Major Macro Summary
Of Where SenderBerl
Believes We Are Today
And How We Got There
By Joseph B. Ehrlich

Prior to Noah, the bible made it obvious that the dominant force influencing man was one with a nexus to the psychological ID, resulting in an environment and reality of violence, oppression, coercion, lewdness, and enslavement of fellow man. G-d attested that He was ready to wipe the planet of man, but for Noah, whom G-d found to be a righteous man for his time and environment.
The difference between man and animal rests with man having free will. Through his intelligence, creativity and ability to manipulate objects with his hands, man is outside the ambit of the laws of nature that control life in and for the animal kingdom. However, free will is easily maneuvered by man to serve the psychological ID and thereby resulted in damage and darkness, rather than good, evidenced by man's historic willingness to enslave his fellow man and subjugate him in such status for life, platforming all imaginable varieties of abuse of power.
Thereby, to offset this animalistic (ID) side of man, given the gift of free will, it was necessary for G-d to establish Himself and to provide a foundation where man could learn to exercise appropriate dominion over the planet. G-d acted accordingly via the Jewish people, freeing them from slavery, not through one miracle or two miracles, but ten, and thereafter performing further miracles and deeds to imbed His existence for all time. As a material adjunct to doing so, He provided not only the Ten Commandments but also the Torah to open the gateway where man could elevate himself to the spiritual dimension available through Torah, to properly exercise dominion over the planet. Without it, man would sink and return to the status of man during the time of Noah.
Even with a G-d crafted environment to cleanse the generation first given Torah, to allow the Jewish people to enter the Land of Israel, ideally taught and conditioned to follow the biblical mandate, historical events proved that man would allow the forces of darkness, the ID, evil, to enter his midst. Once doing so, the evil inclination of man fostered and grew, where, with rationalizations and every mode and manner of excuse, man separated himself from the mandates of Torah and thereby from G-d, and returned to a course of corruption, abuse, injustice, lewdness, uncaring etc., where the Land of Israel, instead of being the poster child for elevated leadership and global administration, turned into a society and environment that irrevocably could not be cleansed, compelling the expulsion of the Jewish people from the Land of Israel.
Thereby, the destruction of the First and Second Temples foreshadowed this sad reality. The destruction of the Temples took place after the Jewish people were given signs and messages that they had already embarked on the incorrect course (e.g. the destruction to the ten Northern tribes after they became a nation among nations, assimilated, and turned to idol worship and other sinful behavior). These signs were disregarded or willingly rejected.
After the destruction of the Second temple, the surviving leadership, under the mask of serving G-d and their Jewish heritage, formulated a course that operated to officially remove G-d from His central role for Israel and the Jewish people. SenderBerl highlighted the recorded event in The Trial of Rabbi Eliezer ben Hycranus. Due to wrongful actions taken against Rabbi Eliezer, where Rabbi Akiva usurped his standing in the community and at best stood passive to his cruel ostracization, the remaining Jewish community adopted and ratified to this very day this founding mantra to their orthodoxy of faith. Despite the Jewish experience with the destruction of the two temples, the Jewish people were again remiss then and today in the message, arising from the trial of Rabbi Eliezer, G-d sent regarding the impropriety of their course.
Rabbi Akiva who undermined his mentor, Rabbi Eliezer, failed to heed more signs and messages from G-d, and proclaimed General Bar-Kokhba as the Messiah, to whip up the population in support for a rebellion against Rome. This, in retrospect, is still seen in Jewish history as a classic battle of good versus evil. However, after an initial victory against Rome, the rebellion failed, costing one-half the lives of the entire Jewish population remaining in Israel, with the other half put into chains and worse. This war against Rome opened the portal that sent what remained of the Jewish people into the Diaspora.
Rabbi Akiva's mantra was that the Jewish people were fighting to save their right to study Torah, and that G-d would intervene. Their defeat and exile from Israel left the Jewish people a lot of time to study and reflect on what went wrong. They have never achieved answers to this critical issue and thereby stubbornly and willingly stand oblivious to why they wallow in the specter of losing Israel yet again.
