Chamish - Revenge Against Peres
The Reason For LAX Shooting
By Barry Chamish

A long list of violent and powerful people are going after Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. The July 4th shooting at Los Angeles Airport was a failed attempt to exact vengeance by murdering his granddaughter.
By bungling the Rabin assassination, Peres has become an easy target for political blackmail in Israel. A longtime agent of the Vatican and EU, Peres has been forced to jump ship and support the CFR/RIIA American/British Middle East agenda.
The Europeans are furious at Peres for his perceived treachery and incompetence. The French government demanded that all records of its chicanery with him; like the Rabin assassination, secret diplomacy over the Golan Heights, the murder of Paris ambassador Eliahu Ben Elissar, the covert channels to the PFLP and other terror groups, the untold millions of francs funneled to Peres through Switzerland and the EU etc., be destroyed and last month an "electrical short" caused a fire to race through the five storeys of the Israeli embassy, devouring all written and computer records in its path.
But that wasn't enough. A powerful message was sent to Peres in Los Angeles that he had better get back on board the European ship.
The first person to declare the shooting at the El Al counter at Los Angeles International Airport a terror act was Shimon Peres, a longtime reader wants to know why.
*** What--did Avishai Raviv "beep" Uncle Shimon with the news? The FBI is declining comment on the dead shooter's ethnicity. An eyewitness account on Arutz-7's English webcast says the shooter was white, blonde, and shouting about his lost job.
Wayne Dallas, TX
That Peres immediately "knew" that the shooting was a terror act, though that fact hasn't been established positively even days after the incident, may be telling. But the first descriptions of the shooter may be even moreso. He was not seen as an Arab by witnesses, but as a blonde caucasian. The dead Egyptian's father said the same thing to the tv cameras. He asked why witnesses saw a blonde man with a ponytail do the shooting, not his son.
Something is rotten in the state of California and there may be clues in the following AP report of the crime:
FBI - Gunman Went to LAX to Kill
By Andrew Bridges
Associated Press Writer
July 5, 2002
LOS ANGELES (AP) - The FBI ( news - web sites) said Friday that the heavily armed Egyptian immigrant who fatally shot two people at the ticket counter of Israel's national airline had gone to the Los Angeles airport to kill.
"Why he did that is what we are still trying to determine," FBI special agent Richard Garcia said.
Hesham Mohamed Hadayet was the fourth person in line at the El Al counter when he opened fire, authorities said. He fired 10 or 11 bullets before he was fatally shot himself by an airline security guard, as hundreds of people dove for cover.
Three other people were wounded, including a guard who was stabbed by Hadayet as he fought with the wounded gunman. A fourth bystander suffered heart trouble after the attack.
The shooting could have been a random act of violence or a hate crime, Garcia said. He said authorities also had not ruled out a number of potential motives, including terrorism, though Hadayet, 41, was not on any FBI or federal aviation "watch" lists.
Israeli officials said they would consider the attack an act of terror unless it was proven otherwise. A source close to Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said Peres' granddaughter was in the terminal at the time of the attack.
Hadayet was armed with a .45-caliber semiautomatic Glock pistol, a 9 mm handgun and a 6-inch knife, authorities said. The FBI said it wasn't clear whether he acted alone or why he had drivers' licenses with two last names " Hadayet and Ali.
The California licenses also had two birth dates " July 4, 1961 and April 7, 1961. Authorities believe the discrepancy was caused when he filled out his application and wrote 4-7-61 instead of 7-4-61.
Relatives said Hadayet was a Cairo-born accountant who ran a limousine company out of his Irvine apartment. Hassan Mostafa Mahfouz, who is married to Hadayet's aunt, said Hadayet had studied commerce at Ain Shams University in Cairo, and had worked as an accountant in a bank before he left for the United States in 1992.
"He is a very, very tender person and close to his family," Mahfouz said in Cairo. He confirmed that Thursday was his nephew's birthday.
Hadayet, his wife and two sons, ages 8 and 11, lived in a small apartment building in a middle-class section of Orange County. His family had left for Egypt about a week ago.
Neighbors said Hadayet was quiet, but became angry when an upstairs neighbor hung large American and Marine Corps flags from a balcony above his front door after the Sept. 11 attacks.
"He complained about it to the apartment manager. He thought it was being thrown in his face," neighbor Steve Thompson said.
There was no record of such a complaint, said Rich Elbaum, a spokesman for The Irvine Co., which owns and manages the complex where Hadayet lived.
