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The 'Illuminati Death-Bed Confession' internet video now streaming on at least two web sites is a HOAX. It is a well-crafted and performed artistic fraud with a meticulously enticing script featuring many key Illuminati themes... all done by NY film-maker Mike Zieper...or 'Mike Z' as he prefers to be known.
For the better part of two weeks, a person claiming to be 'Chris Wilson' contacted our web site and sought a link to the video...which was already up and running online. Multiple emails were received from 'Chris Wilson' responding to our requests for more information and specifics. Each email response was logical and written in a credible, straighforward manner (see samples below).
The streaming 'Death-Bed Video' was of sufficient internet interest that we requested 'Chris Wilson' to send excerpts of the video's sound track, on audio cassette, for further study and invited him to appear on the program to explain how he came into possession of tape, the circumstances of how it was allegedly recorded, background details on the 'dying man' on the tape and why he - 'Wilson' - posted it on the net, etc.
'Chris Wilson' agreed to be a guest on the program to discuss his video and sent the requested audio cassette to TRN facilities via overnight Express Mail. 'Chris Wilson' appeared during the first segment of our program on Thursday, 1-3-02, and detailed the background of the video and how he came to post it online. It was an effective and compelling presentation.
Late the following night at 1:45 am (1-5-2), we received the following email from a man with a good memory - and a fine mind for detail - who was able to solve the riddle of the 'Death-Bed' internet video and advised us of the hoax:
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 01:45:36 -0800 (PST)
From: Count Lithium von Chloride <
Subject: Fake Illuminati Death-Bed Confession
Dear Jeff,
I just thought you should know that "Chris Wilson" and his supposed Illuminati "Death-Bed Confession" video that you had on your Jan. 3rd show is a total fake.
It's put out by a filmer named Mike Zieper, a.k.a Mike Z. He's done other "real life" films like this before, like his film "Y2K Military Takeover," of which he was supposedly hassled by the FBI over it for the reason that people might think that it is real. See the ACLU press-release on that:
"ACLU Sues FBI, Justice Department Over Censorship of Fictional 'Y2K Military Takeover' Film":
I thought that getting this information to you is important, to prevent your audience from being taken in by this film. Below, I clearly demonstrate that the so-called Illuminati "Death-Bed Confession" video supposedly put out by a "Chris Wilson" is done by none other by the film-maker Mike Zieper, a.k.a Mike Z.
Below, I reproduce my email to Mike Zieper (which I sent to him a few minutes ago), but before that, here are some links, so you can follow the discussion:
(of the supposed Illuminati "Death-Bed Confession"):
Chris Wilson [i.e., Mike Zieper]
A Very Strange Death-Bed Confession.
(archived Jan. 3rd Jeff Rense show):
So, with that background, here is the proof that the
so-called "Chris Wilson" is actually the fictional
film-maker Mike Zieper, a.k.a. Mike Z (in my email to him):
Dear Mike Zieper,
I knew right away that the "Death-Bed Confession Video" thingy was your work. I suspected it from the moment I read the transcript of the video, and was sure of it when I actually watched the video.
What really tipped me off was the style of how the "dying" guy's speach was written. It reminded me exactly of how the "black-ops" guy talked in your "Y2K Military Takeover" film.
I listened to some of your interview on the Jeff Rense show archived from Jan. 3, 2002. I knew right away that whoever this "Chris Wilson" guy was that he wasn't a very good bull-shitter.
So, I went right away to read the transcript of the video and to watch it. I figured it had to be your work: and sure enough, when I did a Google search for the keywords "new york," "takeover," "fbi" and "film" (it had been so long that I didn't remember its name or your name) I found an ACLU press-release about your case that gave your below website address for Mike Zieper:
And when one goes to THAT website, it's now the SAME as the "Chris Wilson" website at:
So, it was pretty easy for me to crack open this Chinese cookie. All within the comfort of my own home.
You very much ought to check-out my below website, as it seems to be right up your alley as far as the things that you appear to be interested in (except mine is the real McCoy):
The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks:
Also, be sure to check out my most recent article for, entitled "Jesus Is an Anarchist" (A free-market/libertarian anarchist, that is--otherwise what is called an anarcho-capitalist):
Well, Mike Z, you take care now and don't let the FBI give you a hard time anymore (wink wink, nudge nudge). I very much look foward to hearing from you, as I just know that you'll love my website.
(end of email to Zieper)
Just thought I'd give you a heads-up on this, as I don't want any of your listeners to be taken it by it. Here are some email addresses for Mike Z (i.e., the real person behind "Chris Wilson"):
Take care, Mr. Rense.
We salute the detective work of the 'Count Lithium' for exposing this latest Zieper internet video hoax. Only someone who had seen and studied Zieper's earlier works, especially the Y2K 'Military Takeover Of New York City' video would have been able to so quickly discover the internet video 'Death-Bed' hoax.
