74 People Infected With
Rabies In Guangdong Province

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

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Source Australia, Agence France Presse report, Mon 21 Jul 2003
74 Cases of Rabies Reported in Guangdong Province
At least 74 people have contracted rabies and [with fatal outcome] in southern China, state press and local officials reported on Mon 21 Jul 2003. The Xinhua News Agency stated that the cases were reported in Guangdong Province between 5 Jan and 30 Jun 2003, adding that almost 7000 dogs have been rounded up and killed. Governments at various levels in the province have stepped up precautionary measures, including the organized killing of stray dogs and the immunization of local residents, the report said. An official at the Guangdong Health Department refused to give a death toll. In Maoming, the most seriously affected area, almost 4000 people have been mobilized to round up and kill stray dogs. A total of 786 rabies cases have been reported in Guangdong since 1990, the Xinhua Agency reported.
Rabies is a serious, fatal disease that can be transmitted by dogs, cats, livestock, and certain wild animals and birds. Guangdong, where the SARS virus originated, has also witnessed a "mini-outbreak" of encephalitis B [caused by Japanese encephalitis virus] since the end of April 2003. The most recent figures available, from 2 Jul 2003, showed that the disease had killed 27 people from 310 confirmed infections.,4057,6788321%255E401,00.html
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[It might be more constructive and effective to implement compulsory canine vaccination and to control wild-life rabies using baited vaccine, rather than resorting to destruction of stray dogs and vaccination of the human population in high-risk areas, as this report suggests is the current policy. - Mod.CP]
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