Pak Aims Its Nuclear Missiles
For Targets Throughout India

A Chalomumbai Correspondent

Pakistan's goal is to be able to strike a large number of targets throughout India with nuclear-tipped missiles in an event of war, a US National Intelligence Estimate report has said.
The Estimate says foreign support for Pakistan's ambitious solid-propellant ballistic missile acquisition and development programme has been critical. Pakistan sees missile delivery nuclear weapons as a vital deterrent to India's much larger conventional forces, and as a necessary counter to India's nuclear programme.
According to the report, Pakistan pursued nuclear capability more for strategic reasons than for international prestige. "Since the 1980s, Pakistan has pursued development of an indigenous ballistic missile capacity in an attempt to avoid reliance on any foreign entity for this key capability. Islamabad will continue with its present ballistic missile production goals until it has achieved a survivable, flexible force capable of striking a large number of targets throughout most of India."
According to the Estimate, India believes that a nuclear-capable missile delivery option is necessary to deter Pakistani first use of nuclear weapons and thereby preserve the option to wage limited conventional war in response to Pakistani provocations in Kashmir or elsewhere.
The proliferation of ballistic-missile technologies, materials and expertise, especially by Russian, Chinese and North Korean entities, has enabled emerging missile states to acelerate the development timelines for their existing programmes and acquire turnkey systems, it said.
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