We've Got A Suspect In The
Wayne Owens Murder

By Barry Chamish

In the previous expose of the murder of Wayne Owens, we surmised that Owens was poisoned at dinner and died a couple of hours later on a Tel Aviv Beach. All we needed was to find out who Owens' dinner guest was and we have; the man Haaretz's Akiva Elder constantly refers to as "an Oslo architect," Avi Gil. As we shall soon see he had the means and the motive.
But first, a summary: On Dec 11, the wide circulation newspaper Maariv broke "the Ginosar scandal." Yossi Ginossar was, until 1987, deputy head of the General Security Services (Shabak). He was forced to resign because of two perjury scandals but somehow became the personal emissary to the PLO for Prime Ministers Rabin, Peres and Barak.
Using his position, Ginosar opened a secret Swiss account to hide some $350 million that Yasir Arafat had stolen from his people. Ginosar appointed Ozrad Lev to take care of the banking and Arafat appointed Muhamed Rashid to oversee the account with Lev. It was Lev who broke the story to Maariv.
Meanwhile Ginosar opened a variety of phoney and barely legitimate straw companies to launder Arafat's embezzlements. He appointed an American academic, Prof. Stephen Cohen to head some of these companies, adding a bit more legitimacy to the enterprises, and Cohen was paid well for his services.
The scandal was destined to implicate Peres, Barak and Pres. Clinton in massive payoffs and kickbacks but Peres was the most vulnerable since Ginosar and Cohen are both members of the board of the Peres Center For Peace which had invested deeply in Arafat and Ginosar's corporations. And if Peres went down, so would Daniel Abraham, a member of his board, and like Stephen Cohen, a business partner of Wayne Owens' own Middle East Peace Center.
Finally, to the uninitiated, most Israelis do not believe their government's version of the Rabin assassination. Here are the results of a poll undertaken this week by Arutz Sheva. Admittedly, the majority of respondents were right wing but still:
Israel National 24-12-02
Do you feel that there are serious unanswered questions regarding the Rabin assassination?
Yes 78.69 % (2068) No 21.31 % (560) Total Votes: 2628
Then, if so many Israelis disbelieve the government's version of Rabin's murder, what version do they accept? As a result of a great deal of evidence gathering, the other version of Rabin's demise has Shimon Peres and then-Shabak chief Carmi Gillon plotting it. I certainly subscribe to this version as accurate and proven.
Now, on to Avi Gil...
Death Of A Peace Negotiator
By Akiva Eldar Ha'aretz Daily
Wayne Owens died suddenly last week on the beach in Tel Aviv, one of the places most beloved by the former U.S. congressman from Utah. Eleven years ago, in early summer, Owens arrived in Jerusalem straight from Damascus on board a plane owned by his friend, businessman and philanthropist Danny Abrams.
Few know that Owens brought the tidings of the peace process that began at Madrid, continued in Oslo, and reached where it has reached. Owens and his partner Steve Cohen invited me, at the time, to the King David Hotel in Jerusalem to tell me that then-Syrian president Hafez Assad had decided to accept U.S. President George Bush's invitation to an international peace conference. Syria's participation was one of the preconditions set at the time by then-premier Yitzhak Shamir for Israel's participation in what would become the Madrid Conference.
Owens never gave up pressing Arab leaders. The doors to the offices of Jordan's King Hussein, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and the Saudi Arabian crown prince were open to him, and Israeli leaders regarded him as an emissary of goodwill. Last week, he came to Israel with two Democratic Party congressmen. They told Sharon and Peres about their meetings with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Gulf state leaders.
Avi Gil, until recently the director general of the Foreign Ministry, met Owens at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv a few hours before Owens' body was found on the beach. Gil said Owens spoke about ways the peace process could be pulled out of the quagmire. He said Owens believed the Israelis and Palestinians would have to find their own way to a solution to the conflict. Gil said he hopes that more people of goodwill, like Owens, will be found, ready to devote their lives to shorten that route to peace and help end the suffering.
So, who is Avi Gil, who shared Owens' Last Supper? Here is his bio as compiled by the government.
Ambassador Avi Gil served as the Director-General of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Afairs April 2001 until November 2002. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Gil served as the Director-General of Israel's Ministry of Regional Cooperation.
A longtime confidant of Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nobel Prize Laureate Mr. Shimon Peres, Ambassador Gil held a number of key governmental positions during the last 13 years. From 1996 to 1999, Mr. Gil held the position of Deputy Director-General of the Peres Center for Peace. Mr. Gil also served as the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, Media Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Finance, and Executive Policy Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
In his years with Mr. Peres, Ambassador Gil was closely involved in Israel's policy-making and peace efforts, including the negotiations that led to the Oslo Accords and the peace treaty with Jordan.
