Another Human Case Of
Eastern Equine Encephalitis

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

As the promed moderator points out, this year, 2003, may be a more serious problem re cases of EEE, then seen in previous years.
ProMed Mail
Georgia - Second Human Case Of Eastern Equine Encephalitis 7-24-3
A 10-year-old child from Valdosta is in critical condition after becoming ill with eastern equine encephalitis, state health officials said on Thu 24 Jul 2003. The child is the state's second human case of the mosquito-borne disease, which has a higher death rate than West Nile virus infection, the Department of Human Resources said.
A Brunswick man, the nation's first human case in 2003, died from eastern equine encephalitis in June. The virus kills about 50 percent of people who contract it, compared with only 15 percent in the case of West Nile virus infection.
It has affected parts of the Southeast earlier than usual this year. Health officials in Florida said 2 children have become ill after contracting the virus, and 168 horses have been infected. One of the Florida children, a 7-month-old boy, recovered from his illness. Last month, an Illinois woman ill with the virus also recovered.
In Georgia, 32 horses and 10 birds have been infected, the Georgia Division of Public Health said.
[The accumulating reports of human cases suggests that Eastern equine encephalitis virus infection may be a more serious problem in 2003 than in previous years. - Moderator.CP]
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