Protecting Peres
By Barry Chamish

It was a small incident but a telling one. The Italian journalist Franco Levi was visiting Israel on a tour this week and was banned from visiting a Foreign Ministry briefing with the rest of his tour members. See, Levi has been translating writing coming from Israel, including this author's, and has reached the conclusion that Peres was the mastermind of the Rabin assassination. Someone didn't want him asking embarrassing questions about the Foreign Minister.
Levi was furious; "This is my nation and I have every right to ask whatever I want. The tour organizer was more interested in protecting Peres than letting us hear some true information.
The phenomenon of protecting Peres is now widespread and constant. In recent days, Peres' protege Ophir Pines-Paz sponsored a Knesset law preventing the Rabin murder patsy Yigal Amir from being pardoned in the future. Amir's eighteen year old brother Sivan was banned from serving in the army. After six years of searches and daily cleaning, the police raided the Amir home in Herzlia and, lo and behold, discovered a gun clip they claimed belonged to Amir's alleged partner in murder, brother Hagai. All this to reinforce the prevailing image of the assassination the way Peres wants it to prevail.
Peres is also recruiting his French handlers in clearing his name. This past month, Uri Savir, Peres' co-conspirator in the Oslo Accords and Collette Avital, his mistress, were inducted into the French Legion Of Honor.
The French connection has even reached Israel. Two weeks ago, the nation's largest circulation newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, published a six page report in its weekend magazine on the growing number of distinguished academics investigating the real events surrounding Rabin's murder. Israel's government television station, Channel One, wasted no time organizing a prime-time program to mock Yediot's reporter and the professors and professionals he interviewed. The chosen debunker was Michael Bar Zohar, an author who had written a glowing book about Jean Frydman, the French media tycoon who paid for the security of Rabin's final rally and organized it to the last detail with Peres.
It is no secret that Yasir Arafat is blackmailing Peres and not necessarily over Rabin. There are also the payoffs Peres receives from the PLO's phone company and now defunct casino and untold seamy operations, like the Hebron massacre scam of Feb. 1994. But Arafat played his cards a bit too confidently about the murder of the Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi, who was knocked off five days after he gave Prime Minster Sharon an ultimatum: fire Peres or I leave and take two parties with me. The French-controlled PFLP (Front For The Liberation Of Palestine) were called into action and Zeevi was eliminated six hours before he quit the government, taking nine dissenting Knesset members with him. Needless to say, the leaders of the two dissenting parties, Benny Elon and Yves Lieberman got the message and returned to the government.
Just before Christmas, Arafat went on Israeli Television and said the "palestinians" were not behind the Zeevi murder, the Israelis were. It did not take long before Israeli shells landed near his office, followed by tanks to make sure he was trapped there. Even Arafat's cynical plea to visit Bethelem for Christmas didn't move Sharon to lift the barriers. And the show goes on; while Sharon demands that Arafat hand over Zeevi's murderers, he claims his people weren't behind the murder. Arafat misjudged the wrath that follows such a huge betrayal of Peres.
Last Tuesday, the Public Committee To Reinvestigate The Rabin Assassination held a press conference in Tel Aviv, during which evidence incriminating Peres was presented. The next day, Yediot Ahronot editor Eitan Haber wrote a blistering editorial calling the investigators, "nuts. Everything that needs to be discovered has been released."
On the night of Rabin's murder, Peres met Haber at Ichilov Hospital, and according to one terrified doctor from Raanana, ordered him to go into the operating theatre, then to Rabin's office, "And get rid of all the evidence."
Peres is just as terrified now because he's not fooling the Israeli people. A poll published two days ago reveals that 60% of Russian Israelis consider Peres the greatest enemy of Israel, with Arafat trailing behind at 32%. As Amnon Lord noted in a brilliant piece published in last Friday's Makor Rishon; "The Israeli people have completely lost faith in Sharon and the kind of government they are saddled with. The overwhelming majority voted out the Left in the last elections and are asking why Sharon ignored them and appointed Peres their Foreign Minister."
In the same article he quoted the economics writer Yaacov Verker; "Peres is capable of anything. Back in 1977, he approached the Americans with a plan to get rid of Begin. That's why Peres' ally Yigal Yadin decided to join Begin's government, to protect him from Peres."
Yesterday, the American writer Dell Griffin, who earlier this year, was deported from his longtime home in Israel, blamed Peres for the deportation because he purchased land Peres had promised to the PLO.
The day before, Knesset member Michael Kleiner announced his intention to submit a request to the parliament to investigate the source of funding for Peres' Peace Center, claiming Peres was being funded by outsiders with an agenda inimical to Israel's survival.
If the investigation is initiated, Israelis will discover just who is protecting Peres from his murderous crimes. For those with an understanding of who the Bilderberg Group and Council On Foreign Relations consist of, take a look at some of the board members of the Peres Center For Peace:
- Dr. Ahmad Mango - Advisor To Jordanian Crown Prince Hassan
- Hani Masri - President of Capital Investment Management Corporation
- Alex McCalla - Director of Rural Development for the World Bank
- Aaron Miller - American gov't Middle East advisor
- Miguel Moratinos - EU envoy to the Middle East
- Jens Neumann - Volkswagen board member
- Wayne Owens - President of the Middle East Peace and Economic
Corporation and former US Senator
- Dr. Ferdinand Piech -Chairman Of The Management Board of Volkswagen
- Lester Pollak - Managing Director Of Lazard Freres and Co.
- Bruce Rappaport - International crook, as well as Chairman, Bank
Of New York and Clinton pardonee
- Terje Rod-Larssen - Norwegian destroyer of Israeli security and
- Dennis Ross - American special ambassador to the Middle East
- Baron Eric de Rothschild - Illuminati leader
- Susana Sam-Vargas - Unesco Program Specialist
- Chaim Saban - Children's show producer investigated for illegal
funding of Ehud Barak's last election campaign
- Andre Sassoon - Illuminati lawyer
And that's just from M to S. Peres is being protected from his hideous crimes by the tyrants of the New World Order. And that's why it's so hard to pin the Rabin murder on him, no matter how compelling the evidence.
An interesting letter which I can't vouch for:
"This is fourth hand information so take it with a grain of salt. I can tell you that the line of people who heard this story does appear to reach the source. It's about one of the spouses of someone who died on Flight 93, the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11. It seems that after the crash, she was visited by officialdom who asked her to say her husband called her on his cellphone from the plane. They first told her that the country was in shock and could stop functioning without her help. The patriotic pitch didn't go, so then they told her she wouldn't have to worry about raising her unborn child without a husband and that the newborn would grow up believing his father was a hero."
The writer added that there is no record of the phone call on her cellphone bill. As a rule, information like this hasn't been verified enough for me, but maybe it will inspire someone to go looking for that bill to see if there's something to it.
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