However, it is relevant to keep in mind the basic concepts and issues in the well-written script of this practical joke 'Death-Bed' video, are, in fact, accurately reflective of classic Illuminati protocols as discussed and written about by scores of researchers and scholars over the years.
Which raises at least one very important question: is Zieper's online video 'Death-Bed Confession' hoax simply a cinematic practical 'joke' OR is it a deft disinformation attempt at obfuscating and confusing the reality of occult power groups such as the Illuminati... and the truth about the role they are playing on the planet?
In these bizarre days of black-is-white, peace-is-war, and bad-is-good propaganda and psi-ops, most anything seems possible...even a convincing 'Death-Bed Confession' video.
Zieper's first big internet video, 'Military Takeover Of New York City,' was so convincing, in fact, it earned him the extended attention of the FBI and the Department of Justice. Perhaps, Mr. Zieper will cook-up the next bin Laden video for the Pentagon...?
Here are some past news stories about Zieper's 'Military Takeover Of New York City' video hoax which led to considerable anxiety amongst a substantial number of citizens - and government agencies - who watched it online:
Subversive Filmmaker Attracts The Wrong Kind Of Agent - The FBI
Video artist Mike Z. in Times Square
Photo: Michael Sofronski
By Mark Boal
The Monitor
Week of November 24 - 30, 1999
Success seemed imminent. A local TV station was airing a segment about his Web site, and he began to savor those precious moments of microfame. No more dingy years of self-subsidized screenings; now there'd be an audience for his art. But then came the FBI.
In a highly unusual move last week, FBI agents called Mike Zieper, an independent artist who goes by the name Mike Z., and "requested" that he remove his site from the Internet. When he declined, the FBI worked in tandem with the U.S. Attorney's office to persuade his Web host and its server to pull Zieper's site"18 days after it went up"without having a subpoena or court order of any kind.
Mike Z.'s Web site showed an eerie but amateur video that purports to be a military briefing. The clip opens with fuzzy shots of Times Square, over which an unseen male voice describes a secret army plan to incite a race riot on New Year's Eve. "First Team," he says "you're all here by oh-four hundred," and he then instructs undercover black agents to "Give them a little of the Amadou shit, agitate it."
The FBI was alerted to the site after receiving phone calls from people who thought its Blair Witch"style footage was genuine army issue. The opening banner on the site read, "I don't know too much about this tape you are about to see. I got it from my cousin Steve who's in the army. . . . If it's fake, then there's nothing to worry about. If it's real, then we're in really big trouble."
The FBI's call came when Mike Z. was at a friend's house last Thursday watching his UPN 9 interview. Suddenly, his pager hummed, and when he called the number back, it turned out to be the local New Jersey sheriff's department at his front door with two FBI agents in tow, wondering if they could come in for a chat. Then agents Dan Calemina and Joe Metzinger got on the phone and said, " 'We know that you have this Web site and that it has been getting a lot of activity,' " Z. recalls. " 'And we want to know how we can get people to stop seeing it.' The implication was obviously that I would face a subpoena or an arrest if I didn't [take it down]," Z. says.
Instead, Z. contacted attorneys and put his computer in storage. But the agents made an end run around him. When Z. refused to pull his site, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office contacted Z.'s host, BECamation, the next day. And that was all it took. "I had no choice but to pull the site down completely or I would have lost my business," says Mark Wieger, BECamation's president, who feared that his own ISP would cut him off. Lisa Korologos, an assistant U.S. Attorney, requested that Wieger "remove the content so that it could not be distributed," Wieger says. (Both the U.S. Attorney's office and the FBI had no comment.)
Wieger later apologized to Z. in an e-mail: "To us a $75 job is not worth losing our business over. . . . We regret that this has happened and to lose you as a customer."
While Internet service providers are commonly subpoened by law enforcement officials, an attorney who specializes in cyber liberties at the ACLU could not recall a similar case in which the officers acted without a warrant. "I've never heard of anything like this involving the FBI," said Ann Beeson, a staff attorney at the ACLU.
Neither had Z., who was terrified when the agents called. "I was thinking, am I a criminal? I started to imagine those orange jumpsuits and spending time in jail." Z. believes intimidation was the point of the conversation, and that, says the ACLU, runs afoul of the First Amendment.
"Even though the ISP may not have been told, 'You must take it down,' there are still serious constitutional problems," says Beeson. "It is certainly constitutionally suspect for law enforcement to implicitly threaten any private entity with censorship." (The ACLU is considering a suit.)
For Z., blurring the line between truth and fiction is what makes his work unique. "I like to get people into a space that's not framed by narrative," Z. says of his video. "My work always looks like something that was not made for public consumption, and here it tries to address issues of race." For now, those issues will have to wait.