Amazingly, in our studying these religious realities to coincide with geopolitical analyses offered by SenderBerl to clients, SenderBerl came across truths that were hidden and suppressed, manipulated and misrepresented, even till today, as to what happened at this critical vortex in history leading to the Jewish Exile.
The importance of these perceptions and truths is that the nexus to the Exile of the Jewish people may not only have been the events leading to the destruction of the two Temples. What we believe pushed the Jewish people into the Exile was that remaining leadership, professing to religiosity, had the audaciousness to further remove G-d from the remaining Jewish people. In the process of doing so, they gave themselves unbridled power, put themselves on the plane of G-d, by committing a deception with consequences that carry into today.
They not only regarded G-d's intervention for Rabbi Eliezer as irrelevant, but created a historically repugnant mantra by asserting that it was all a test to see if they would accept G-d's intervention, claiming that G-d wanted the Jewish Congress to reject it, to affirm that the Jewish people were supposed to bow to the rule of majority in the Jewish Congress over any intervening assertion or message sent by G-d Himself!
In other words, even if the majority, the controlling vote of the Jewish Congress, were wrong, attested to by an intervening message from G-d, the Jewish people were obliged to only bow and pay homage to the directive of the majority of the Jewish Congress. Thus, it was now impossible for anyone to unmask the wrongdoing by the Jewish Congress, for any opinion or effort to the contrary would be an act of subversion and result in criminal penalties, including ostracization from the Jewish community. G-d Himself couldn't refute the ironclad ruling and decision made under His name, one that acted and acts to remove G-d from a central role for Israel and the Jewish people! If they could ostracize Rabbi Eliezer, then the Jewish community knew no one could escape the decree and power of the Jewish Congress, no matter how wrong or abusive the set forth decision. As a result, a Jew could no longer argue for G-d's central role for the Jewish people, because man had assumed G-d's standing and role for the Jewish community.
This wrongdoing carried such enduring implications, that no one till today has contradicted or contravened the very root cause behind the current Jewish failing. Thus, nothing was learned from the Exile and thereby Israel finds itself in the quagmire it is in today, positioned to lose the Land of Israel once again, without recognition of why it faces the problems it does. That we are the source of explaining these dynamics is something we would have never believed years ago, but is now something we consider a blessing, to have the been given the ability to so relay what to us appears as obvious and manifest truths.
This historical record of audacious arrogance, injustice and abuse of power, aligned with the realities of life at that time, where children carried no respect for their parents, made it clear to G-d and the Heavenly Tribunal that if the above could occur after the loss of the two Temples and all else that occurred that there was no salvation for the then existing leadership and the then existing generation, compelling expulsion from the land.
Moreover, G-d and the Heavenly Tribunal knew, as Torah attests, that the platform then created by the subterfuge of Rabbi Akiva against his teacher and mentor, a righteous teacher, in service to G-d, would pollute the ability of the Jewish people to identify the correct course and impede Israel from holding onto the land when next given as promised.
Thereby, the Jewish people had two millenniums to unravel what happened and to seek out the truths from the Jewish experience. By G-d's design and will, the Exile culminated in 1967. At that time, the second part of Israel was returned, making it a re-giving of the whole. The return of the whole of Israel precludes questioning G-d's means to His ends, and opened since 1967 a period where the Jewish leadership should have known to develop love of G-d in the Jewish people; show the world that the Jewish people learned from their period of Exile to elevate themselves, to honor G-d in the Land of Israel, show the world that G-d was central to Israel and their lives, and thereby position themselves to pass the test that Torah provided would be given during this period of great opportunity and blessings not seen since the time of the first entry into the Land of Israel.
