickover has verified the authenticity of the document and the events described in it.
"In May, 1983, my father-in-law, Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, told me that at the time of the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor accident, a full report was commissioned by President Jimmy Carter. He [my father-in-law] said that the report, if published in its entirety, would have destroyed the civilian nuclear power industry because the accident at Three Mile Island was infinitely more dangerous than was ever made public. He told me that he had used his enormous personal influence with President Carter to persuade him to publish the report only in a highly "diluted" form. The President himself had originally wished the full report to be made public.
In November, 1985, my father-in-law told me that he had come to deeply regret his action in persuading President Carter to suppress the most alarming aspects of that report.
[Signed] Jane Rickover
Jane Rickover appeared before me and swore as to the truth of the above statement.
Dated at Toronto this 18th day of July A.D. 1986
[Signed] William F. Lamson
William F. Lamson Q.C.
Notary Public for the Province of
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