North Korea Warns US
Against Attack
The News - Pakistan

SEOUL - North Korea mixed military threats with diplomatic disdain on Wednesday, saying it was the only country unfazed by September 11 yet vowing to annihilate US forces if they attempt an Afghanistan-style assault.
The ruling party daily newspaper Rodong Sinmun said in a commentary that North Korean people "feel quite reassured" and bolstered in their belief that only a strong military force can guarantee the country's survival.
"It is a foolish delusion for the US imperialists to threaten and blackmail the DPRK and hurt it, taking advantage of the 'September 11 incident'," the commentary said, according to the official KCNA news agency.
DPRK is the acronym for North Korea's official name -- the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. "This incident threw the world into a catastrophic crisis and great confusion in overall international relations," the newspaper said. "It is only the DPRK that remains unfazed, unaffected by it."
Yet Rodong Sinmun combined that political serenity with the latest in a fresh swipe at the United States, saying the US-led campaign against terrorism -- focused on Afghanistan -- suggested Washington had the "wild ambition to seize the whole of Korea".
The United States has 37,000 troops in the South to ward off invasion from the North, which has a million men under arms. "If the US imperialists try to test its logic of strength on the DPRK as they are using it against some countries, they will be annihilated to the last man," the newspaper said.
On Tuesday, North Korea warned the United States it would build up its military to counter what it said was US "strong-arm policy" against the communist state. North Korea frequently uses bluster, threats and bluffs as a diplomatic tool to extract concessions from South Korea or get the attention of the United States, analysts say.
They say it is unlikely impoverished North Korea would be able to boost military readiness much more. North Korea has sent some positive signals amid the rhetoric. On Monday, it thanked the international community for for food aid that has helped ease grave shortages since 1995.
The News International, Pakistan
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