Second Swiss Case Of
Mad Cat Disease

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Hello Jeff - Mad Cat Disease still occurring. Pet food is suspected as cause. I thought that pet food was now safeguarded and banned substances were omitted from it. The FDA and European Union etal always reassures us that both animal and human food supply is safe? Well, maybe it is not as safe as they claim and we were right all along.
Then again, maybe there is more then pet food or food causing spongiform encephalopathy?
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22 Aug 2003 [edited]
Mad Cat Disease
A 2nd case of feline spongiform encephalopathy (FSE), a disease affecting the brain tissue of cats, has been recorded in Switzerland.
The veterinary authorities said the likely cause of the infection, which is similar to mad cow disease, was contaminated pet food. A 1st case of FSE was reported 2 years ago. Experts say the disease poses no health risk for people
[When the identification of FSE was initially published by the Bristol Veterinary School in 1990, this was the 1st indication that BSE is capable of crossing the species barrier and sparked fears that it might affect humans as well. This was confirmed 6 years later.
According to DEFRA's BSE-site's update of 30 Jun 2003, 89 FSE cases have been diagnosed in the UK so far, including 20 since 1996 (the last one in 2001). Of these 20 cases, 8 could be clearly identified as having been born after September 1990 (i.e., the date the ban on the use of SBO was extended to any animal feed). 5 additional cases have been reported outside the UK, namely N. Ireland, Norway, Liechtenstein (one case each), and Switzerland (2 cases, including the current one).
In addition, 21 cases of TSE regarded to be FSE have been reported in exotic felids in zoos, their age ranging between 6 and 17 years. Of those, 16 have been recorded in the UK (5 cheetahs, 2 lions, 3 ocelots, 3 pumas, & 3 tigers). 5 additional cases, in cheetahs, have reportedly been identified outside the UK: 1 in Australia (1991; the very 1st case diagnosed in a cheetah), 1 in Ireland, & 3 in France. 4 of these cases are known to have originated in the UK, while one was diagnosed in a cheetah born in France. See under "other TSEs" in
A presumptive FSE case in an imported Asian Golden Cat in an Australian zoo
was reported in August 2002.
Data on the age of the current, 2nd FSE case in Switzerland and on the
suspected petfood will be helpful. - Mod.AS]
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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