US Casualties In
Afghanistan Mount - Report

From Mohammed Daud Miraki

Dear Mr. Rense:
Unlike the lack of news in the US corporate media, the rest of the world is aware of the defeat the US forces face in Afghanistan. The following article should further enlighten your readers about facts in Afghanistan.
The Bush crime group has continuously subjected the poor people of Afghanistan to its dream of global domination. However, the fact of the matter is that history speaks for itself. Any global power that entered Afghanistan has crumbled and the US is no exception to that rule.
Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD, MA, MA
Afghan DU & Recovery Fund
Taliban Behead 6 US Soldiers
By Zafir Jamaal, JUS
(JUS) -- In Afghan capital Kabul and in Paktika, 18 coalition soldiers and 4 Taliban have been killed in the latest news on the fighting that is still underway reports Daily Ausaf. According to sources six of the Coalition soldiers, all Americans, were beheaded by the Taliban.
The first incident occurred in the south of the Afghan capital of Kabul at a a checkpoint when a scouting/patrol party was attacked by Taliban who killed 8 Afghan soldiers and captured two others.
Monday, two American soldiers and 4 Taliban soldiers were killed during heavy fighting. According to Afghan officials, the Taliban attacked a check post at night killing 4 Afghan soldiers were killed. A second attack was then waged on a patrol unit of Afghan forces who were guarding the Kabul--Kandahar highway. Four soldiers were killed and a vehicle was destroyed in that incident.
U.S forces faced heavy resistance elsewhere Monday. Sources say that Taliban and Hikmatyaar's supporters are now producing major resistance. According to reports, the fighting between Coalition --Afghan forces and the Taliban is still continuing and the advancement of US and Afghan soldiers in Zabul has been stopped by the Taliban. U.S aircraft have continued bombing for the seventh straight day though the losses from the bombing cannot be confirmed. In an ambush on the Coalition convoy by Taliban ten coalition soldiers were killed and several vehicles were also destroyed. The Taliban beheaded the American soldiers. (JUS)




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