SARS-Positive Case In Singapore
Straits Times Interactive - Singapore

SINGAPORE -- Singapore health officials confirmed on Monday that a local patient has tested positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome, or Sars.
Ministry of Health spokesman Bey Mui Leng, told The Associated Press that initial tests of a local man 'proved positive for the Sars virus.'
'We are repeating the test again tonight,' she said.
The last reported case of the deadly respiratory illness here occurred in early May.
Singapore has been on alert against a possible second outbreak of Sars, which killed 33 people and sickened 328 earlier this year.
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From Patricia Doyle, PhD
It will be VERY interesting to keep a record of how many SARS cases that re-emerge will be in patients who have had SARS previously.
I also note that the Promed Moderator chooses to use words like suspected regarding this case of SARS. Diagnosing SARS will be very unpopular this time around. I suspect we shall hear SARS LIKE illness in place of SARS.




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