Latest Secret Jordan Collaboration
With Israel And CIA
US Troops In Jordan To Protect Israel From Iraq -
And King Abdullah From Everyone

"[US] Administration officials say there is no better ally among Arab countries than Jordan in fighting the war on terrorism. Jordan has...provided vital intelligence on al Qaeda operatives and sent interrogators to Cuba to help question detained terrorists. Officials say King Abdullah II also has helped in ways they can never discuss publicly. Some policy hard-liners inside the Pentagon, when talking about moderate states in the Arab world, will joke: 'What moderate states? Jordan and who else?' --Washington Times, September 21, 2002
WASHINGTON -- The long, sordid history of the Hashemite Regime's secret collaboration with Israel and the CIA, going way back to the beginning, is known to regional scholars and intelligence agencies; but not to the general public. There's even an Oxford University history book 'Collusion Across the Jordan' that lays out many of the excruciating details that lead to Israel's creation thanks to considerable secret help from the Hashemites, then ruled by the current King, Abdullah II's, namesake. King Abdullah was himself assasssinated by enraged Palestinians a few years after Israel's creation when he visited the Jordanian-controlled part of Jerusalem
The current Hashemite King is more compromised and more in-the-pocket than even his father and grandfather. Educated at Georgetown in Washington; born of a British mother (which required 'Constittional' changes so he could reign); speaking much better English than Arabic; and essentially put on his throne by a masterful CIA coup in the final days of his father's life; Abdullah II is now protected by US Special Forces said to be prepared to wisk him and family into cushy exile.
Such a developement could in fact occur in fact for one of three major reasons at this turning point in history.
* Desperate, the Iraqis may undermine his rule and help foment an uprising.
* His own repressed and downtrodden people could simply and finally conclude 'enough is enough'.
* The right-wing Israelis could pursue their long-held ideological goal -- going way back to the founding days of Revionist Zionism and Vladimir Jabotinsky -- and themselves help foment a coup trying to turn the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan into the 'Palestinian State'; thus giving the Israelis a place to 'expel', 'transfer', 'deport' as many Palestinians as they could terrorize out of the West Bank and Gaza.
Secret US Jordan War Plans
By Shlomo Shamir
Ha'aretz Daily
NEW YORK -- Jordan and the United States are holding secret negotiations over a deal under which the U.S. would guarantee cheap oil to Jordan in exchange for Amman allowing American forces into the kingdom to help protect Israel from Iraqi missiles, Newsday reported yesterday.
According to the newspaper, the U.S. "will guarantee the replacement of [the] cheap oil" that Jordan currently receives from Iraq if Amman agrees to let U.S. forces into eastern Jordan to hunt down Iraqi Scud launchers.
Both Jordan and the U.S. are concerned that an overt U.S. presence in the Hashemite Kingdom in the event of an American assault on Iraq could result in a popular uprising in Amman, or a direct challenge to King Abdullah. But a Western diplomat in Amman told the paper that "the U.S. will not make requests of Jordan that it knows Jordan [politically] cannot carry out ... The real concern is if something happens between Iraq and Israel and the havoc that Iraq could cause" in Jordan.
The paper noted that "finding an alternative to the Iraqi oil that Jordan buys at about $50 million per month below world prices" could be "crucial to keeping the fragile balance in Jordan during a war."
"Cut off from those supplies by war, Jordan would be economically crippled by the sudden expense of buying from elsewhere, and could suffer an upheaval," it said.
The paper then quoted a Western diplomatic source as saying that "the U.S. is sensitive to Jordan's vulnerability on the oil issue ... They are not going to let a country they care so much about fall apart over something so manageable as oil."
According to Newsday, Jordanian officials said "privately" that Washington "has guaranteed affordable oil to Jordan." But Jordanian Information Minister Mohammed al-Adwan declined to discuss specifics, saying simply, "the United States has been helping us on many things."
With the oil issue resolved, the sources in Amman told the newspaper, "the wild card that most worries intelligence agencies, officials and diplomats in the region is the possibility that Iraqi agents will use the tactics of al-Qaida." The paper added that intelligence agencies in the region, while laboring to dismantle al-Qaida," are also "spending more time monitoring Iraqi agents."
For past information about the Hashemite Regime and Jordan see: http://www.MiddleEast.Org/archives/jordan


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