However, sadly, so sadly, after the re-giving of the whole, where the environment was ideal to develop love of G-d among the children of Israel, we see the religious leadership failing to change the incorrect platform of the time of Rabbi Akiva. They, in the service to the platform set by the Jewish Congress of that past time, acted to serve themselves instead of G-d and the Land of Israel. G-d showed His disappointment by again sending a host of signs and messages such as Yasser Arafat openly indoctrinating hatred of Israel into the minds of the Palestinian children, to offset the failing of the religious leadership to indoctrinate love of G-d into the children of Israel. We see, as a result of the Jewish religious leadership failing to expunge past errors, that many in the current generation in Israel carry little to no belief, not to say love, for G-d. While SenderBerl was sensitive to this reality since 1984, Arafat under Oslo, whipping the Palestinian children into a hatred of Israel, right in front of the noses of those behind the Oslo process, made it quite clear that Israel was on a course and road to lose the Land of Israel once again.
The Torah also makes it clear that when those in Israel were going to be tested, that those being tested would have all the bounties of a blessed people. During the Clinton tenure, the Jewish people achieved the highest degree of global respect seen since the time they first held the Land of Israel. This reality - educated, healthy, and secure, with historical leisure time and opportunities to study -- meant that there was no excuse for not knowing the correct course to take.
However, when the test was given, primarily under the term of Ehud Barak, the Jewish people's performance was so dismal, they didn't even see what was in play. Those that should have seen only allowed themselves to be consumed with the thought that they were doing everything right because they looked around and saw how good everything was for the Jewish people. SenderBerl, on the other hand, conveyed that those aligned with the Jewish leadership were corrupted by the NWO forces behind Oslo, and willingly sat on their hands with tape over their mouths when Barak pursued the NWO course pushing for a secularization plan to officially show the world that Israel wanted to assimilate with the other nations of the world, to become a nation among nations.
Barak's secularization plan, while never formally implemented, defamed G-d's name when the public announcement encouraged stores in Israel to remain open on the Shabbath and that El-Al its national airline would fly on the Sabbath. Thereby, instead of the world seeing Israel follow the biblical mandate of being a nation honoring G-d's name before the other nations of the world, it operatively became a nation openly defaming G-d's name before the other nations of the world. These abhorrent actions were only exceeded by the reality that the Jewish people were sitting silent in the plan and effort to give back the whole or a material part of the Holy City. SenderBerl recognized that the Arab/Islamic countries, themselves learning from the historical errors of the Jews, recognized that the course pursued by the Israeli nation was one in defamation to G-d's name. They would not play any role in it, for they would be construed to have aided and abetted in a process dishonoring G-d's name and thereby impede if not compromise the return of the land to their control due to the repeated Jewish failing, the Islamic religious leadership seeing that the Jews seemingly learned little to nothing from history and their 2000 years of study.
Concurrently, with this failing on Israel's part, the Judeo-Christian precepts in the United States of America were being eroded by the elitist centrix forces of the NWO, as we have expounded upon, post the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. This period of time, when evil entered our midst, from the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin is covered by Recapturing America.
Now, with the ascendancy of Bush 43, two presidential terms after the departure of his father, Bush 41, the NWO has achieved a status where it has come out of the closet and assumed brazen open operational control of the country via media control achieved during the Clinton term. One of the main purposes of our efforts has been to convey the tools and techniques of the NWO that allowed them to achieve operational control of US and Israeli infrastructure (not to discount effective control over major previously sovereign assets throughout the planet). Israel sat passively when Barry Chamish brought forth with courage the truths behind the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Today, we venture to say, the vast majority of Israelis know that Amir did not shoot Yitzhak Rabin, yet they still continue to sit in silence, allowing their country to be run by people and forces serving those who do not carry dominant concern for the sovereign interests of the State of Israel.
This covert imperial control of government and infrastructure has colonized Israel without her knowledge, creating a government not primarily loyal or in service to the people of Israel. When the people attempt to vote in someone different than those who oppressed them from the Labor (Oslo loving) party, they voted in Ariel Sharon and didn't have to wait but hours to learn that Sharon too was bowing to the same NWO directives as Israel's Labor party.
Thus, a demoralized Israel saw what we forewarned in our May 1996 Jerusalem Post advertisement and in Recapturing America. The NWO, not only in Israel, but also in the USA, controls both dominant political parties and regardless of who wins, the NWO retains control of government and infrastructure.
