Fox News - Pearl Not
Killed On Videotape

With Carl Limbacher and Staff

A conflicting version of the chilling murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl emerged Sunday, with Fox News Channel contradicting earlier reports that his execution was videotaped as it happened by kidnappers tied to the al-Qaeda terrorist network.
"Contrary to prior reports Pearl is apparently not killed on camera," reported FNC's Rick Leventhal.
"There are several scenes spliced together on the three-and-a-half-minute digital tape. On one of them he is forced to make a statement during which he talks about his Jewish heritage."
Leventhal continued:
"Later there's a shot of a wound, some kind of knife wound in his chest. And later there is a scene of his throat being cut, although people who have seen this tape say it appears that Danny Pearl was already dead at that time."
Leventhal said that prior to his execution, in addition to acknowledging his Jewish heritage, Pearl was forced to say, "America will bear the consequences of our government's unconditional support for Israel."
When pressed for further details about the Pearl death video, Leventhal said:
"We're being told that it was, in fact, edited together. It may have been a crude job. But certainly there is evidence on the tape that Danny Pearl was dead at the time that they cut his throat; that there's clearly a wound to his body.
"At one point on the tape, and later when they inflicted the rest of the damage to his body, there was no sign of life from Danny Pearl. So, apparently he was already dead at that time - but certainly a gruesome tape and one that has outraged authorities."
The FNC reporter did not identify his source for the new version of the Danny Pearl death tape.
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