'WNV Seems To Have
Come From Plum Island'
From Dr Patricia Doyle

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Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003
Subject: West Nile Fever
Dr. Orient:
A couple of things on the WNV page in the July newsletter of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness...
1. WNV comes from just that....the Nile River.
2. While the 'first case' was in Queens, it didn't originate there.I cannot verify what I am going to tell you, as I don't have permission to enter, but WNV seems to have 'escaped' from the Dept of Agriculture's lab on Plum Island, NY. It lies out in Long Island Sound and is upwind of Queens. There is an aviary there, and the birds give the mosquitos a blood meal. Eventually the birds die. They should be incinerated....but it doesn't always happen. An epidemiologist friend say that they have more than once tossed the dead birds out the back door.The labs are Biosafety Level 3, so that is up to, but not including smallpox, Ebola, Lassa. But it does include VEE and CCHF.
Why, one might ask, the coverup? Think of the liability issues. Dead people, government labs......
3. Somewhere around here I have the list of about seventy shipments of biologicals sent by American Type Culture Collection in Rockville, MD Recall that is where Larry Wayne Harris obtained anthrax samples for about $35 shipped freeze-dried and FedEx. If you have never seen their catalogs, order the ones for Viruses, and Bacterias.
Taking delivery in Iraq were such agencies as 'The Atomic Energy Commission', 'The Institute for Higher Education', 'The Ministry of Health', and labs. But they were useful then as they were fighting our arch enemy, Iran.
4. In the late 'seventies, there was a researcher working there, Dr. Ubaidi, an Iraqi. His field was mycoplasmas. He was recalled to Iraq when their war with Iran started and I am told he set up his department in the Univ. of Baghdad. We have Gulf War vets with mycoplasmas which have also infected their families. Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicholson at UCIrvine have collected blood samples from these sick people and confirmed mycoplasmas.
5. A few years ago, Dr. Ubaidi was making moves to leave Iraq and live elsewhere. It seems he came out to his car one day and found a flat tire. Upon working on the tire, the big red truck from Public Works came along and hit and killed him. This truck has been implicated in other such 'accidents'.
Hal Strunk, DrPH
Capt. USNavy Ret.
PS: You may recall I spoke to the annual meeting in SLC on my field of chemical and biological weapons defense, and led the tour to Dugway Army Proving Grounds.
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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