Israeli Principal & Teachers
Suspended For Burning
New Testament

( - The principal of the Beit Shemesh based Orot School, Rabbi Yair Bachar, and a teacher, Ronen Tzarum, were temporarily suspended from their positions by Ministry of the Education Director-General Ronit Tirosh after they burned a copy of the New Testamant in the classroom last week. The bible was brought by a student who explained it was given to him by a missionary. Tirosh indicated that a committee will determine what action is to be taken against the two.
From Ruth Rothschild
New Jersey
Dear Mr. Rense,
I am enclosing (above) a newspaper story which was ignored completely by the "news" media here in the US. My sister in Israel who sent me this incredible NEWS-story, commented that the Chief Rabbi of the Israeli army central military base in Tel Aviv, a few years ago, ALSO burned a copy of the New Testament Bible which he reportedly found in the military library. That story received wide publicity in the press in Israel but nothing outside of Israel. (The story is available in the Archives of Yediot Aharonoth newspaper, Tel Aviv).
It is absolutely amazing that some Jews can carry out such book-burnings just a little over half a century after the Nazis burned our holy books during the infamous 'Crystal Night.' I am sending you this note to further alert Jews around the world that some of the behavior in Israel is becoming a serious liability for us. Jewish synagogues have been burnt to the ground in recent years as a result of Israel's activities. The hatred practiced officially and unofficially in Israel against Moslems and Christians in recent years is generally covered in the Israeli press, yet the American press rarely mentions it. Your website is very well-known, worldwide, as attempting to post all sides to important issues. I hope that you will post the enclosed article.
Ruth Rothschild

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