Pakistan Says China Ready To
Supports It 'In All Eventualities'


KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Pakistan's top military spokesman said on Friday that its traditional ally, China, had said it was ready to support Pakistan "in all eventualities.''
Major-General Rashid Qureshi was asked whether Chinese leaders, visited by Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf en route to a South Asian summit, had said it was ready to support Pakistan if its current standoff with India deteriorated further.
"China stood by Pakistan and still stands by Pakistan,'' he told a news conference. He said that China "has said it will support Pakistan in all eventualities.''
He also said that India which has amassed troops on its border with Pakistan needed to act to de-escalate the standoff. ''We feel that the Indian government needs to pull back,'' he said.
"If India violates Pakistan's land, air or sea frontier, Pakistan will respond with all its might,'' he said.
Pakistan continues to hope that India will respond to ''Pakistan's time and again efforts for dialogue,'' he added.

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