New Inquiry Into
Columbine Killing

GOLDEN, Colo. (Reuters) - Although denying accusations that a police officer mistakenly shot to death a student during the Columbine High School massacre, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office late on Friday ordered an outside investigation into the allegations.
The El Paso County Sheriff's Office will conduct a review of the claims made by the father of slain student Daniel Rohrbough "in an effort to avoid any controversy," said Jefferson County Sheriff's spokeswoman Jacki Tallman.
The boy's father, Brian Rohrbough, claims in motions filed in federal court this week that Denver police officer Daniel O'Shea shot the 15 year old as he fled the Littleton, Colorado school during the April 20, 1999 rampage.
Jefferson County investigators concluded that gunmen Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed a teacher and 12 students before committing suicide.
Tallman said that "an extensive investigation" was made into the shootings and the department stands by its conclusions. "The evidence, including ten eyewitness reports, demonstrates that Dylan Klebold and/or Eric Harris shot and killed Daniel Rohrbough," Tallman said.
Brian Rohrbough named O'Shea in an effort to persuade a federal judge to reinstate a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. U.S. District Judge Lewis Babcock dismissed the lawsuit last month in part because Rohrbough did not identify the officer whom he believed shot his son.
Brian Rohrbough told Reuters that he was skeptical of the new probe because Jefferson County authorities selected the investigating agency. "It's extremely self-serving. The only way we'll get to the truth is in court with people under oath," Rohrbough said.
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