Northern Alliance Slaughtering
Women And Children
In Mazar Sharif

QILLA ABDULLAH (PNS) - The fierce fight between Northern Alliance and Taliban forces continues in Mazar Sharif as reportedly Northern Alliance forces slaughtered women and children in a Pashtoon village.
Northern Alliance forces led by Rashid Dostum after entering Mazar Sharif has started repression and genocide of Pashtoon people as they slaughtered women and children of Pashtoon village Kapri near Mazar Sharif.
The fierce face to face fight between the two forces continued and hundreds corpses of the soldiers of the both sides were dispersed in the streets, however, Taliban forces still claim continue the control of some parts of Mazar Sharif.
The genocide and atrocities by the Northern Alliance forces were expected as most of the fighters within NA had made a call for revenge against Taliban and those who had supported Taliban forces. NA has always blamed Taliban forces for atrocities acts against the minority groups within Afghanistan including Hazara Shitte's, Uzbeks, Tajiks and Turks. Amnesty International has also blamed Taliban forces for the massacre of thousands of Hazara Shitte's in the province of Bamiyan and in the city of Mizare' Sharif.
In the meanwhile, Pakistani President Musharraf and American President Bush in New York, warned Northern Alliance forces to not to move towards Kabul City. Earlier US Foreign secretary Colin Powel had also made a comment on keeping Kabul as a "Open City."


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