In-House Memos On
Television News Presentations

Part 1
It has long been the strong belief of many Americans that their print and television media is subject to certain government oversight and, finally, control.
Recently, a mid-level executive of one of the three major American television networks sent on over 1500 pages of memos from the corporate offices of his network in New York to the head of their television news division.
These memos contain a multitude of instructions concerning the presentation of national and international news for the network's viewers. Corporate is obviously subject to the opinions of various pressure groups, to include those of official Washington and the Jewish community.
It would be impossible to show all of these revealing documents but selections are certainly possible. What is not possible, obviously, is to reveal either the name of the conscience-stricken media executive nor the company that employs him. These comments, therefore, can be accepted or rejected by the reader as they see fit.
If the shoe fits, however, wear it.
(March 22) is not conducive to maintaining an overall neutrality in the Palestine uprisings to show any pictures of the American peacenik that was run over by the Israeli army bulldozer. This is only to be mentioned as a ãtragic accidentä for which the IDF ãis truly saddened.ä
(Feb 10) ...It is not permitted at this point to use or refer to any film clips, stills or articles emanating from any French source whatsoever.
(Feb 26) It is expected that coverage of the forthcoming Iraqi campaign will be identical with the coverage used during Desert Storm. Shots of GIs must show a mixed racial combination...any interviews must reflect the youthful and idealistic, not the cynical point of view...the liberation of happy, enthusiastic Iraqis can be best shown by filming crowds of cheering citizens waving American flags. Also indicated would be pictures of photogenic GIs fraternizing with Iraqi children and handing them food or other non-controversial presents...of course, pictures of dead US military personnel are not to be shown and pictures of dead Iraqi soldiers should not show examples of violent death...also indicated would be brief interviews with English-speaking Iraqi citizens praising American liberation efforts...all such interviews must be vetted by either the White House or Pentagon before public airing.
(March 12) At this point in time, reference to North Korean military threats must be played down entirely. The Iraqi Freedom campaign has to be concluded in the public mind before proceeding with the next assault on the Evil Axis.
(March 26) US alliances with the Turkish/Iraqi Kurdish tribes should be played down. This is considered a very sensitive issue with the Turks and American arming and support of the Kurds could create a severe backlash in Ankara...Kurds should be depicted as 'Iraqi Freedom Fighters' and not identified as Kurds.
(March 2) ...further references to the religious views of the President are to be deleted...
(March 15) photo opportunities of the President and members of his cabinet, especially Secretary Rumsfeld, with enthusiastic GIs·.
(March 19) No mention, repeat, no mention, of Palestinian suicide bombers during the Iraqi operation...
(March 25) mention of either Wolfowitz or Pearle should be made at the present time.
(March 10) rallies are to be given the fullest coverage...if anti-Government demonstrations are shown, it is desired to stress either a very small number of ãeccentricsä or shots of social misfits; i.e., with beards, tattoos, physical deformities, etc. Pro-Government supporters should be seen as clean cut with as many well-groomed subjects as possible...subjects should stress complete support for the Presidentâs programs and especially support for American military units en route to combat...also interviews with photogenic family members of participating GIs stressing loyalty and affection·American flags are always a good prop in the background...
Controlling the News - Part 2
(March 30) Friction between Secretary Rumsfeld and senior military field commanders in Iraq are to be strictly minimalized and used only when impossible to avoid...the Secretary's point of view on all military matters is to be stressed...important to bring out his reputation as a 'man who shakes things up' and a brilliant innovator.
(March 31) discussion of high-level rumors about pre-emptive tactical nuclear strikes against North Korean missile, ãhardä artillery positions opposite Seoul or key North Korean leadership or military commands is to be mentioned. It must be stressed that the North Korean situation is viewed as ãserious but not criticalä by unnamed 'senior U.S. military leaders.'
(March 31) mention of PRC strong objections to US pre-emptive actions against North Korea...a short summary of the Presidentâs refusal to 'enter into any kind of negotiations' with the North Korean government...background report on the irrational and anti-democratic forces in North Korea - the desire of South Korea's officials to maintain a close relationship with their American military discussion of anti-US demonstrations in Seoul. These can be routinely dismissed as 'radical students who are not supported by the new liberal and strongly pro-American President.'