FBI Stops Net Y2K Film
By Robert MacMillan
Newsbytes - November 30, 1999
In what could be a first-of-its-kind incident, the Federal Bureau of Investigation approached Internet-based filmmaker Mike Zieper, and asked him to remove a short film he shot in cinema verite style, from his Website.
The only problem is that the law enforcement officials did this without a search warrant or a court order, which could amount to a violation of the First Amendment.
Zieper, as first reported in the Village Voice, declined to shut down the site, so the FBI approached the Web host, BECamation, and asked that company to take down the site. BECamation complied.
Mark Wieger, president of BECamation, confirmed that he shut down the Website in response to FBI requests nearly two weeks ago, but declined to comment further on the situation.
The issue, according to the Voice, centers around a short film that purports to be military intelligence on a US government-backed attempt to start a race riot at Times Square on New Year's Eve.
The short film evidently resembled real life a little too much, causing a harsh reaction from the FBI, which previously acknowledged that it is trying to combat the possibility of race riots and other end-of-the-world-style scenarios which some fringe groups purportedly have been planning to mark the date change from 1999 to 2000.
The law enforcement agents who approached Zieper, he said, were part of a "Y2K readiness team to address all these issues."
"They said there's a lot of activity on this Website of yours, and a lot of people who are planning vacations, and coming into New York City on New Year's Eve. How do we get people to stop looking at this Website of yours?"
Zieper, who goes by the name Mike Z., initially approached the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). He told Newsbytes that he would be willing to work with the ACLU on trying to define the role law enforcement should play in putting any sort of art or speech online, but added that he is not specifically pursuing any sort of legal remedy for his film in particular.
The FBI declined to comment on the story.
According to the Village Voice article, however, the FBI did not seek a court order to shut down the site, but instead worked with the US Attorney's office, and implied to Zieper that he could face a subpoena or arrest because of the Website.
Zieper said that his film was intended as fiction, but that his moviemaking style reflects an attempt to "get closer to reality."
He added that the film was made merely to provoke discussion, and that despite the loss of his Website to federal pressure, the movie "has been mirrored all over the place."
He also said that his Website in about two weeks logged 3,700 hits for the short film.
Zieper also said that he does not hold a grudge against the FBI for trying to uphold the law. "They're very good at what they do," he said. "I'm glad they're working for America... but I don't want them to have a debriefing next year and say 'what works when you have a Website that you don't like the looks of?'"
Zieper also said that the Internet remains a communications medium that is relatively uncluttered with regulation, but that this also has the downside of leaving too many open questions about how to handle free speech issues.
"(The Internet) is not regulated, not restricted. It's full of promise," he said. "It's funny how that promise is taken away from you."
Reported by
ACLU Sues FBI, Justice Department Over Censorship Of
Fictional "Y2K Military Takeover" Film
Three days before Christmas (1999 -ed), agents from the FBI and the U.S. District Attorney's Office in New York shut down a website displaying a short Internet film about a secret military takeover of Times Square on New Year's Eve film by convincing video artist Mike Zieper and his web host Mark Wieger that they could be prosecuted for showing the film. Even though Zieper's film purports to depict real events, he said the point of it was to raise issues about "people's fears of the upcoming millennium, the distrust many Americans have for their government, and the use of racial hatred to manipulate the American people."
"Ironically," he added, "I was trying to provoke thoughts about Y2K issues that concern all of us, including some people's belief that our government is hostile to its citizens. What happened to me is a prime example of why some people think that way."
In the lawsuit filed on Zieper's behalf, the ACLU is seeking both financial damages and a court declaration that the government acted unlawfully in suppressing constitutionally protected speech and due process rights. ACLU lawyer Ann Beeson couldn't help but note that had "these agents been around when Orson Welles broadcast War of the Worlds (a 1938 sci-fi tale that some radio listeners took for a live news story), perhaps they would have shut down the radio station that aired the program."
Status: U
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 21:40:23
From: Chris Wilson <>
Subject: deathbed confrssion tape times and clips
Sorry it took so long for me to respond, but I had someone come over and we figured out a way to make short clips from the ('Death-Bed' video) tape. Each one is quicktime, and I can play any of them when you want. I don't know how it's going to sound over the phone...
We made 6 clips, and you can take a look at the length and what he said in each one.
(typed transcriptions of the six brief audio extracts from the 'Death-Bed' online video are included at this point in the email -ed)
I hope this makes it easier for you. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
Status: U
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 12:54:47 -0500
From: Chris Wilson <>
Subject: tonight
I will call on the 800 number you gave me. I have a cordless phone, I
hope that works.
I can call at exactly 7pm PST which is 10 my time.
Did you get the audio cassette I sent?
- Chris
Status: U
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 21:33:48 -0500
I will call at exactly 7 pst
From Mark Chariff
I think Mike Zieper's next project should be the Osama Bin Laden autopsy video.

Film-Maker Mike Z. Accepts Compliment On His 'Death-Bed' Video

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