Israel To Ask US For OK To Sell
Arrow Missiles To India, Turkey


WASHINGTON (Narad Online): Israeli Defence Minister Benjamin Ben Eliezer, while showing Jerusalem's seriousness about selling the Arrow missiles to India and Turkey, has said he would ask US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to allow missiles' export to Turkey and eventual sales of the anti-missile system to India.
He said he would tell Rumsfeld: "Let us sell 200 anti-missile systems to Turkey and India".
Ben Eliezer, in an interview with the 'Defence News', said Washington's permission to sell the missiles to the third countries, including India and Turkey and the US funding for missiles' co-production in the US, will be among key issues for his discussion with Rumsfeld, tomorrow at the Pentagon.
Citing India and Turkey as prospective customers for the missiles, he said "although, I am certainly taking into consideration the US sensitivities with regard to ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan and Washington's larger interests in the region."
Asked whether Israel's planned export request does not violate earlier insistence by the US that there would be no third country sales of the Arrow, Eliezer said "Between friends, nothing is chutzpah," using the Yiddish language term for nerve.
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