Five More Cattle
Mutilations In Argentina

From Scott Corrales
Source 'La Arena' (La Pampa, Argentina)

GENERAL ACHA (DNA) -- Five cows were found dead this past weekend in a field of the Cuchillo-Co region. The animals' lifeless bodies were missing organs and their mysterious deaths were added to the more than ten cases that still perplex police officers and veterinarians involved in investigating these events. The Aberdeen Angus cows were found at the "La Sierra" rural establishment, owned by Gregoria Echávez, located on Lot 24 some 150 kilometers west of General Acha. Police sources informed LA ARENA on Sunday that Maria Alejandra Veralli had filed a complaint after recieving a telephone call from her sister, discussing the fact that the deaths of five bovines had been ascertained, and some of them were missing vital organs.
The police undertook the pertinent action and reported the event to the 2nd Duty Court. Subsequently, for reasons of jurisdiction, the police report was forwarded to the Cuchillo-Co sheriff's office, given that the field is located on Routes 28 and 13. This weekend's finds were added to the rest of the cases which have kept police and veterinarians on edge. Readers will recall that cows slain under strange circumstances were found in the fields of Macachín, Salliqueló (province of Buenos Aires), Bernasconi, Jacinto Arauz, Villa Iris and the General Acha region. In all of these cases, the animals had been rendered bloodless and presented incisions made by high-precision instruments which are unknown to the parties conducting the investigation. The shroud of mystery is further thickened by the fact that in the hours prior to one of these discoveries, strange lights were seen in the vicinity. The authorities are already researching these cases, but no answers have been found up to now.
Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi


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