80% Palestinians In Gaza Live
In Poverty But No Starvation
By Aluf Benn and Gideon Levy
Ha'aretz Correspondents

Although some 80 percent of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip live beneath the poverty line, there is no starvation in the territories because Israel allows donations to be delivered there, Major General Amos Gilad, Coordinator of Government Activities in the West Bank and Gaza, told a meeting of senior government officials Sunday morning.
His comments follow a U.S. message delivered last week by Ambassador Dan Kurtzer that featured sharp criticism of Israel's failure to implement humanitarian measures, and also of IDF activities in the territories.
Gilad told those attending the meeting - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Finance Minister Silvan Shalom - that some two million Palestinians depend upon international charity organizations.
Following the meeting, government sources estimated that Israel will take action to ease conditions on the Palestinian population in the coming days.
Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein criticized the government for transferring money that he said could end up in the hands of terrorist organizations, without supervision and without reforms in the PA.
Sharon emphasized that it was necessary to ensure that the funds were not used to fund terror. He said would discuss the tax revenues issue when he meets President George W. Bush in the White House later this week.
Cabinet Secretary Gideon Saar said that Israel had taken measures to ease conditions in the West Bank for residents not involved in terror activities. But he added that, "It is extremely difficult to create better conditions if the terror continues and the PA does not do what it should do to stop it, and Israeli lives continue to be endangered."
Ben-Eliezer calls for "bypassing" Arafat
In a meeting with theduring his recent visit to Paris he felt the hatred toward Israel. Minister Dan Meridor (Center) said that he felt similar sentiments during a visit to London.
Kurtzer delivers harsh U.S. message to Sharon
U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Kurtzer delivered a message to Sharon last week that featured sharp criticism of Israel's failure to implement humanitarian measures, and also of IDF activities in the territories. The American message accused Israel of violating its promises to relieve economic and social distress in the territories, dismantle roadblocks and lift some internal closures.
The U.S. government accepts Israel's claim that closures are needed to prevent terrorist infiltration. Yet Washington demands that Israel reevaluate the utility of checkpoints, and that it ease restrictions on movement between Palestinian cities in the "A" areas, which are supposed to be under control of the PA. In response to recent incidents in which Palestinian civilians were killed, Kurtzer's messions such as the World Bank.
From Kawthr Salam
Kawther Salam is an independent Palestinian journalist.
Hi Jeff,
On the 20th, July 2002, I send by fax to the Major General Amos Gilad, Coordinator of the Government Activities in the West Bank and Gaza, my question: "Where did you study lies? In which University?"
Attach with the Mr. Iynn Gefsky, Press Officer of Washington, D.C. Embassy of Israel concerning delaying my traveling to Vienna over one month, for political reasons and claiming that I'm prohibited by the Israeli Intelligence Shabak!!
As a journalist, I know personally Major General Gilad, his assistant Aviv and his spokesperson Offer Hakam. I know also, the General Dov Tzadaka, who is representing Gilad activities in the DCL office in Beit Ill.
The Israeli strong propaganda taught them that they are always right, and others are wrong, They reach the International organization by making the truth up side down through spreading lies and false rumors.
When the U.S. Ambassador Dan Kurtzer delivered sharp criticism massage of Israel's failure to implement humanitarian measures, and the IDF activities in the territories, Major General Gilad made his denial comments claiming that there is no starvation in the territories because Israel allows donations to be delivered there!!
Actually, there is a real starvation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since before the last year; there is no humanitarian measures, values and considerations under the Generals military policy.
The percentage of unemployment increased the last year. It reach 95% in Gaza strip and the territories. In some cities the percentage growing more to reach 100%, such like Hebron, the old city the area H2 under the Israeli control.
The Israelis imposed the curfew on this part since before the "Intifada", over 600 days the Palestinians live under the Israeli curfew, the military commander colonel Dror Wienberg, delivered over 300 military orders closing the markets, the Palestinians shops and occupying the rooftops of there houses.
In Hebron, the area H2 under the Israeli control, there is hundreds of extremely poor families depends on their daily food on a volunteer meal made by a chartable organization. The General General Dov Tazadaka who works under the Major General Gilad made a decision to stop the chartable organization work of supplying the poor people, and denying hundreds of families under the poverty line to have their own meal!!
I was requested the military commander of Hebron Colonel Dror Wienberg to take in his considerations the humanitarian need of these people under the poverty line, I send him an appeal , when he didn't respond to; I contact Mrs. "Ronet Ydeyah", a friend of mine, her housband "Oded Yadeyah", was joined General Tzadaka the military work in the south of Lebanon.
Mrs. Yadeyah, talked to the General Tzadaka, she tried to convince him to grant a permit for the chartable organization in Hebron in order to continue supplying the poor people with their only meal. She explained him the real starvation in the city.
The General Tzadaka, Confirmed to Mrs. "Yadeah" that such decision made by the military to stop supplying these poor families with their food is made for political reasons!!
In Hebron, I observed a real starvation in the old city when I was following the IDF soldiers searching the Palestinian houses. The Israeli soldiers raided an old woman house, aged 92 and searched her room damaging everything, they finally found a dry pocket of bread she collects from the military garbage to soak it in water and to eat it over several days. The woman cried endlessly for the closing the volunteer meal made by the chartable organization, "I used to have my only meal from the volunteer chartable organization, and now I collect crumbs of bread to survive"!!
Such of these human stories the General Gilad and Tazadaka didn't hear, because it made by there military decisions!!
In the West Bank of Gaza, there is a real shortage of food, and starvation made by the military tide closure, allowing donations to be deliver to the territories and Gaza needs to seek a special form of request for booth offices of the generals Gilad and Tazadaka, but the Generals response always delayed for over one month, and in the normal situation it took the generals two weeks before they response!!
In such cases of donations of food were damaged behind the Israeli borders waiting over the Generals response for couple of weeks!!
The formal way of the generals offices through dealing with the humanitarian request is based on humiliation.
The organization and the Palestinian should request the generals offices following a list of steps, they should send an official fax with further informations about the donations, organization, car, and the driver...and they should wait. Usually the generals offices asked the organization to call them after three days for security reasons.
When the organization call back these offices and asked abou the officers in charge like "Aviv", Gilad's assistant, or "Beny", Tzadaka's, they received the automatic response, the officer is not here, call in three hours!! After three hours, they receive another response, the officer is not available to talk right now, he is in a meeting, calls after five o'clock!! After five o'clock, another answer deliver, the officer on the telephone call in five minutes!! Then the officer left, call tomorrow!!
The same response you might receive for two weeks or one month!! Everybody knows this formal way of the generals activities in the territories and Gaza.
Everybody know that he must request the generals offices to grant them a permit for allowing a truck of food to enter Gaza or the the territories, everybody should request these generals to grant the "Cancer" patient a permit for medical treatment and human considerations, and most of time these patients died for political reasons.
In the territories and Gaza, the humanitarian considerations killed by the military law, there is a real starvation, an increasing of children death, under the Israeli military curfew...


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