London On Full Terror Alert
By Justin Davenport
Crime Correspondent
This Is

London was today placed on full alert for the possibility of a double-pronged Christmas terror campaign.
Anti-terrorist detectives fear that the capital could be the target for both Islamic extremists and renegade Irish terrorists trying to disrupt the peace process.
Today Scotland Yard launched an urgent appeal to Londoners to remain vigilant for the possibility of an attack. The warning is being backed by an advertising campaign.
Police believe the Real IRA may try to launch a terrorist attack on the mainland in the run-up to Christmas following the recent high-profile arrests of terror suspects in connection with the Ealing and BBC bombs.
However, detectives believe the most potent threat comes from Islamic extremist groups or individuals who may try to carry out an attack against civilians in London in retaliation for the military success of the Western alliance in Afghanistan. An internal memo has warned senior commanders across London to be on the alert for the possibility of suicide attacks.
In particular security sources are worried about the possibility of spontaneous revenge attacks if Osama bin Laden is killed or captured by alliance forces.
Senior police sources emphasise there is no specific intelligence of a planned attack but it is believed secret terrorist cells loyal to Bin Laden, which are capable of carrying out an attack, may be already in place in Britain.
One senior police source said: "This is a very dangerous time. There is a perception that things are going well for the West at the moment in Afghanistan and this is precisely the time that we need to remain vigilant."
The security services are alert to the possibility of every type of attack in Britain ranging from threats to airlines, car bombings, assassination attempts and suicide attacks along the lines of those more commonly associated with Israel. Thousands of extra police have been on anti-terrorist patrol in London protecting potential targets such as Downing Street, Canary Wharf and the City airport.
The Met police advertising campaign comes only days after Home Secretary David Blunkett raised the possibility of a Christmas bombing campaign.
In a BBC radio interview he warned that information from intelligence sources suggested that Britain could be a prime target because of its alliance with the United States. Fears of an attack were raised today in a briefing by Scotland Yard's Assistant Commissioner David Veness and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Alan Fry, the head of the Anti-Terrorist Branch. The Met has also issued a warning in an advertisement on page 18 of today's Standard.
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