US Has Now Activated More
Than 50,000 Reservists
By Elizabeth Lazarowitz

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military has activated more than 50,000 reserve and National Guard troops in a mobilization authorized by President Bush in September to combat terrorism at home and aboard, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.
The Defense Department announcement that 52,457 troops had been called to active duty by the armed forces was the first indication the military had gone beyond its original request to Bush to approve mobilization of up to 50,000 troops.
Bush approved the call-up of troops to join the 1.4 million-member regular armed forces three days after devastating Sept. 11 attacks on America. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recently advised the White House of his intention to go beyond the original authorization.
The reservists are being used for so-called homeland defense and other tasks, including support of a military campaign in Afghanistan. The Air Force leads call-ups so far with 28,989 troops, followed by the Army at 14,125, the Navy at 6,533, the Coast Guard at 2,198 and Marine Corps at 612.


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