At this time and juncture, it is difficult to remove the NWO cancer and pestilence because the enemy to the sovereign interests of both the US and Israel is so well ingrained, as we warned they would be, once Israel forewent cleaning house via an appropriate and mandated investigation of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. The American people likewise should demand nothing less than the truth attendant to the disturbing issues attendant to 9-11. Without uncovering the truths regarding both events, both countries would no longer have such a window to rid their respective nation from the enemies within. At this juncture, it is no longer a case of evil in our midst, but in operational control of our nation.
Israel, against our warnings, bowed to the United States as the country it could trust and rely upon not to abandon it at this point in history. In Peres Personified we warned that the United States would in fact abandon Israel. How did we know?
We knew because the leadership of the United States of America does not represent a constitutionally elected leadership but the fruits of those who have usurped power in the United States and they do not hold by Judeo-Christian precepts and thus could no longer be trusted since part and parcel of the NWO agenda is to undermine G-d and the fabric of the United States of America, now deemed by us a conquered nation. Now, since 9-11, many others are beginning to see what we knew all along.
We moved forward on this understanding by highlighting in Recapturing America that a shadow government existed, seeing a government allowing the institutionalization of drugs in our nation, to the detriment of our children, where drugs were freely and openly available to them in the schools. Drugs were Clinton's top campaign priority in 1992, and thereafter flourished while Clinton went forth to lambaste and attack the cigarette companies to the delight of those supporting his run for office. This country, the sole world superpower, out to confront everyone else, would not eradicate the drug pandemic in this nation! How many other evidences did we need to offer but have offered as to the evil design and the direction of the shadow NWO government (including our central focus on TWA Flight 800)? Now, with 9-11, the toppling of the World Trade Center towers biblically platforms that the element of time is running out for both Israel and the United States. It is time to clean house in both Israel and the USA and SenderBerl has brought forth incredible proofs and evidences warranting the American people to stand up to their own victimization. However, Americans, like the Israelis, whine and mope, but do little to compel their government to address the truths behind 9-11. All these failings only embolden the NWO leadership, resulting in its doing what it pleases, as it has done in Iraq, Now with de facto control of global media, the NWO shows complete disinterest, if not disdain, for public protests and it does what it pleases; including standing impassive to the deaths of innocent children and without conscience or remorse in staging US troops for WMD attack, when necessary to further its agenda.
It should be no mystery to anyone familiar with our site why G-d and religious values have become diluted in both the United States and Israel. Thus, we came to the point where we showed the Straussian pawn and poodle mindset as one willing to depopulate and therefore one carrying no reservations to maim, kill and murder as a means to their glorious ends. We warned Israel, yet again, that the NWO was out to take out Israel and the leaderships of the Arab nations since it holds total disdain for them and also for Asians, especially the Japanese, the Chinese and the Koreans. Moreover, we reiterated our long given explanation of why the right of return could not be accepted by Israel, and also connected it to a very daring explanation in Recapturing America that the elitist centrix controlling this country intended to abandon it because whites would become over time a minority here in America; a deep operational truth escaping all, but for our pointing it out, and then confirmed by Senator Lott in his historically significant misspeak on Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday.
Thereby, we address dynamics on a multitude of planes, which while seemingly complex, are really simpler than meets the eye. Right now the NWO is on a tear to again enslave the masses. They openly admit to seeking world domination and control through a unipolar world government (admitted to by the National Security Strategy (NSS)). Those that have much will have more, and those that have some or little will have little to nothing. They operate as we identify in Recapturing America under a mask of world peace and world good, where the truth is otherwise, as best evidenced by our proffer that those who seek to remove nations from G-d, do not represent good but forces of enslavement, and thus evil.
G-d gave Torah and the restrictive laws so that these forces, now very sophistical forces, would not enter into our midst. You can see plainly today that they have not only entered our midst but how the shadow government now operates as the government of the United States, where our government of checks and balances has been essentially disabled. The NWO forces have been quite adept and successful in using the umbrella of national security to undermine our national security and keep things that should be disclosed secret. How can the people of Israel allow the assassination of its Prime Minister to go unanswered? How can the American people allow the truths behind 9-11 to be hidden from history? That was the mistake of not disclosing the truth behind the Kennedy Assassination. It allowed the forces of emerging evil to seal the portal of truth, with consequences only now fully seen and feared by those willing to recognize them.
