Fixing The Polls


When I logged onto AOL tonight, they had a survey you could click, on whether or not we should attack Iraq.  I clicked no, which brought me to a comments board.  I submitted the following response, then closed the window & clicked the link for comments again.  My comment was there, near the top, and I noticed that the postings are sorted with the most recent at the top. 
So I read a few other comments, then closed the window and checked again a few minutes later, just to see if they'd keep the comment up.  I wasn't surprised to find it was gone from the group of postings sent at 11:21 p.m!  Just plain gone.  I looked at every single line item, thinking maybe they weren't sorted properly, but it wasn't there at all.  I guess if you don't agree with AOL's objective, you're not allowed to participate in their little survey!
Subject: Just another war for oil
Date: 8/1/2002 11:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: <aol://3548:H0TNJD0K/H0TNJD0K
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Iraq is just another war for oil.  There's evidence the attack on WTC was done by the US government (search the net for "Operation 911").  Bush needed the world community to accept a US invasion, so he could stabilize Afghanistan for the proposed Unocal pipeline.  The Taliban wanted "too much money" and couldn't guarantee the safety of the pipeline.  The agreement for Unocal was signed just weeks after our attack by the unelected leader of Afghanistan (a former oil representative himself).  The justification for US troops to guard the pipeline at US taxpayers' expense is already laid in the guise of hunting down Al-Qaeda.  This will provide China with plenty of oil from the Caspian Sea reserves, so they can keep turning out all the cheap "Made in China" junk Americans love to buy at Wal-Mart.
So now Bush (a/k/a big oil's lackey) wants Iraq's huge oil reserves.  Their goal is to install a puppet government to do corporate oil's bidding.  Plans to take Saudi Arabia are slated for a few years after Iraq.  None of this will help Americans.  It will only drive up oil prices because eventually the few major oil corporations will be able to charge whatever they want.  A few years down the road, Americans and their thirsty SUVs will all be paying the price for allowing this killing in our nation's name.
From Randy K.
Saw your letter to Rense over at his site and thought I'd tell you my experience. We had AOL for 6 long years until a few months ago when I just couldn't take their bullsh*t any longer. During the bombing of Serbia in 1999, I posted antiwar sentiments on their boards and ALL my posts were deleted after a few minutes. During the various flare-ups with Iraq the same thing happened. But racist, "nuke 'em", putrid postings by pimply little hatemongers stayed up, and I think that was done to make it seem the vast majority of opinions were behind whatever military insanity was occurring at the time. Drop aol - I did and have no regrets.


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