Anti-Christ Controlled Media
From David Sereda

In early December, David Sereda was named in a huge public lawsuit against the manufacturers of Airport Explosive detetion systems, In Vision Technologies. The lawsuit was being filed by Califoirnia attorney's whose names are being held in secrecy on behalf of Mr. Sereda (former national security Defense Contractor) against In Vision for falsly claiming that its Explove Detection systems could accurately detect well-disguised explosives and defend the nation against terrorist attacks. The purpose of the lawsuit was to expose InVision and to allow new technologies into Airports and Border crossings that could accurately detect well-disguised explosives.
A break-through technology developed at HiEnergy Microdevices could detect well-disguised explsoves, narcotics, and biological weapons hidden in suitcases. The tests were verified by Special Technologies Laboratory, a Department of Defense lab in 1997, and have improved their accuracy today.
David Sereda was contacted at great length by his attorneys and Dateline NBC Producer Olive Talley, and Dow Jones News reporters Marcello Prince and other press, about running the story of the lawsuit. The media was going to assist Mr. Sereda in his findings and proceedings against InVision Technologies.
Just before running the stories in 5 major media, Mr. Sereda's lawyers were contacted by 5 major media and told that they had searched his name (David Sereda) on the internet and found that he had written a book called "Face To Face With Jesus Christ" and that because of his Christian Mystical experiences, they would cancel all of his media and press in relationship to the lawsuit against InVision Technologies.
Mr. Sereda was outraged and felt he was being persecuted by the media for being a Christian and for having Christian mystical experiences. He asked his lawyers to file charges for "Religious Discrimination" and "Religious Persecution." He was later told that the media has immunity to these laws and can discriminate against a person for any reason they want.
Is the media above Constitutional Law? Does the Media have so much power that they can control the viewers and block them from finding out the truth? Sereda argues that the media failed to run stories on the most powerful apparitions on the Virgin Mary in Zeitun, Egypt in the late 1960s seen by millions of people and recorded and photographed. The story made a small article in the back pages of the New York Times.
These same appartions started again in Assiut, Egypt in August of 2000 ( revealing that Mary and Jesus Christ are praying for Peace in the Middle East and for Peace between these warfaring religions of Judaeism, Christianity and Islam.
Why didn't the media run the stories of Mary's apparitions when they were seen by millions of people and photographed an event that would surely captivate the minds of some 2 billion Christians world-wide? America is predominantly a Christian nation. Why would the media censor a story that would be of interest to American Christians?
David Sereda's book, "Face to Face With Jesus Christ" (the book the media does not want you to read) can be found on or by the publisher's link at:

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