SenderBerl points out that to allow the NWO to achieve world domination and control will result in the weakening of this country by design, and return the masses to a form of enslavement crafted for today by the NWO. Freedom, liberties, opportunities, the bedrock of this country via its Constitution and its Bill of Rights will become first diluted and then a distant memory. Opposition was the hallmark of our Republic and now it is being stuffed into a little box under the cover of patriotism and a controlled and manipulated media.
SenderBerl saw China as the biblical gateway to offsetting the success of the NWO against G-d. There was little question in our mind that G-d would not allow this small group of ego driven elitists to show the world that G-d doesn't exist. Thus, we continue confident that G-d will protect His name accordingly. However, many people believe that if G-d exists, then He will intervene, and if not now, when they cry to Him to beg Him to do so, as He always has, and thus there isn't that much to worry about, because G-d won't allow the entire ball of wax to melt. This is where man is seriously wrong.
Israel is central to the future not only of the Jewish people but also for all peoples under monotheism. The key to the mandated spirituality to exercise appropriate dominion is via Torah. Without an Israel as a nation honoring G-d and assuming its intended role, the planet will revert to the way it was at or before the time of Noah. Now, after achieving new levels of sophistication in death and destruction, Planet Earth, in this reversion, will join the barrenness of the other planets in this universe, once G-d chooses not to intervene for man, allowing the soot and ash of 9-11 to enmesh the planet.
We are now in the final phases of the final test offered and disclosed by Torah. There is no further giving of Israel, and if man has not achieved what he should have achieved, it is not likely that he will achieve it. The gifts and blessings given man to put him above the animal world will have been squandered and thereby man, like other forms of animal life, will have to live without free will and be subject to the forces of nature as per G-d's design and will.
Thus, the coming of the Messiah suggests that few will remain and those that remain will live in peace and harmony because they will live in the equivalent peace and harmony in existence for a short time prior to man being introduced into the equation with the element of free will.
Thereby, the Heavenly Tribunal will prove correct that man did not deserve G-d's gift of Torah because rather than elevate himself to the requisite plane of spirituality, required to maintain proper dominion over the planet, man has turned himself in the most destructive animal of them all, one abusing his grant of free will now murdering nearly every form of animal, plant and sea life and now setting himself up to do the same to his own species under the covert claim of required global depopulation.
In these days of the giving of the Torah, SenderBerl finds itself prolific, doing some of our best work. We don't want our work to represent evidence of man's failings. We want our work to represent itself as a platform for man to recognize what is going on to preclude the seen course we don't want for our children.
We even enlist the NWO leadership to our perspective because they do recognize we have been accurate on many events they themselves did not see unfolding. While today President Bush is a happy man seeing himself prove Zemin the paper tiger, seeing China reenter the NWO fold, and having possession of the oil, his father knows and we believe he knows that our warning should not be given short shrift (albeit he has achieved nearly every facet of what we explained he wanted from Iraq). SenderBerl warned President Clinton that he would fail in his bid for Middle East peace, albeit he had four aces up his sleeve. No one was more surprised than he, relying on success to close his presidency on a resounding note. SenderBerl warned Israel that despite its supreme military that she would face the specter of defeat, seen implemented via the suicide bomber who didn't have to kill many but enough in the random manner done to bring havoc, chaos, concern, and economic malaise to the nation. Similarly, SenderBerl identified the true dynamics behind the Maryland sniper who immobilized an entire region with some ten bullets, explaining the predicate to unmask SARS as a bioweapon to neutralize NWO globalization.
