India Will Be Ready For
War In Three Days

NEW DELHI (UPI) - India's defense minister, George Fernandes, on Thursday described the situation on the India-Pakistan border as "grave," and said the deployment of troops along the border will be completed in two to three days.
Fernandes said that despite the troop deployment, India will wait for any "positive result" in placing diplomatic pressure on Islamabad to rein in Pakistan-based Islamic rebel groups, Press Trust of India reported.
"In the next two to three days, the deployment process will be completed and the forces will be ready for any eventuality. But there are diplomatic efforts which should be allowed to reach some conclusion," he told reporters after returning from his three-day trip to border areas in Kashmir.
India's Cabinet Committee on Security is currently meeting to outline the next course of action against Pakistan.
"At the moment India pays great emphasis on its diplomatic efforts. We are still awaiting some positive results," Fernandes said.
Meanwhile, news reports say that Islamabad has put all its airports on high alert and installed anti-aircraft guns.
In case of war, the Pakistan Air Force will take charge of all civilian airports, said the Pakistani daily The News. Pakistan's Navy has also started aerial monitoring of coastal areas.
Pakistan on Thursday banned two Islamic rebel outfits named by India for a terrorist attack on the Indian parliament Dec. 13.
India blames Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-I-Mohammed for the raid that left 14 people dead, including all five attackers.
Islamabad's move followed a decision by the U.S. State Department Wednesday to add both Lashkar and Jaish to its official terrorists list.
It is not clear if Pakistan's latest action can reduce the tension with India as the nuclear rivals neighbors appear to be on the brink of a military conflict.
Troops on either side of the border are on high alert and missiles are in position. Intermittent firing from both sides has been going on for several days in Kashmir.
India has already recalled its ambassador to Islamabad. Pakistan has urged India to act responsibly to avoid an outright conflict.
"Indian leaders are generating a war hysteria because of domestic compulsions," Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan's information secretary, said in Islamabad.
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