Suicide Bomber Reid Said
'One Of A Hundred'
Ready For Same
By Carl Limbacher and Staff

The leader of a London mosque where American Airlines Flt. 63 suicide bomber Richard Reid worshipped said Wednesday that he is just one of at least one hundred militant British Muslims who are prepared to execute similar attacks.
"You would have at least 100 or more individuals who would be prepared to do that," said Abdul Haqq Baker, Chairman of Brixton Mosque where both Reid and suspected 9/11 terrorist Zacararias Moussaoui worshipped, in an interview with the BBC.
"Those propagating the extreme views are relatively few in number but in the last four or five years we have witnessed that number grow quite frighteningly," Baker explained, adding that there were perhaps as many as 1,000 extremist Muslims in the UK, of whom at least 100 were ready to become suicide bombers.
On Tuesday the Boston Globe reported the FBI believed Reid was part of a "wider network" of Islamic extremists. Baker told the BBC that Reid came to the mosque to learn about Islam but soon fell in with what he called "more extreme elements".
Sources speaking on condition of anonymity told NBC News Wednesday that some al-Qaeda prisoners under U.S. control in Afghanistan said they recognized Reid, also known as Abdel Rahim, as having attended terrorist training camps operated by Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.
Reid was identified from photographs shown to the prisoners by U.S. interrogators. The al-Qaeda detainees said they remembered him as being "high-strung."
Reid's plan to blow Flight 63 out of the sky was foiled when an alert flight attendant noticed him trying to detonate explosives aboard the Miami-bound Paris flight and restrained him with the help of other passengers.
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