Response to Norman Livergood
Article Regarding John Kerry
 Note - Kerry & Bush Are Both Skull & Bones!
Patty Springmeier

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for flagging the link to Livergood's Pro-Kerry page. After all of the otherwise excellent things that Mr. Livergood posts, I cannot believe he is going down this path

Mr. Livergood asks for specific proof that John Kerry is serving the interests of the Bush cabal:

1. Michelle Mairesse's article that links from Livergood's page highlights Kerry's patriotism for having served in Vietnam.[1] Additionally, in the piece that you wrote in favor of Kerry for president, you lament that "Many liberals criticize conservatives for being unrealistic about politics: ignoring Dubya's criminal behavior and calling him a "great statesman..." [2] However, you both forget that Kerry is a man who abdicated his oath as a soldier and as an officeholder to defend the constitution by voting in favor the USA Patriot Act--the very thing that threatens to turn this country into the fascist police state that you complain about! Yes, most of the others voted likewise, which makes them no less the same criminal traitors, as is Kerry! They should all be jailed for treason. Think about it--none of them demanded to read it before voting yes! Do we need to be reminded that most of the Congress who represent us have law degrees and are well versed in reading contracts? Can you imagine any of these people signing a contract regarding their personal finances without having read it? And yet, most of them cared so little about our precious rights as to sign them away without demanding to read the document that they were signing!

2. Kerry's Skull and Bones membership is more than "merely a fact", as Mr. Livergood calls it. Membership has many implications--Oaths are taken, secrecy agenda's are maintained and lifelong personal and business relationships are forged.[3] Furthermore, with three generations of the Bush family as members, Kerry is most definitely part of the same "High Cabal" as Bush.

3. Mr. Livergood, your pro-Kerry piece, you yourself bemoan the fact that:

that he (Kerry) approved the criminal attack of U.S. forces on Panama, the war on Afghanistan, and the war on Iraq. I especially wish he had seen through the invasions of Panama and Iraq and come out against them, but he didn't.

How can we forget that Panama and Iraq I were Dubya's father's adventures, thus part of the "High Cabal's" agenda? I hope this is proof enough that Kerry is a wolf in sheep's clothing and it would be unconscionable for one to vote for him.

Who then?

1. Why not draft Texas Congressman Ron Paul who is one of the few who voted against the Patriot Act. He upheld the Constitution by demanding a vote on whether to have the war on Iraq and because he's a peace-loving person voted AGAINST the war on Iraq.

2. Why not draft former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who also voted against the Patriot Act, is Pro Peace and would work to end our status as an overtaxed client state to Israel.

Patty Springmeier

[1] Michelle Mairrese's article: <>He's the Man

[2] Norman Livergood's article: <>Why Americans Must Support Kerry

[3] Article from Boston Herald: <>Kerry made his Bones in secret club - like Bush



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