Homeland Defense
By Joe Burton

Many Americans began hearing the words Homeland Security / Defense shortly after the horrific events of 911. A few of us had been reading about it for the past couple of years at military sites and sites like John Young's . We knew back then it was only a matter of time before we would see it. We knew also it would take a level of chaos for the US Military complex to pull it off. Hence 911's public hue and cry for "security". But let's look a little deeper now that the dust is settling in the UN's global zone known as the "Big Apple".
If you were watching media events closely you saw some pretty suspicious statements come out of the government. Like the following:
* Homeland Defense to include preemptive measures at home
* Pentagon announces it's top focus to shift to Homeland Security
* DOD announces plans to look at more base closings
* Military Favors a Homeland Command (Link)
Pretty bizarre announcements for a nation at war, but not so if you look at it in it's "REAL" context. That context is found in the UN adopted writings of JFK (former UN cub reporter) which were produced in State Department Document 7277. For 40 years now we have been following it to the letter. It is a brief read and can be found at:
In it, you will find the reasons the military must turn inward, the reasons for the base closings and the reasons YOU MUST BE DISARMED.
Our militarized law enforcement (global) needs YOUR GUN destroyed so that we may all live in Utopian peace. How sweet. (not)
Now the "rule of law" should be the Constitution. No, that old antiquated document has been relegated to the dustbins of history at a UN "World Heritage Site" (global museum). Unless YOU and I intend differently. Some of us took an oath to defend it from enemies "foreign AND Domestic".
Read these words carefully: ANY HOMELAND DEFENSE THAT DOESN"T INCLUDE "WE THE PEOPLE" IN A LEADERSHIP ROLE IS ILLEGITIMATE AND ILLEGAL! We are not to be eyes and ears (snitches i.e. KGB), We are to be Minutemen and women and especially PATRIOTs. We defend the homeland at all cost.
Our newest czar Tom Ridge in conjunction with POTUS did some startling things. First they put the National Guard in charge of airport security. Sounds nice but let's look at who the Guard is these days. See: Link
National Guard Bureau International Affairs Central Command Theater Overview
The National Guard plays a key role in the Theater Engagement Plan through its cooperative efforts with other nations, helping to shape the international environment in support of the National Security Strategy through the State Partnership Program (SPP).
The State partnership Program and Central Command began working together when CENTCOM assumed engagement responsibilities of the Central Asian States: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, on 1 Oct 1998. Prior to that time those countries fell under the auspices of the Joint Staff. CENTCOM is to assume readiness responsibility in FY00.
States and Partners for the Central Asian States (CAS) are as follows:
Arizona - Kazakhstan Louisiana - Uzbekistan Montana - KyrgyzRepublic Nevada - Turkmenistan
Prior to CENTCOM gaining readiness responsibility of the CAS, the Guard was actively engaged with those nations at many levels. The first partnership established was between Arizona and Kazakhstan. The partnership was approved Aug 1994, and activities began in 1995. The partnerships with the other countries began in 1996.
(End excerpt)
Now our "partners" here in Tennessee are Bulgarians (Soviet Satellite Country). Say, who's your states "partner"? Are they helping to guard YOUR airport?
Find out more here:
As if this isn't enough, Ridge and POTUS put NATO on duty to protect our coasts from the sky. Who are these Homeland defenders? Why they are foreign countries of course, including Soviet Satellite countries. Heck, we have even invited Russia to join. Maybe they can help guard our borders too when their not busy cozying up to China.See NATO's newest members here and those marching in soon. nato/natodocs/99042405.htm
Our Military is spread out in over a hundred nations. I have a searing image still with me from my youth of Nikita Kruschev pounding his shoe on the UN desk telling the United States " We will take you without ever firing a shot." Then, I said: "Fat chance." Today, I would have to say: "Not without Ridge and POTUS' help".
YOU owe it to your family to serve God and country and get busy with real Homeland Defense. Start by seeking truth. Find out why:
*US Code calls for full disarmament of YOU in AmeriKa (hint US Code Vol. 9 Pages 555 to 558)
*Why Russians have completed FBI training (China offices open soon)
* Why the FBI put out a flyer depicting those who believe in the Constitution as terrorist htt p://
* Why the EU and FBI jointly launched a global surveillance system http ://
*Why Social Security is in 173 nations (US, UK and Ireland's merged together)
*What the difference is between a Republic and a global democracy (hint: democracies don't last long)
* Why only elites, perverts and traitors hold major offices in the U.S.
* Why Castro called for a New World Order in 1979 (UN Gen. Assembly Oct.11th)
* Find out why our country was never invaded in WWII by Japan or Germany or Russia during the "Cold War" (Armed populace)
*Why we have an "Open Skies Treaty" and who was responsible for the abysmal failures of 911
* Why the Taliban survivors will likely be brought over and given our jobs after the war (Refer to Iraqi Republican Guard brought here)
* Why George H. W. Bush said at the close of the Gulf War (loose quote) "It's to this New World Order we henceforth pledge our sacred allegiance."
Thanks Reverend Henry (Patrick), we've learned some painful truths here today. Will our ministers be flogged soon for not having a proper "license"? As for me: I AM WILLING TO KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH; TO KNOW THE WORST; AND TO PROVIDE FOR IT."
Please see an example of REAL Homeland Defendersand I salute my friend and fellow American Charlie Puckett. He is worthy of our support! http://membersites.namezero. com/
Joe Burton
AKA outlaw "joe 6pk"
* Disclaimer - Since the demise of the Constitution, I am forced to reassert the "Declaration of Independence" and use the following to placate the so called USA Patriot Act. No information in this article is used to influence or coerce anyone inside of or outside of government!

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