Chile's Cerro Moreno 'Triangle' -
A UFO Passageway?
From Scott Corrales

Cerro Moreno Is A UFO Passageway
Source El Mercurio de Antofagasta (newspaper) 11-10-1
Scientific journalist and researcher Cristian Riffo disclosed an important relationship between the UFO phenomenon and the disappearance of airliners in the sector known as the "Cerro Moreno Triangle"
Riffo has investigated this subject in our country for several years since his days at the La Tercera newspaper and currently from his position as director of, on the Internet. He stated that the details furnished by "El Mercurio" de Antofagasta based on historic information and Air Force sources result in a positive note which reinforces the research consigned in his forthcoming book "OVNIS y Fuerzas Armadas" (UFO's and Armed Forces" to be published next year in Santiago.
In this book, Riffo divulges details on the various cases linking Armed Forces personnel with UFOs, featuring the episodes made known by this newspaper in the enigmatic area known as the "Cerro Moreno Triangle", which is defined by Balneario del Hornito in the north, La Chimba in the southeast, and the coastline facing Punta de Angamos in the west.
**A Case from 1980**
He notes that the case which occurred on March 24, 1980 which resulted in the disappearance of a Hawker Hunter aircraft piloted by seasoned aviation commander Cesar Guevara is one of the most important UFO events of its type in the country. "This is one of the most confidential cases for which the Air Force has still not furnished a credible, official version of the events." In this episode, Riffo added that Guevara was not alone: "He was accompanied by a Brazilian pilot, and what is strange is that it was never made clear what became of both men."
He points out that the "Cerro Moreno Triangle" area has always been a mysterious place for UFO sightings, a subject which according to the researcher "remains constant." He adds that there is no conclusive information which could completely discard magnetism and the presence of UFOs in the area. He explained that during his investigations, he made an effort to contact the widow of pilot Cesar Guevara, without ever making contact. "We have never been able to speak to her directly, only through the intervention of a functionary of the Armed Forces whose identity shall be kept confidential. The family still consideres the event a mysterious situation with which they are dissatisfied'
The Guevara Case, he added, still has too many loose ends due to the UFO sightings made before and after the disappearance. "He was an expert pilot; he was one of the ones in charge of brining the Hawker Hunter aircraft from the UK to Chile during Operation Atlantis. If you fly in this type of aircraft and have some sort of problem, it has an ejection seat. This life-saving mechanism would have activated before an accident."
Translation (C) 2001 Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Ing. Marco A. Reynoso (Fundacion Cosmos AC) and Leopoldo Carranza (Ovnipage).


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