April 4) ...sharply rising unemployment numbers, this should be countered with official interviews stressing that the unemployment situation is now stabilizing and expected to fall soon.
(March 30) Because of the seriousness of the spread of SARS, actual figures of either the infected or of any deaths from local medical facilities must be carefully vetted via the CDC press information office in Atlanta. From the highest level, it is imperative that the American public not panic over the very rapid spread of this disease. Speculations of the actual nature of SARS is not under any circumstances to be permitted. Keep in mind the currently in- place rules following the outbreak of 'Legionnaires Disease.'
(April 4) ...a discussion of French desecrations of American and British war graves in France is to receive specific notice. Also, damage to the 9/11 memorial in Paris is to be included. No pictures of swastikas or other defamatory and anti-Administration graffiti are to be shown. French official apologies are comments equating the President with Hitler will be made...and the invasion of Iraq may not be compared with Hitler's invasion of Poland, and such allegations now being made extensively in offshore media coverage are not to receive any attention. The Iraqi campaign is officially a campaign by a democratic United States against ruthless cruelty and oppression.
(April 5) ...comments appearing in the left-wing British Guardian about the occupation and administration of a conquered (read ãliberated and newly democratizedä) Iraq by American military personnel are to be ignored. 'Pacification, liberation, freedom and gratitude towards US forces,' and the President are to be stressed.
(March 29) The President's goal, to achieve oil autarchy by the United States, is suggested as the subject for a future series. Congressional denial of drilling in various environmentally 'sensitive' areas may be derided as foolish misunderstanding of America's vital oil needs and catering to the radical environmentalist groups. The interdiction of oil shipments to the United States from Venezuela and Nigeria are not to be commented upon. The attitude of Chavez towards the United States is also considered a non-topic. He was removed from power once and it can happen a second time. File footage of large crowds of distressed and unhappy Venezuelans should be prepared against the time he is removed from power again.
(April 4) If possible, pictures of the President with a book or, better, actually reading, are suggested. Commentary about his extensive reading habits...stress important historical and economic works.
(April 5) Presidential visits to military units in the United States are to receive full coverage and to extend past the usual slot time...spots of especially warm receptions are considered very important.
(March 31) pro-government rallies, signs showing: 'Antiwar' (or 'Protestors') = 'Terrorist' should be given specific coverage.
(April 1) It has been suggested that something be worked up showing that, unlike Vietnam, Americaâs college students support the President fully and are not involved in the anti-war movements. It is considered advisable to blame the 'former hippie-type' professors for any campus anti-war sentiment. Students could be shown eagerly joining their ROTC chapters or even holding pro-Administration demonstrations.
From Anna Ghonim
I discovered your site in the last few weeks as I have looked for
sources to read that don't anger me because of their pro-Iraq war
stance. Your site has a lot of interesting info and lots of links to
stuff that is hard to access or find otherwise.
I read the story about "controlling the press," which contained excerpts
from memos alleged to have been sent by an executive for a US
broadcaster, giving very clear directions for censoring various kinds of
news stories. I felt that this was really scary stuff so I went to the
source got it from, a Website called "Tbrnews". I looked
through it trying to figure out who publishes it and what TBR stands
for. It is "the Barnes Report" named after a Holocaust revisionist
whose name was Barnes and run by a Holocaust denial group of some kind
(I found this info in the Nizkor project's site -- they do research on
Holocaust denial). The group itself does not have any info like this,
you really have to dig.
As many of the "memo excerpts" quoted, are about Israel and make it look
like it and the US news people are in some sort of conspiracy, and as
the group publishing it denies the Holocaust, I would think this is not
a very good source -- It seems they could very well have made it up,
seeing as their major aim in life is to deny historical facts about
World War II that concern Jewish suffering -- i.e., they don't like
Jews, so this "memo" stuff is pretty darned convenient for them.
Not to mention the fact they won't name the network they supposedly
received this stuff from, which sounds pretty shadowy.
The news media does in fact exercise self-censorship on the Israel
issue, but I don't believe it needs memos, as all of its writers
understand the script so well.
Best regards,
Anna Ghonim
Cairo, Egypt



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