Note that Gil was Carmi Gillon's deputy at the Peres Peace Center when Gillon was director of the center from 1996-99. That he was working for two of the plotters of the Rabin murder, Peres and Gillon, is probably significant but so far we haven't found direct links to the Ginosar scandal. We will, but first let's establish ties to another financial crime. Last March, Yoav Yitzhak of Maariv and David Bedein of Makor Rishon revealed that Peres had given his Norwegian pal Terje Roed-Larsen $100,000 to persuade his buddies on the Nobel Prize committee to award him a peace prize along with Rabin and Arafat.
Thus after the cabinet voted in December not to permit Arafat to attend Christmas ceremonies in Bethlehem, Foreign Ministry Director-General Avi Gil ordered Israeli diplomatic missions not to defend the decision. A month later, Gil declared that the Foreign Ministry finds it "increasingly difficult to defend government policy," including its insistence of seven days of quiet prior to negotiations and its classification of the Palestinian Authority as a terrorist organization. The Foreign Ministry didn't, and Israel was effectively left without any defense in the international arena.
Some will attribute the Foreign Minister's independent foreign policy to financial conflicts of interest. Lending credence to such claims was his impassioned defense of Terje Roed-Larsen, after the latter proclaimed that Israel had lost "all moral standing" as a result of its actions in Jenin. Larsen and his wife, the Norwegian ambassador to Israel, were recipients of a $100,000 undeclared prize from the Peres Center. Not coincidentally, one suspects, the Peres Center, which exists primarily to pay large salaries to old Oslo hands, like Ron Pundak and Uri Savir, was itself the beneficiary of a $1,000,000 gift from Norway. Yes, the same Norway that refused this week to allow the import of Israeli produce.
Needless to say, Gil's treasonous behaviour did not go unnoticed:
5. Promptly fire anybody in the Shimon Peres-Avi Gil Foreign Ministry that can't or won't bring himself to vigorously defend Israel's tough anti-terror and proud foreign policy line. Especially bureaucrats who leak nasty gossip about Netanyahu. The people paid to be our diplomats, especially abroad, and the academics sent abroad on speaking tours by the ministry, should hew to the government hasbara line, or pack it in. From experience, I know that there is significant house-cleaning to be done.
Only six months ago the world was still prepared to accept his declarations and promises, despite the terrorist campaign he initiated 15 months ago. The American administration and even some of the EU leaders now know that Arafat is a pathological liar. The process of delegitimizing Arafat, who succeeded in persuading the world that he was a real partner for peace for Israel, is now bearing fruit.
It seems that only in Israel does Arafat still have uncritical supporters, led of course by Foreign Minister Peres and his director-general, Avi Gil. If the more than 1,000 Israeli and Palestinian fatalities and the thousands of injured on both sides have not succeeded in convincing this pair, as well as the politically blind Yossi Sarid and Yossi Beilin, that Arafat by any standards is a war criminal, nothing will convince them.
Peres, and his ministry director, General Avi Gil, have held talks with the speaker of the P.A. legislative council, Abu Ala, and Mohammed Rashid - Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat's top financial advisor - as well as Mohammed Dahlan, the head of Preventive Security in Gaza, about the proposal.
Despite his oft-repeated pledge not to conduct negotiations under fire, Sharon has been aware of contacts between Peres and senior Palestinian officials with whom the foreign minister has been hatching his plan.
And now we have it, Gil dealt directly with Arafat's embezzlement director Muhamed Rashid. Yes, Virginia, Gil was in on the payoffs. And so was Mohammed Dahlan, who was handed over exclusive rights to Israeli industrial monopolies in the PA by Arafat. It's not a big step to understand that the meetings just described included Gil's organizing of the monopolies.
The next site wouldn't open. So we can only contemplate the significance of Peres and Gil meeting Rashid in Rome.
- ... Peres met in Rome over the weekend with Mohammed Rashid, the top financial adviser to Arafat, and sent Avi Gil, his director general at the Foreign Ministry ...
Wayne Owens was a member of the board of the Peres Peace Center and worked hand in hand with Peres, Cohen and Abraham...and Gil. When the Ginosar scandal broke, he knew these ties would ruin him forever and would likely send him off to the big house to his dying days. Had he had any decency in him he would have threatened to tell all he knew about the Peres Peace Center.
It seems he was on his way to doing the decent thing when someone poisoned his dinner. Avi Gil was his dinner companion two hours before his death. Owens' parting saved Gil the humiliation of being exposed as an active partner of the Peres/Arafat Oslo peace extortion, graft, embezzlement and murder scams.
For now. _____
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