Attempt To Pin TWA 800
Shootdown On Islamic Groups

By Joseph Ehrlich
SenderBerl & Sons

It seems that creativity knows no bounds in these times. We just read an article on WorldNetDaily suggesting that TWA Flight 800 was taken down by Islamic terrorists.
With all due respect, SenderBerl covered TWA Flight 800 as the first major domestic effort to clear out journalists who were not willing to tow the government line. Succinctly, the missile that took down TWA Flight 800 was one with components representing the newest levels in missile technology and one aimed at taking down biotoxins on an incoming missile without dispersion. In other words, the technology on the missile was totally inapposite to any claim now years later that Islamic groups shot down TWA Flight 800 with a missile carrying components totally unknown to the rest of the world at that time, especially Islamic terrorist cells.
Moreover, to be clear, we saw the actual radar images showing unequivocally that it was a missle and stood in the vanguard of telling those visiting our site at the time that it was 100% a missile and nothing what the government frivilously claimed. Succinctly again, the episode with TWA Flight 800 foreshadowed the very concerns we see real time today. The government prepared a $30 milliona animation of what happened while concurrently it secreted and still secrets, if it hasn't destroyed them, fourteen radar tapes of what actually happened. Case closed.
We covered TWA Flight 800 in Recapturing America: <>
After our most recent E-mails, I think everyone reading this well recognizes that we need to recapture our Republic.
Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.
November 20, 2002


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