Male Chest Hair Still Rules
The Female Psyche


SYDNEY (ANI) -- Forget the androgynous smoothness of the young Leonardo DiCaprio or the excessively muscle-bound torso of Arnold Schwarzenegger. If scientists at Cambridge University are to be believed, what women really want is a mat of chest hair planted on a mesomorph - a lithe athlete with broad shoulders.
According to a report in, researchers from Cambridge's department of zoology, recently questioned 700 women aged 19 to 65. The women were shown diagrams depicting 30 male body types and were asked to rank them for attractiveness on a scale of one to five.
Pear-shaped endomorphs were quickly discarded, as were beanpole ectomorphs. This left the mesomorphs, who have lean hips, trim waists and broad shoulders, making a V shape, with pert buttocks.
However, when body hair spanning the chest and reaching the navel was added, the researchers hit the jackpot.
"A heavily built male body was more than twice as popular with women once we gave him chest hair," said Matthew Anderson, an evolutionary biologist and one of the authors of a report on the findings.
"Female peahens select the peacock with the biggest, boldest train, as he is going to have the best genes for survival and success. With humans, a strong-looking body, muscles and broad shoulders indicate the same sort of thing," he further said.
Experts believe fashions can alter women's preferences in men, but the research may explain why, after brief fads for androgynous or even skinny body types, the hirsute mesomorph keeps bouncing back.
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