Comparative Military Might
Of India And Pakistan
Amid War Clouds
By Indo-Asian News Service

New Delhi (IANS) - Heightened tension between India and Pakistan has led to the massing of troops along their winding border, sparking fears of a military conflict.

The following is a comparison of the military strength of the two countries:


Army: 1.1 million personnel with five regional commands and 12 corps. Reserves: Territorial Army - 40,000 volunteers

Equipment : 3,400 main battle tanks, including T-55, T-72, Vijayanta. 90 light tanks 1,450 infantry combat vehicles 300 armoured personnel carriers 4,175 pieces of towed artillery, including 155mm Bofors howitzers, 130 mm guns, 105 mm guns About 200 pieces of self-propelled artillery 2,400 air defence guns Unspecified number of Searcher and other unmanned aerial vehicles 150 helicopters

Navy : 53,000 personnel with three commands and far Eastern joint command in the Andaman and Nicobar island chain. Personnel include 1,000 marine commandos.

Equipment : 10 Russian-made Kilo-class submarines, four HDW SSK submarines and two Soviet era Foxtrot submarines, one aircraft carrier with Sea King helicopters and Sea Harrier aircraft, eight guided missile destroyers, 11 frigates, seven corvettes and 39 patrol and offshore combat vessels, 18 mine warfare vessels, seven amphibious combat vessels, 32 support vessels. 20 Sea Harrier aircraft, 29 Dornier aircraft, 10 Il-38 and Tu-142 reconnaissance aircraft, some 70 helicopters, including Ka-25s.

Air Force: 110,000 personnel with five regional commands

Equipment: More than 700 combat aircraft, including Su-30, MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-29, Mirage 2000, Jaguar maritime aircraft. More than 20 attack helicopters, including Mi-25 and Mi-35. Four Boeing electronic intelligence aircraft, two reconnaissance squadrons, More than 200 transport aircraft, including Dorniers, An-32, Avros, Il-76. More than 150 transport helicopters, including Mi-8, Mi-17 and Mi-26.

Missiles: Unspecified number of Prithvi nuclear-capable short-range ballistic missiles.


Army: 550,000 personnel with nine corps headquarters. Reserves: 513,000 personnel.

Equipment: 2,300 main battle tanks, including M-47, M-48, T-55, Chinese-made Type 59, Type 69, Type 85 and T-80UD. 1,150 armoured personnel carriers. 1,400 pieces of towed artillery, including 155mm, 130mm and 203mm guns. 250 pieces of self-propelled artillery. More than 2,000 air defence guns, 20 attack helicopters, more than 100 transport helicopters and unspecified number of Bravo UAVs.

Navy: 25,000 personnel, including 1,200 marines and 2,000 personnel of Maritime Security Agency. Main base at Karachi.

Equipment: 10 submarines, including French-made Agosta, Daphne armed with Harpoon missiles, eight frigates, five missile crafts, three coastal patrol boats, one inshore patrol vessel, six mine warfare and nine support vessels Five naval combat aircraft and nine armed helicopters

Air Force: 45,000 personnel with three regional commands

Equipment: More than 350 combat aircraft, including Mirage III, Mirage 5, Chinese-made Q-5. One reconnaissance squadron More than 20 transport aircraft, including C-130 Hercules, Boeing 707.

Missiles: Unspecified number of Hatf-I, Hatf-II short-range missiles

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