The flags were there the day of the shooting. A bumper sticker on Hadayet's front door that read "Read the Koran" was removed by authorities.
The FBI searched the apartment Thursday night, impounding a Toyota Camry and carrying away a computer, books, binders and other material. They refused to say what else the search turned up.
Hadayet's state limousine permit, issued in August 1997, was revoked last November when he failed to maintain insurance papers on file with the state, the Public Utilities Commission ( news - web sites) said. Irvine Police Lt. Dave Freedland said Hadayet had three contacts with the department since 1996 " all of them "unremarkable."
Kobi Metzler, 44, who lives near Hadayet, said his 16-year-old daughter recently asked Hadayet about using his limo service to go to her prom.
"She came home and said 'Dad, this guy is so cool,'" Metzler said, adding that Hadayet offered his daughter a low price.
I have been at this same El Al counter at LAX six times in the past two years. I doubt I could have snuck in a butter knife let alone a .45-caliber semiautomatic Glock pistol, a 9 mm handgun and a 6-inch knife, plus lots of ammo. Is it not odd that the shooter did, especially if he looked Egyptian? El Al security personnel are Shabak-trained to kill within two seconds of anyone opening fire. So how did Hadayet get off eleven rounds before being subdued? Having two driver's licenses with two different birthdates caused by inverting the month and day is understandable. Having two driver's licenses with two different names is not. And how terribly convenient that his family left America a week before the shooting.
Don't you love the touch with the Marine flag flown above his door and the Read The Koran sticker? At last, we have a motive. Except Hadayet did not complain to the apartment manager like the neighbors said. It sure sounds like the unwitting neighbors were set up by rumor.
Now here is where things get sticky. First, Hadayet lived in a Jewish neighborhood. Kobi Metzler is an Israeli. Neither he nor his daughter had any compunctions about Hadayet driving the teenager to her prom. Fine, he wasn't openly a Jew or Israeli hater. But the Metzlers should have had plenty of compunctions if they knew he was driving without a license.
The November before, his license was revoked because he didn't keep up with insurance payments. Now why didn't he pay his insurance and get the license back? How could he keep offering his limousine services illegally for 8 months without anyone noticing?
And we return full circle. If the California Public Utilities Commission took the trouble to investigate his insurance records, why didn't they ask what he was doing with two driving licenses under two separate names? If he registered his limo under only one of them, what exactly was the other license used for?
Why did the witnesses see a blonde man with a pony tail do the shooting? Could Hadayet have replaced the real hitman, whose target was very specific? Unless Dr. David Parkus is more than what is reported, it seems that Hadayet was, in fact, the lone assassin. Consider the following news report:
By David M. Bresnahan
July 5, 2002
LOS ANGELES -- Israel calls the shooting at Los Angeles International Airport a terrorist event but U.S. investigators say they are unsure. Egyptian limousine driver Mohamed Hadayet, 41, began shooting people in front of the El Al airline ticket counter yesterday. A security guard shot and killed Hadayet. A drivers license found by police listed his birthday as July 4, 1961, as well as a second birth date.
Los Angeles Police and the F.B.I. are searching for evidence to determine whether the act was terrorist connected, or just an act of violence. Israeli officials say the granddaughter of Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres was in the airport at the time. They believe the gunman was attempting to locate her when he was frustrated by an El Al ticket agent.
F.B.I. spokesman Matt McLaughlin told reporters that terrorism is not being ruled out, "but there's nothing to indicate terrorism at this point." Hadayet, who had a California gun permit, was carrying a Glock 45-caliber semiautomatic handgun along with an unidentified 9 mm handgun, as well as a 6-inch knife. In addition he had extra magazines with more ammunition for both guns -- indicating the attack was thought out and planned in advance. Dr. David Parkus, a trauma surgeon from Texas was nearby when the shooting began, according to an Associated Press report.
He said he saw one security guard wrestling with Hadayet, then a second guard shot him. Parkus said one guard had injuries to his head and was cut by a knife on the right arm. The second guard was cut on the lower back and the left thigh, and also had a gunshot wound to the right thigh. Parkus said he held the gunman as he died, then performed CPR on two victims, according to AP.
