India Won't Pull Back Until Pak
Hands Over 20 'Terrorists'


HISAR (Narad Online) - Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pramod Mahajan on Wednesday said that our troops would remain at the borders till Pakistan hand over the 20 terrorists and criminals wanted by India and stops cross-border terrorism.
Referring to the assertions made by Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf that he would not hand over any Pakistani to India, the Minister pointed out that Musharraf could hand over Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim as both of them were having Indian passport.
In case, Musharraf refuses to deport them, "our patience will run out," warned Mahajan, adding, "If the USA could ask for Osama bin Laden, why can't India ask for Tiger Memon and Dawood."
How could Pakistan ask proof of the terrorist acts committed by these listed terrorists when "we know that Dawood was involved in serial bomb blasts in Mumbai and Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Mansood Azhar had got terrorists released by having an Indian plane hijacked to Kandhar, Mahajan argued.
The Union Minister, who was addressing the five-day seventh national youth festival on 'Youth Against Terrorism', which concluded here on Wednesday with a firm resolve to fight a decisive battle against the menace, said that the country's fight "is not against Islam or against the people of Pakistan, but against those few who are trying to create terror and disturbances in our country."
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