Furthermore, particularly egregious is the legerdemain we identified when France and Germany acted the part of opposing the attack on Iraq. The truth of it is that they both were players with the shadow US government in the pursuit of the NWO agenda, and they are both prime beneficiaries of the invasion and seizure of Middle East oil. Moreover, the NWO took full advantage of this charade to create a new European alliance to substitute for NATO, thereby laying the foundation of removing the USA from the new alliance, a NWO desired consequence, when the USA becomes a weakened and maimed nation economically, psychologically and morally; the end result from institutionalization of drugs, sabotaging public education, deleterious television programming, the subterfuge of NAFTA, allowing open immigration and the acceptance of a second language to predate and platform the evisceration of US borders, the NWO's form of the right of return. Staging US troops for WMD attack, US cities for dirty nuclear bombs, terrorism; the country for economic malaise, emasculating the US dollar (by NWO design not anyone else's), are all part and parcel of the dislocation of remaining infrastructure, to leave a maimed and weakened America for the time when the likes of an Al Sharpton, because of the racial shift in the USA, can assume high office in this land. When that happens, there is no way they are going to have a strong America and American military fall into the hands and control of such rift raft, the regretted result foretold when the ancestry of the NWO leadership lost their destined role in the development of this nation with its great resources because of a group of terrorists that history books identify as American revolutionaries. The elitist centrix sees them through the centuries as terrorists, and thus they feel totally justified in their taking back (recapturing) what they verily believe is justly theirs and have not the slightest regret in preparing the American people for the forthcoming planned destruction of the White House and US Capitol buildings. Then they can sit again in their carriages in Europe, running the world, and mow down children with impunity, and without conscience or remorse bill the parents for the unforgivable damage their deceased and maimed children caused to their carriages for the egregious error of stepping in front of their horses and impeding their travel.
When this day again rears its head, you will fully comprehend our taking nearly a decade of time and opportunity out of lives to serve notice of these putative truths so that we can properly honor G-d and have Him intervene to preclude dominion over us by those who wish to enslave us. It is thus extremely important to identify those of the elitist centrix in our midst. When you do, you will find someone not truly beholden to Judeo-Christian concepts, willing to undermine G-d and all precepts and foundations for freedom, opportunity, liberty and justice, and someone who carries no conscience in taking down those he is beholden to serve by public office, whether adult or child, and thereby without guilt or remorse in doing so domestically, whether regarding 9-11 or staging U.S. troops in North Kuwait for enlisted attack by WMD. He is surely one with aggravated mindset out to destroy lives and sovereign states overseas, especially the ones opposed to the policies of the elitist centrix, as touched upon by his National Security Strategy.
Mr Bush has direct descents from William the Conqueror, Henry II and Charles II, according to Burke's Peerage.
He also scores better than his father, who lost the office of president to Bill Clinton, because of his mother's well-to-do ancestors. Barbara Pierce Bush's royal connections include French Bourbon and several Scandinavian monarchs, as well as members of the Russian, Spanish and German monarchies.,2763,393341,00.html
It is thus fitting, appropriate, and necessary, in view of what we have seen on 9-11 and since that time, accentuating the concerns and fears originally publicly detailed by us in Recapturing America, to have closed with this immensely relevant excerpt regarding our sitting President. While we know the Congress and the public, as we feared, are either corrupt, inane or inept, and while we also know that G-d and the Heavenly Tribunal will never allow the elitist centrix the global domination and control long sought for by them and seen by them to be within reach, we don't want to see this generation stand as blind as the one at the time of Rabbi Akiva as to the truths with which they could understand the true dynamics in play that needed immediate correction. We pray that someone in our audience will be a catalyst to taking Israel and thus the planet on the correct course. We know that even those in leadership familiar with our work find it difficult to move to the correct path but how much more evidence will it take before it is admitted that another path must be taken for the current course leads to the deepest depths of the abyss we are already at and in. With the eternal hope that man can open the portal to true spiritual growth, we wish you our best and we regret to say that it doesn't appear, since both the US and Israel are on the wrong path, that we have been as successful as we aspired to be in our public endeavors, but we are willing to learn one day that we might be wrong. Your assistance in that regard in helping our messages impact on others would be greatly appreciated.
Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.
June 7, 2003
Posted: Jeff Rense Edition 06-11-03 10:00PM



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