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Teenagers' Story Full of Holes


The SF Gate Chronicle didn't fall for the teens' claim of hoaxing the Rockville, CA formation, nor did local law enforcment.
"I think their story is as big a hoax as the crop circles," said Solano County District Attorney David Paulson.
Erin Hallisey, the SF Gate reporter, didn't fall for it either. She checked an obvious, but important detail of the teens' claim: they claimed there was a full Moon the night before they supposedly made the formation - a lie. The Moon was in New Moon phase, and there was no moonlight that night.
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Hoax Claim teens hold press conference
Two of the teens involved in claiming they created the Rockville formations held a press conference with one of the kids' mother standing up for them.
They demonstrated their hoaxing technique in wild grass, while admitting it didn't look as good.
The farmer, Balestra, invited the kids to come back to the field and demonstate another formation.
They again claimed they made the formation by the light of the Moon - even though this is a total lie (no moonlight that night).
The kids have changed their story about the length of the tow rope to 75 feet (and the reporter changed HER story about the 30 foot tow rope, saying it was originally reported as being 60 feet - another lie).
Steve Moreno, of PsiApplications, reported that the 'practice' formation claimed by the kids to have been made before the Rockville formation - was not there when he took pictures of the Rockville formation. The reporter, trying to discredit this detail, pointed out that Steve has no photographic evidence of this (even though the teens have no photographic evidence for THEIR claim).
And on, and on. . . this story is not going to go away anytime soon. Fortunately, this has not deterred anyone from visiting the formation - just as many people were reported still streaming into the site to decide for themselves.
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Bored teens try to claim crop circles
SF Gate chronicle has another article from the press conference of the 'demonstration' in wild grass which includes a photo.
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Skeptics community blames media
SF Gate Chronicle has also run an article devoted entirely to the Sketptics' community claims that 'all crop circles are hoaxes' and blames the media for inciting an 'outbreak' of 'crop circle mania'.
The usual culprits are quoted spewing their tar and feathers all over the landscape, but not supplying any proof of THEIR claims: Joe Nickell from CSICOP being the most prominent.
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