SARS(?) Death Rates
Rise In N. California

From Susan Randall

Letter to the editor
Cayenne's email is, I am submitting this for her.
Dear Editor
Your May 22 article on the SARS case at Kaiser Vallejo didn't mention the 12
deaths of people with SARS-like symptoms May 2 through May 6. It also
didn't discuss that the Solano County mortality rates were at 99 deaths in
Feb, 111 in March and shot up to 130 in April. The infectious disease
doctor won't give the health department his report for May according to
someone I know who works there.
Dozens of people have died at that hospital this spring with some kind of
pneumonia but because they didn't go to China, it isn't being reported as
SARS. Doesn't it seem kind of dumb that a disease that contagious wouldn't
be recognized in secondary infections? What did all those people die of? 
What about autopsies?
How were their bodies handled after death?
Did you know that health care employees are working with possible SARS cases
and other deadly diseases and then also working in the prisons? Inmates at
CMF Vacaville are very sick with other epidemics raging out of control. The
health care workers are going to infect them and they will die. Something
needs to be done right now!
As a citizen, I want to know WHY and what these people died. SARS mutated in other countries, did it not mutate here? What are they calling the mutation? A virus? Gut crud? The flu? What's the name of the mutation?
People in other countries died, even as close as Canada. But they didn't die here?
This doesn't make sense. The next phase of SARS is said to include congestive heart failure. Suddenly there are name tags out at Kaiser Vallejo of congestive heart specialists, so what are they doing there if there is no infectious disease outbreak?
And what about a very sick respiratory therapist who has been down with SARS-like symptoms since May 5 named Astraea Kelley who has 20 years in her field and is an SEIU Union Steward. Doesn't she count? She was caring for a lot of these people who died but her illness isn't in the papers? Why not?
There are 71 cases of SARS or SARS-like cases in California, where are they? Why don't we get to know? The prisoners are sitting ducks and they're already sick from other epidemics raging out of control. The lawsuit costs from their neglect will be astronomical if yet another scourge gets loose in there.
B. Cayenne Bird, Director
United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect
This list of 85 people who all had symptoms of SARS and a majority who probably died at Kaiser Vallejo is important to everyone.
These deaths occurred within a short time period according to my sources. This is probably an incomplete list.
Now, consider this. If Solano County deaths were 99 in Feb,
111 in March, and shot up to 130 in April and May's death rate is being held up
for some unknown reason, doesn't it seem odd that such a large percentage
of the entire death rate in the county would be happening at this particular
And shouldn't the increased mortality rate have been a part of the articles that
were written about this outbreak? Shouldn't all these deaths have been at least mentioned in that news coverage?
I do not have the time or resources to track down all these families, but I do know
that the scientific community is treating this situation very seriously. There is very definitely a pattern of infectious disease here. Dr. Rosenberg (see article below) isn't lying but he isn't telling the entire story. This is a form of lying as far as I'm concerned.
SARS mutated in the rest of the world. Did it not mutate here?
Is anyone asking the question: "Could all these people have died from a SARS mutation?" Isn't this unusual to have this many deaths, a huge percentage of the county's total for these months from the flu? Ask the questions!
SARS caused deaths in the rest of the world, even Canada. Why would it not cause deaths here? SARS doesn't care about hospital profits or tourism, it just spreads.
We have 71 suspected cases that have been reported in California, where are they? Why don't we get to read about this news coverage?
Could it be that hospital profits and tourism are more important than the public safety? Apparently so!
We know that the Kaiser Vallejo pharmacist became very sick as well as Astraea Kelley and that she has been at home since May 5 with classic SARS symptoms. The fact that she didn't go to China but DID work with many of the people who DIED gives her some confidential diagnosis called "Gut Crud." She is a professional with 20 years in her field, a SEIU Union Steward, and she knows her symptoms. What the hell is going on here that all of these details are being omitted?
The next series of the SARS mutation includes congestive heart failure. A really awake journalist would put on a mask, go out there and notice all the Kaiser nametags that have suddenly appeared out there that identify "Congestive heart specialists."
And why isn't anyone demanding that the same health care workers who attended to all these dead people start wearing masks to their second job in prisons? CMF Vacaville is one of only two prison hospitals where the majority of inmates are already very sick with other life threatening epidemics raging out of control. They cannot survive a SARS mutation in the majority of instances.
I believe this situation is a crisis in progress that for the sake of profit is getting covered up. Call me skeptical, call me a bulldog, call me a veteran investigative reporter, call me anything you want but I smell something terribly wrong here.
And as a citizen, I want to know what all these people died of with SARS-like symptoms? Was it a mutated SARS, the one that killed people in Viet Nam?
Or something else? What is the name for the mutated SARS? Is it "the flu", "a virus", "gut crud?" What the hell is the name for it? You need to understand the doctor-speak for a SARS mutation, which is equally as important!
Somebody ought to care that all these people are dead in only a few weeks time.
And reporters need to dig and consider that hospital administrators are lying. Just assume everyone is lying and you'll get to the bottom of it. The scientists are certainly not falling for Rosenberg's statements and considering them credible thank God.
Must I do everything myself? The media needs to track these families down and find out about other infections in their family, the symptoms, the details. Are we this callous and stupid that such a tragedy could occur and we would just ignore it?
Cripes! I'm angry over this incompetence. Are only old people given the vision to see through bullcrap? Our legislature and media are very short on people with the life experience to see through the nonsense! Scary!
B. Cayenne Bird
Singh 84 Male
Morrison 38 Male
Nysinger 17 year old female
Bryan 76 Male
Baxley no age
Vermillion 76 male
Mason 54 years old
Meng 72 Female
Ching age unknown
Mahoney 71 F
Bowers 76 died 4/29 or shortly thereafter
Kraus 52 male
Price 46 Female
Hamer 66 Female
Galang 76 Male
Beyer 70 Male
Kam 90 Female
Rodriquez 85 Male
Enriquez age unknown
Balza age unknown
Berta age unknown
Usher age unknown
Tannyson age unknown
Locke age unknown
Keeton died March 2nd age unknown
Uhles age unknown
Swquva 32 male
Blakely 21 years old
Forrest age unknown
Lawrence age unknown
Ray 73 male
Azcarak 59 female
Bryan 76 Male died after April 25
Wysinger 17 years old died after April 25
Jones 60 female
Baker age unknown
Penner age unknown
MaCann 71 Male
Sanchez 66 Male
Lude 80 Male
Berta age unknown
Johnson 66 Female
Blevins age unknown
Carreon age unknown
Jones 71 Male
Farrell 71e
Enriquez 61 female died after 4/3
Brown age unknown after 4/3
Balza died on 4/3
Desnower age unknown
Forrest 53 male
Bowers 76 Female died April 30 early
morning. Family was angry. Released
from Sierra Convalescent home three days earlier with just a little
spot on the lungs. Boom.......pneumonia, ARDS, pleural effusions,
cardiac effusions.......horrible death. Might be from San Jose area
if at Sierra Convalescent.......we got people from all over, they transfered
them in some cases........helicopers flying in, helicopers flying out.
Talk to the employees, they're at risk too and if they come down
with it, there is little support from KaIser.



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