Fearful Argentine Cattle Ranchers
Send Families To Towns

From Scott Corrales

GENERAL CONESA, Argentina (AR) - The discovery of mutilated animals in various fields of the area has given rise to changes in the habits of many cattle ranchers. Uncertainty over the cattle mutilations has given rise to fear, and measures are being taken to alert about any eventuality.
At this time of the year, rural communication equipment is usually turned on between 1900 and 2000 hours. During this time, information is exchanged between the ranch's owner and the foreman. But since cows began to turn up dead, radio recievers have been on 24 hours a day. Even the volunteer fire brigade is on the same frequency.
"There is great fear among the country people. Since they don't know what's going on, they're completely disconcerted. If there is any doubt, they contact their neighbors or the fire brigade." And the fear is evident in the behavior of many ranchers, who have chosen to send their wives and children into town.
Furthermore, despite the fact that there have been no cases in this are, cattle ranchers are still startled that the huge farm water tanks "dried up." At this time of year, they usually hold 8000 liters of water, and if they suddenly run dry, it is a source of surprise to anyone. Especially if no leaks are detected. On the other hand, if a water tank that size should fracture and leak, spilling such an amount of water would leave a mud field of considerable size.
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Rural Population Under Alert -
Fear of Cattle Mutilations Grows
El Tribuno Digital
There is no scientific explanation. Were they sacrificed? New questions arise with new cases in the country.
We are a country without a personality. Anything that arrives from abroad, particularly the unsightly and extravagant, we embrace with unaccustomed devotion.
The phenomenon is not new. Since the beginning of the last century, our land has been visited by the most extravagan and sinester sects, and may have joined them without the least bit of reflection. Today, the fashion gyrates around UFO sects and there is a legion of gurus who claim that an imminent planetary catastrophe is on the way and that only the chosen--those who follow their teachings--shall be saved, since a fleet of alien spacecraft will come to collect them.
But this enigma has reached our folklore due to the mysterious spate of animal deaths in Argentina. Dead bovines, mutilated and without a trace of blood, have created a strange wave that has generated uncertainty among scientists, fear among the population, and conjectures on extraterrestrial activity.
The foreman of an agricultural and livestock concern near the town of Adela, some 680 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, found eleven dead cows and bulls whose tongues, eyes, mammary glands and genitalia had been removed. The find, which was added to another nine dead and mutilated animals in nearby communities, spread fear among the rural population of the region, which is one of the richest cattle production areas of the country. The bovine corpses were scattered in a radius of 300 meters, arranged in a circle, should they be seen from above. The incisions were made with an electronic scalpel--an element which cauterizes as it cuts. No traces of bleeding were found.
Moreover, Fabio Zerpa, a former supporting actor who has investigated UFOs for over four decades, told Radio Mitre that he "has no doubt" that it is "one of the customary laboratory surveys of flora and fauna performed by extraterrestrials."
"Similar cases have been reported in Spain, the U.S., Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador. The first one occured in Santa Fe in 1964 and in all cases, the pattern was the same: Death without any apparent cause and mutilations without any trace of blood whatsoever," he explained.
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