*** The motives for the attempted murder of Peres' grandaughter are numerous but my first instinct tells me it may have had something to do with Peres' appointments the same week of Nissim Zvilli as French ambassador and Avi Primor as EU ambassador. I have also been informed that Rabin murder suspect Jean Frydman began a campaign to rule over most French Jewish organizations during the same period. Could it be that Peres was returning to the European fold and ticked off the CFR gang? Can anyone help put the pieces together?
A cartoon depicting my battle against Peres has appeared on the Hebrew internet. The cartoon is the attachment. ***
Identifying Your Friendly Shabak Asset
The last sendout, I Caught My Shabak Informer, led to some remarkable insights by readers. I first met Iris Cohen at a press conference on behalf of the Kidnapped Yemenite Children of the late 1940s, early '50s. I later saw her at an outdoor rally on behalf of this cause. She was casing the Yemenite groups, as one activist confirms: "Maybe Iris Cohen once went by the name Ayelet Gvaram? Is she a not-entirely-skinny light brown haired (green eyes, if I remember?) and a little freckeled woman in her late twenties (now thirties)." Yep, that's her.
Other writers claimed that Uri Heitner, once a spokesman for the Golan Residents Association, is a blatant plant in the conservative media. In the past he has written against all those who believe and know that Yitzhak Rabin was murdered in a Shabak plot that included provocateur Avishai Raviv. This week, in the newspaper Makor Rishon, Heitner praised the Shabak and wished them a thousand more brave patriots like Raviv "to root out the scum like Noam Federman." It's a crude tactic but Heitner is a Shabak media asset after all.
Of Kach leader Federman, one reader noted that two weeks ago he claimed in Makor Rishon that the Shabak described Rabbi Shlomo Aviner to him in the foulest of terms. "This week," the observor relates, "Rabbi Aviner published an article in Hatsofe urging its young readers to join the Shabak. I don't know why he would do that, but it sure makes you think."
*** Two weeks ago, the roads to Bet Shemesh were blocked while the Shabak (GSS) and police sought a terror group, they told us, which was planning to send a suicide bomber into the town. The bomber and his explosives belt were never found. A reliable informant tells us why. ***
You might have missed the "chase" of your life the other day when hundreds of army police, civil police and GSS agents went on desperate red alert to catch the suicide bomber near Beth Shemesh.
Beth Shemesh? What or where is that? Is that a target?
Tipped by GSS chief Avi Dichter himself who received his intelligence "in real time", army and police moved in to search a much wider area than the little, ailing, insignificant village of Beth Shemesh. The target was in fact none other than Emek Haela's Kfar Zacharia (or Chirbet Zacharia), one, if not the most, sensitive military spot on the Israeli map. This time the terrorist were after a "grand effect" to explode a device right in the heart of Israeli nuclear depot, thus scoring a huge propaganda victory. An Israeli version of September 11.
Beth Shemesh - or even Modiin - itself is a target of no interest to the terrorists. You know that better than anyone else (by the way, do you glow at night?:). Nearby though there's a highly strategic nuclear depot where most of Israeli A-arsenal is kept (allegedly hundreds of Jericho missiles, N-bombs, etc.) And although detonating a Semtex belt or similar could not have blasted a nuclear reaction, such an attempt would have made headlines across the world and show Hamas to be able to hit at will at the heart of Israel's A-deterrence.
Police searched desperately for hours looking for a car with six terrorists in it (the suicider + 5 trainers/guides who made certain the target is located). Eventually it was decided to make a Kol Israel radio announcement without disclosing the real target, to enroll the public attention and vigilance and help locate the car. A Mekorot water engineer spotted the suspect car, and so, on a civilian tipoff, the police eventually closed in on the car. Policemen seemed to be completely vexed when they searched it and found no explosives. Apparently, Hamas headQ also heard the radio announcement and ordered the unit to abort the mission and dump the explosives. This is how Israel's most sensitive weapons arsenal is guarded and this is apparently how easy it is to get to it. Much like the Tel Aviv Glilot petrol and gas depot which was recently penetrated as well. Its time the Israeli people wake up and be told what's going on.
Arafat is acting very similarly to Saddam Hussein of Iraq. The more desperate he becomes and the more calls for his replacement from Washington, the more desperate measures he'll take. Expect nothing less. With elections looming in the winter, Arafat will do all to attract popular "palestinian" support. Like Saddam, he won't bow out quietly. Like Saddam, if he's forced to go, he'll go with a bang. Dimona for instance might be next, well within the range of a small Katyusha rocket fired from the Beer Sheva - Sdom highway. They are firing these in the Gaza strip already...
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