Moral Dimension To Regional
War In The Middle East

By Joseph Ehrlich

With everything soon coming to a head regarding Iraq, we continue to deem it important to press the truths which overlay unfolding events.
We were pleased to see a realistic opinion piece entitled: 'Is China the reason for America's obsession with Iraq?" It can be found at:
However, there was one sentence in line with our past analyses which struck us in the context written:
Some analysts believe the contest with China is the real reason the United States is so anxious to impose its military will on Iraq. To contain China, the US needs to take sole control of the strategic Gulf area, which contains more than 25 percent of the world's oil reserves - a resource China desperately needs as it seeks to consolidate and expand its already formidable economic power. There is no doubt that China is the emerging superpower.
Thus, it has become mainstream today that Bush wants Iraqi oil, if not Saudi oil, to prevail over China. This is what we said long ago, but the question arises, because we need it to win the chess game, are we justified in pursuing capturing assets belonging to other countries under tactics which are nothing less than deceitful?
In other words, is the only way the US can win the game is by military attacking, taking lives, taking assets, and control of less powerful nations? This was never the American way, and our position is that it is not the American way, as best seen by the fact that those who wish to pursue such an agenda are willing to discount American interests in order to succeed on a very amoral if not immoral agenda.
The United States could succeed in controlling the oil if it pursued another course. However, the course it pursues invokes the fears displayed in The Emperor and the Assassin which has told us and continues to tell us that China will oppose that course in the manner it is doing.
It cannot allow the US to succeed in Iraq, and moreover the dynamics which we claim are in play will preclude US success there as well. We were the country that wanted to build a new Panama Canal through the Yucatan by imploding nuclear devices for commercial development. We have people making decisions for our future which we tell you as diplomatically as possible are inept to undertake the responsibility. Nothing could better prove it to be the case than by printing out an agenda formally declaring that the US (NWO) seeks world domination and control.
If we went back to any one of a number of prior generations, and they read such nonsense, they would declare us to arrest these men for they serve themselves not the interests of our great nation, which has already has its reputation impugned world wide.
While we need the oil, as is always the case, it is we, who built up China, to operate as our current and future enemy. So why these same men have the audacity to say we now have to go out and conquer regions and the planet to offset the Frankenstein they themselves created?
Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.


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