Heretical Science And The Coming
Revolution In Military Affairs
By Tim Rifat

September 11th marked a turning point in US military affairs, in fact some might even say that a revolution had occurred. In a paper entitled Revolution in Military Affairs staff at the US War College had previously outlined how the US military could take over world affairs by starting a revolution, which by its nature would be covert; and in which not only would the aims of the US military be achieved but its successful outcome would put them in charge of running the world.
Madmen like Bin Laden have enabled the US Military to attack any country so that their multi-national backers can pillage the planets resources exclusively for themselves. Total control of the West by the military allows globalisation to occur faster and more efficiently as anyone who argues against it can immediately be labelled a terrorist sympathiser or worse still a terrorist themselves. And that in turn would immediately invite lethal force and/or imprisonment. The widespread use of psychotronic weapons in the UK and Australia, where in contrast to America the populace has been disarmed, means that large parts of the West can be turned into giant open-air concentration camps.
Taking the UK as a model let s see what the rest of the West has in store; the TETRA system used by British police for telecommunications covertly covers Britain with Extremely Low Frequency mind control entrainment. The 30,000 ELF transmitters that are now in use across Britain have turned the police and populace alike into ELF zombies. Based on CIA mind control research conducted by Dr. Ross Adey the system has been installed at a cost of over two billion pounds, largely taken from the victims themselves via taxes. As a result covert microwave weapons are systematically targeting the 3 million dissidents kept on MI5 files. The methodology is as follows:
* Digital Angel like transmitters are placed on the targets clothing so that they can automatically targeted by microwave weapons 24 hours a day.
* Their cars have one of the power lines cut so that small microwave transmitters can be soldered to the wire with a one centimetre loop of the joined wire acting as an antennae. This literally burns their brains while driving, inducing brain tumours in men or triggering breast cancers in women.
* While sleeping targets are irradiated with 1 to 5 giga hertz radiation to induce cancers and brain tumours even while they are oblivious to these attacks.
A microwave oven with a horn antennae attached to its wave guide is a working example of how easy it is to build weapons that kills slowly and unbeknown even to its victims. This writer was recently paid by Britain s Channel 4 TV to demonstrate just how easy it was to build such a device. Unsurprisingly perhaps the program was never broadcast. Digital Angel and other such location transmitters turn shopping malls and streets into vast shooting galleries where microwave weapons automatically target dissidents wherever they go.
However the USA poses a significant stumbling block to the implementation of such a scenario, largely because the population is armed. Disarming them is thus a high priority. Moreover this can be done using the threat of attacks by Muslim extremists allowing civilian disarmament under the pretext of Operation Homeland. Militia can then be implanted while in detention with British Telecom s soul catcher like devices, turning them into docile zombies.
Russia, India and China pose the only significant threat to the domination of planet s resources by Western Multi-National Corporations and are therefore the only enemies that the US military and NATO respect. The Strategic Defence Initiative has been designed to enable the US military to thwart these three potential super powers with impunity. Unfortunately the development of microwave plasmoids, particle beams and gravity wave displacers will give Russia total defensive against ICBM s. In fact the weaponisation of space by the US is designed to take out hostile satellites and blind them to pre-emptive strikes, space based or otherwise.
The entire 21st century will be dominated by this military revolution that will spiral out of control of the US and NATO s dominance with the development of new strategic weapons. Israel and South African Goose Eggs man portable nuclear weapons allow the big three (Russia, China and India) to destroy the UK, France and significant parts of the US by destroying nuclear plants and reprocessing facilities.
The discovery that the nuclear binding force can be changed using PSI combined with research on torsion fields will enable sub critical masses of Plutonium, U235 and U238 to be detonated in fission nuclear explosions using such man portable and easily deployed technology. Like a modern day Maginot line the US and NATO s SDI will offer no protection against Muslim fanatics, carrying sub kilo nuclear weapons and driven by rage over Afghanistan and Palestine. The use of PSI and torsion fields will render the US and NATO s electronic and nuclear weapons inoperable and outdated. In turn this will give China, Russia and India eventual pre-eminence as they deploy weapons not based on the West s reliance on sophisticated electronics and technology. The US military s tunnel vision in relying on technology and electronics blinds them to heretical science that will render such technology vulnerable to attacks in the 21st century.
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